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15 Expert-Approved Hair Masks That Will Give Your Hair a Boost

Friday  22:07,   22 may 2020

State police are preparing for a busy weekend assisting local departments on the Seacoast in enforcing the closures at beaches, while increasing efforts on state roads after seeing an uptick in... >>>

This factory-crated 1982 Honda CBX shows that originality is still king

Friday  21:32,   22 may 2020

Photo by BaT/SeeItBuyItOver the last couple of years, several new-in-crate motorcycles have popped up for sale and sold for big money. As bike values overall have been increasing, the crated values have followed, climbing exponentially. Maybe you... >>>

McLaren may mortgage its race car collection and headquarters

Friday  17:08,   22 may 2020

McLaren may mortgage its race car collection and headquarters appeared first on Hagerty... >>>

How To Remove Scratches From a Car

Friday  16:52,   22 may 2020

How To Remove Scratches From a CarScratches in your car's paint are similar to birth, death, and taxes: inevitable. You're out getting groceries and a mouth-breather dings your door, scrapes your fender, or worse, keys your car. Want to remove those >>>

Nissan plans $2.8 billion in cuts, dumps Datsun brand as it restructures

Friday  15:47,   22 may 2020

Nissan Motor Co plans to cut $2.8 billion in annual fixed costs as part of its restructuring plan, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday, as it braces for a drop in sales that could complicate its recovery from years of poor profitability. Following... >>>

Missouri Highway Patrol writing more tickets as speeding continues during shutdown

Friday  15:46,   22 may 2020

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- With fewer people on the roads, law enforcement says drivers still hitting the highways are using light traffic as an excuse to hit the gas pedal. Since January, the Missouri State Highway Patrol has issued 50 percent more... >>>

'The Masked Singer' Season 3 Winner Will Put Their Trophy "Right Next to the Grammy"

Friday  00:48,   22 may 2020

The Fox singing competition had a franchise first with Wednesday's champion, who talks with The Hollywood Reporter about stage fright, quarantine entertainment and why the series is less stressful than her other reality job.The Masked Singer... >>>

What to Know About Car Wax

Wednesday  21:15,   20 may 2020

What to Know About Car... >>>

What to Know About Car Wax

Wednesday  21:11,   20 may 2020

What to Know About Car... >>>

facelift model coming in 2021 - Erlkönig Jaguar E-Pace

Wednesday  09:16,   20 may 2020

Jaguar is currently testing the facelift version of the E-Pace, which will be launched in 2021. Our Erlkönig photographer has now shot the first heavily camouflaged prototype. © Stefan Baldauf The British carmaker has given its models a refreshed... >>>

Having Anti-Lock Brakes Problems? Here's How to Fix It.

Wednesday  02:35,   20 may 2020

When your anti-lock brake system is on the fritz, here's how to fix it.You know there’s a problem when the ABS light turns on right before you eat the berm at the end of the driveway You notice some strange behavior when you're slowing down for... >>>

How To Change Your Fuel Filter

Tuesday  21:59,   19 may 2020

How To Change Your Fuel Filter Let's do this! For better clearance, lift the front end of your car with a floor jack, if needed. Locate the fuel filter. Check your car's repair manual if you are unsure where it is. Remove fuel pump relay in the fuse >>>

Interior Designers Share Tips To Make Your Home Look More Cozy

Tuesday  20:13,   19 may 2020

10 Things You Should Never Do To Your... >>>

How To Test Your Oil Pressure

Friday  22:51,   15 may 2020

How To Test Your Oil... >>>

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Car Washes

Thursday  20:56,   14 may 2020

A pro car wash can be fully automated or done by hand. Here's how to decide which option is right for your car, time and budget.Roll up your sleeves (without using any of your tools) at a self-service car wash, which typically costs less than... >>>