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Queer Dating and Religion: My Experience Dating a Devout Christian

Saturday  01:22,   06 june 2020

I knew from the beginning that my ex-girlfriend, L, was magic and her unique relationship to God made my experience of her all the more holy. What I never realized, however, was how much L's Christian faith affected me personally during our time... >>>

Online Dating Might Be Changing the American Family

Saturday  01:22,   06 june 2020

Tinder could be a force for good when it comes to stable, happy marriages.According to the paper, written by Josué Ortega at the University of Essex in the UK and Philipp Hergovich at the University of Vienna in Austria, meeting online is now a much >>>

How to Nominate a Loved One for the Next Season of ‘Queer Eye’

Saturday  00:08,   06 june 2020

Ever wondered how you could nominate someone for the next season? Turns out, it's easier than you think.But if you've binge-watched the show, you might have wondered from time-to-time: How does the show even find these so-called heroes? As it... >>>

Caesar the No Drama Llama offers support and love at protests

Friday  23:10,   05 june 2020

The 5-year-old “llamactivist” also spreads love to nursing homes and elementary schools.“We wanted to show solidarity with everybody up there,” his handler, Larry McCool, told TODAY. “He just brings love and spreads the... >>>

The 9 Dating Questions Every Woman Should Ask on the First Hang, According to a Relationship Coach

Friday  20:05,   05 june 2020

Dating questions that smartly dig up a little history, a little psychology and a little bit of controversy. >>>

Why I Divorced My Husband: 8 Women Explain

Friday  18:06,   05 june 2020

What caused them to call it quits.“It had been a long time coming.”It was amicable. We both decided that we wanted to leave each other. I think that it had been a long time coming. We were both pretty unhappy in the marriage, but we never talked... >>>

Child Support Payments: How They Are Determined and What’s Normal

Friday  18:06,   05 june 2020

Before negotiating child support payments, arm yourself with the facts.“Fairness is in the eyes of the beholder,” says Molly Olson, co-founder of Leading Women for Co-Parenting says. “Regardless of whether you and your co-parent agree to a certain... >>>

Minimoon: Nice ideas for a short trip after the wedding

Friday  15:35,   05 june 2020

© provided by COSMOPOLITAN Nice ideas for a short trip after the wedding Minimoons are the new honeymoons! If you get married and can only enjoy a short honeymoon afterwards, you don't have to do without a honeymoon. The best ideas for a short... >>>

Micro Weddings: Small weddings remain a wedding trend even after Corona

Friday  15:00,   05 june 2020

© Getty Images Whether eating, drinking, hair or in fashion - many are developing in the current time when the Corona virus is used to social distancing new trends. "Micro Wedding" is one of those in the field of wedding . "Micro Wedding" is a new... >>>

A Timeline of YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer's Adoption Controversy

Friday  01:11,   05 june 2020

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office has opened a welfare investigation.Huxley is one of Myka and her husband James' five children, and was adopted from China almost three years ago. The couple has chronicled their life with Huxley over the... >>>

American Policing Has Always Been About Enforcing White Supremacy

Friday  00:02,   05 june 2020

Alex S. Vitale has had a busy week. The Brooklyn College professor and author of “The End of Policing,” and his academic peers, all experts in the history of American policing and police brutality, have been called on a lot since mass protests... >>>

How Quarantine Taught Me to Love Gardening

Thursday  22:11,   04 june 2020

TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager is coming out with a new book called “Everything Beautiful in Its Time,” filled with stories about her grandparents. “It was pretty amazing to look back,” she... >>>

How to Save Your Marriage With Ethical Non-Monogamy

Thursday  21:13,   04 june 2020

A group of cutting-edge researchers, advocates, and writers believes that consensual non-monogamy should be a more considered option for couples.Before she met her husband, Beth was a free spirit floating through no-strings-attached hookups with a... >>>

Confession: It Took Me Months to Fall In Love With My Baby

Thursday  20:05,   04 june 2020

Anxiety, disappointment, and pain stopped me from bonding with my baby, until I remembered to love myself. My relationship with him was complicated. I had hoped to fall in love with him immediately, but knowing my tendency for selfishness and... >>>

2 grandparents are dancing in coordinating outfits after being challenged by their grandkids to join TikTok

Thursday  20:05,   04 june 2020

Lin and Roger McAllister posted their first TikTok video at the end of April, and it has since gotten over 14 million views.The grandparents, who are currently stuck in Florida after their flight back to England was canceled, were challenged by two... >>>