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The Woes of Being a Black Girl in an Online Dating World

Wednesday  20:16,   01 april 2020

Every time I find myself in a new place, the question of "How am I going to date?"I personally have never enjoyed my experiences on dating apps. I've used Tinder and Bumble, but have only ever interacted with men on Tinder. It was fun at first until >>>

Should I Pay For Day Care If My Child Is Home During the Coronavirus? And Other Childcare Questions

Wednesday  18:41,   01 april 2020

Life in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic comes with an almost overwhelming number of questions and changes. Schools are closed, parents are working from home, and regular daily schedules no longer exist. © Getty / Catherine Falls Commercial... >>>

Teach Your Kids About Climate Change With These 10 Supereasy Activities

Wednesday  18:41,   01 april 2020

In the age of Greta Thunberg, children have never been more active in the constant battle against climate... >>>

How to Stop a Kid From Whining

Tuesday  17:55,   31 march 2020

In the old days when we kids whined, we got smacked, spanked, sent to our rooms, or blatantly ignored. These days? That's not typically how people parent, but guess what? Kids everywhere are still whining. Right this very second your child is, is... >>>

21 simple weather experiments to do with children

Tuesday  17:51,   31 march 2020

Bring rain, snow or shine in the home. Do these simple weather experiments with the kids in the kitchen, living room or... >>>

My Destination Wedding Is Weeks Away, and Here's How Coronavirus Is Affecting It

Tuesday  17:47,   31 march 2020

The stress of planning a wedding can be overwhelming already, but with the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), my worry and anxiety have skyrocketed. Our wedding is in June, which falls right outside of the CDC's eight-week proposed timeline >>>

I started dating someone just before the coronavirus lockdown in the UK. Here are 8 ways we're making it work, even though we can't see each other.

Tuesday  17:47,   31 march 2020

Sophia and I only got to meet twice in person, but, following some virtual dates, we decided to give things a try — pandemic or... >>>

How social media affects relationships, from partners to friends

Tuesday  17:47,   31 march 2020

Social media can affect relationships both positively and negatively. Here's how to use social media to build meaningful relationships.Using social media to connect in these ways can have benefits and drawbacks for your relationships, whether... >>>

I Had A Date Using Social Distancing. It Turned Out To Be The Best One I’ve Had In A While

Monday  23:20,   30 march 2020

As a single mom of two, it’s hard enough to get out and about without a pandemic going on. So, with the start of social distancing, I figured that meant the complete and utter end of my dating life for a while. Maybe a long, long while. There’s... >>>

7 Ways to Stay Positive When Times Are Especially Tough

Monday  19:51,   30 march 2020

A change in outlook can benefit you mentally and physically.“Pessimistic people have more medical challenges,” clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Osit, Ed.D tells Woman’s Day. “Staying positive is crucial for being healthy and having a high quality... >>>

I'm Postponing My Wedding Because of the Coronavirus - Here Are My Biggest Tips For Other Couples

Monday  19:17,   30 march 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the country and world, many public gatherings and events have been canceled or postponed in an effort to flatten the curve of new cases - and that includes weddings. Many couples have now... >>>

The best ways to keep in touch with loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic

Saturday  00:05,   28 march 2020

Social distancing makes keeping in touch with friends and family difficult during the coronavirus pandemic. But there are ways around... >>>

The Heartbreaking Reality Of Parenting In The Coronavirus Pandemic

Friday  19:00,   27 march 2020

My heart first started to break one night last week when my 8-year-old son hada sobbing meltdown in the bath because kids at school were saying they had thecoronavirus and he didn't know whether or not they were telling the truth.The... >>>

How divorced parents are handling the coronavirus pandemic and rethinking custody arrangements

Thursday  19:35,   26 march 2020

Divorced parents must re-evaluate custody arrangements while the government recommends people self-isolate.Even though the exes are on the same page about protecting the kids, Guler still had to have a conversation with her ex-husband about taking... >>>