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2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid first drive: 53 MPG made simple

Tuesday  19:51,   26 february 2019

The first US-market Corolla Hybrid requires essentially no sacrifices to get fantastic gas... >>>

The New Bentley Continental GT Convertible Is Our Kind of Mobility

Tuesday  17:42,   26 february 2019

Everything about it is... >>>

2020 Kia Soul: First Drive Review

Tuesday  17:07,   26 february 2019

Third gen of this quirky model retains its... >>>

2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan: It's Much Better!

Tuesday  15:46,   26 february 2019

Toyota jumps back into the fray with a redesigned version of its long-running compact... >>>

Is the Tesla Model 3 a Good Rally Car? We Drifted Through the Snow to Find Out.

Tuesday  15:45,   26 february 2019

Driving a Tesla Model 3 Performance at Team O'Neil Rally School in New... >>>

Porsche's First Electric Car: What to Know About the 2020 Taycan

Monday  19:30,   25 february 2019

Porsche's Tesla competitor, previously called Mission E, is now the Porsche Taycan. It's coming in... >>>

2020 Mercedes SL-Class Grand Edition Debuts With Posh Upgrades

Monday  17:00,   25 february 2019

The changes are small, and you won't see them in person until next year. The current Mercedes-Benz SL-Class has been around since 2013, and with a new model expected in 2021, Stuttgart is giving its posh GT car a grand sendoff. In this case we mean... >>>

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2.7T Four-Cylinder Is Capable but Thirsty

Friday  19:00,   22 february 2019

It tows more than you'd expect but also drinks more fuel than you'd... >>>

2019 Chevy Corvette Convertible review: America's sports car is still a thrill

Friday  17:26,   22 february 2019

Chevy's C7 Corvette represents one heck of a performance bargain, but it comes at the expense of luxury and... >>>

2019 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 – a Mid-Size F-150 Alternative

Friday  15:05,   22 february 2019

The mid-size pickup gets a new engine and transmission, quiet on-road demeanor, and slightly more manageable size that should guarantee its... >>>

Apple sets a high bar for operators of its self-driving car

Thursday  17:06,   21 february 2019

With an underwhelming 2018 in the books for Apple's self-driving car program, this new NHTSA report seems to show the company is serious about self-driving car... >>>

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee review: An SUV with something for everyone

Thursday  14:20,   21 february 2019

Jeep's popular midsize SUV offers a little something for... >>>

Porsche Is Making an Electric Car: Here's What We Know About It

Wednesday  01:10,   20 february 2019

For the first time, Porsche's all-electric sedan is out testing in public. Here's what we know about... >>>

2019 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 Review: A Nice Pickup Truck, Sure—But Not $68,000 Nice

Tuesday  18:20,   19 february 2019

The fancy GMC pickup has what it takes to score, on paper. But when it comes to luxury-truck value, other carmakers have already moved the goal... >>>

Audi Tech Makes Sure You Hit Every Green Light

Tuesday  17:36,   19 february 2019

The Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory system is part of the Audi Connect Prime technology suite. Audi expands the Traffic Light Information system in its Connect Prime technology suite to include what the automaker calls Green Light... >>>