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16 Unexpected Car Costs and How To Prepare For Them Now

Thursday  20:56,   14 may 2020

Financially prepare now for accidents, tickets and other... >>>

How to Clean Your Car During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thursday  20:55,   14 may 2020

Ever since the shelter-in-place orders were issued in much of the United States in March to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the number of miles Americans are driving has declined... >>>

Can car air filters protect you from coronavirus?

Thursday  20:55,   14 may 2020

A new Chinese SUV is claimed to offer protection from COVID-19. But do in-car filtration systems work – and are they really necessary?Geely’s claim centers on the Icon’s air purification system, which is certified to CN95 – or 95 percent filtration... >>>

One More Thing to Think About during COVID-19: Rats in Your Engine Compartment

Thursday  20:55,   14 may 2020

City dwellers had better take a look, because these rodents' lives and feeding patterns have been disrupted during the pandemic. If you live in a city, now might be a good time to go turn on your for a few minutes, to scare away any rodents that >>>

Does Cruise Control Save Gas?

Thursday  20:55,   14 may 2020

Is cruise control better or worse for gas mileage? Does running the A/C or opening the windows use more gas? And what about those fuel line magnets and tornado gizmos for the intake and exhaust pipes—do they work? Absolutely. If you're cruising >>>

How to Safely Transport Your Newborn Baby by Car During the Pandemic

Thursday  20:55,   14 may 2020

Childbirth is an exciting, wondrous event that brings new experiences. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, parents might not be receiving the training they need at the hospital on how to saf ely transport their precious cargo home. Social... >>>

Are These 25 Costly Car Repairs Worth the Money?

Thursday  20:52,   14 may 2020

Think twice before making some of these... >>>

Why Does My Car Smell?

Thursday  20:52,   14 may 2020

Have you found yourself asking, "Why does my car smell?" The answer may lead you to a thorough cleaning — or a repair.Perhaps eliminating the odor is as simple as giving your ride a vigorous interior cleaning — putting the upholstery attachment on... >>>

How to Apply a Ceramic Coating to Your Car

Thursday  20:52,   14 may 2020

How to Apply a Ceramic Coating to Your Car 's exterior? You've come to the right place. The Drive's crack How-To department is here to help protect your enamel. That is, your car's paint, not your teeth; we aren't dentists.  Protecting the paint is... >>>

How to Clean Headlights in a Few Easy Steps

Thursday  20:10,   14 may 2020

How to Clean Headlights in a Few Easy StepsSo you want to clean your car's headlights? Well, you've come to the right place. Your headlight lenses may have gone yellowy over time, become fogged or filthy, or might have found new purpose as a... >>>

How to Remove Rust From Your Car

Thursday  20:09,   14 may 2020

How to Remove Rust From Your Car Let's do this! Surface / Scale RustWash the area thoroughly, removing any dirt and road grime.Dry thoroughly.Use painter's tape to mark off the section of rust you want to remove.Use a hand scraper to remove any... >>>

The Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers for Hauling All Your Gear

Thursday  19:53,   14 may 2020

Expand your storage capacity while keeping equipment safe and... >>>

5 tips to keep your car tiptop while in storage

Thursday  19:52,   14 may 2020

Drive it! But if you can't, make sure your car is tuned, cleaned and filled. Steven Greenspan, an educational manager and ASE-certified master technician at trade school Universal Technical Institute in Arizona, offers these tips to consider for >>>

How to Maintain Your Car When You’re Not Driving It Much (or at All)

Thursday  19:52,   14 may 2020

If you’re like the rest of us, there very likely is a car in your garage or driveway that hasn’t moved much for a few weeks now, if at all. Whether by pandemic, seasonal downtime (such as winter for those of you located in the snowy North), or... >>>

How To Maintain a Battery-Electric Vehicle

Thursday  19:52,   14 may 2020

How To Maintain a Battery-Electric VehicleDue to its powertrain's simplicity, an EV requires very little maintenance relative to a vehicle with a fuel-drinking engine. Very little isn't the same as nothing, however. Replacing battery packs and... >>>