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This Bride Is Allegedly Making Her Guests Give a $75 Gift to Get Into Her Wedding

Saturday  02:50,   22 september 2018

As shared on Reddit, wedding guests were emailed a jaw-dropping list of demands by a bride, including a mandatory $75 gift and no speaking to the bride.As Cosmo reported, Reddit user u/laika_cat uploaded a screenshot of an email supposedly sent to...[...]

Wedding Planners Reveal 4 Major Signs A Marriage Won't Last

Friday  18:25,   21 september 2018

Leave the cake outta...[...]

A wedding planner's 'rules and regulations' include a dress code and not speaking to the bride — and people are shocked

Friday  17:05,   21 september 2018

Some people think one wedding coordinator took things a hair too far with a list of "rules and regulations" for guests. The guidelines, which were posted on Reddit, include such requests as "DO NOT TALK TO THE BRIDE AT ALL" and "do not have a full...[...]

How To Tell If You're In Love (Or If You're Just Emotionally Dependent)

Thursday  19:06,   20 september 2018

Falling in love can be exciting and fulfilling and is one of the most wonderful feelings we can experience in our human lives. However, sometimes we become addicted to being loved, which often leads to mistaking love for desire, obsession or...[...]

'Fortnite' Apparently Caused 200 Divorces This Year

Wednesday  23:50,   19 september 2018

Put the controller...[...]

How One Woman’s Terrible Tinder Experience Went Viral—and Launched a Meme

Wednesday  23:10,   19 september 2018

Alita Brydin of Melbourne, Australia, recently wrote about a perfect Tinder match gone wrong for Mamamia, and The Mirror's headline has become a meme.Recently, one woman’s story of the classic Tinder experience has even turned into its own meme. [...]

I Ditched My Corporate Job to Become a (Working) Stay-at-Home Mom

Wednesday  19:20,   19 september 2018

An arguably crazy decision doubled this mom's salary.Once I came to terms with the relationship’s demise, I had my next panic: How on earth am I going to be a great mom to this new, little person while sticking with my demanding corporate...[...]

Study Says Everyone Thinks Women Wear Makeup to Have Casual Sex

Tuesday  21:30,   18 september 2018

A new study has found that both men and women tend to assume that when women wear more makeup that means they want to have casual sex.Either way, there’s certainly no reason to assume that a woman puts on makeup solely for the purposes of enhancing...[...]

This Is the One Thing You Should Never Do After a Breakup

Tuesday  17:31,   18 september 2018

It's called "orbiting," and it does way more harm than good.This wasn’t the first time I'd noticed one of my exes checking me out on social media long after we'd stopped talking. First dates that never texted me back, one-night stands, and even...[...]

6 Trust-Building Behaviors Every Couple Should Practice

Tuesday  17:31,   18 september 2018

When you hear, "Trust exercises," do you think of trust falls, blindfolded walks or three-legged races? You're not alone. But while those may be fun activities, when it comes to building deeper trust in your romantic relationships — or repairing [...]

Couple Gets Married While Dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Woody From 'Toy Story'

Tuesday  02:50,   18 september 2018

Garrett Smith and his groom, Jason Bitner, have been Disney fanatics since their first trip to Disneyland as a couple in 2013.Not only did Garrett Smith and Jason Bitner enjoy their first dance as the iconic "Toy Story" characters — all of their...[...]

How To Talk To Your Kids About Natural Disasters

Monday  22:50,   17 september 2018

From hurricanes and tornadoes to earthquakes, mudslides and even extreme blizzards and flooding, families around the world have faced the trauma of natural disasters. As Hurricane Florence batters the Carolinas, parents living in and outside the...[...]

Relationship experts say one of the most dangerous beliefs about marriage is that you're supposed to make your spouse happy

Monday  22:25,   17 september 2018

One of the worst pieces of relationship advice is the idea that you're supposed to make your spouse happy, experts say. Instead, you should be a complete person — happy and healthy — on your own.Hal Runkel's answer stood out. The idea that...[...]

8 Crazy Things Couples Didn't Know About Each Other Until They Got Married

Monday  22:00,   17 september 2018

Some are major deal breakers, and some are just funny.1. "My wife refuses to [do her business] with the door closed. Refuses. Also refuses to use the exhaust fan. I didn't know about this when we were dating because we always had a tiny apartment,...[...]

Is this Britain's biggest bridezilla? Newlywed spent £70K on five different ceremonies and 13 wedding gowns - and guests who veered from her dress code were CUT from photos

Monday  21:06,   17 september 2018

Speaking on This Morning, Sanda Igwe told how two of her ceremonies were held in Nigeria (bottom right), at a cost of around £2,500 to each guest - one of whom had to take out a loan in order to attend. For her third big day she had an exotic beach...[...]