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What Each of the Letters in LGBTQIA+ Means

Friday  21:05,   17 may 2019

To be a LGBTQIA+ ally, you first have to understand what the acronym stands for. It's time to get to the root of what LGBTQIA+... >>>

Is Being Anxious Before Your Wedding a Bad Sign? Here's What the Experts Have to Say

Friday  17:51,   17 may 2019

If you're about to walk down the aisle, you're probably feeling some butterflies and jitters due to excitement and anticipation. Or, if you're more of a nervous type, you might be a little uneasy about having all eyes on you, potentially tripping... >>>

18 of the most annoying requests wedding guests have made

Friday  17:51,   17 may 2019

Planning a wedding can be stressful and a lot of times, guests don't help. We rounded up some of the most ridiculous requests guests have... >>>

Are You a Helicopter Parent, a Lawn Mower or Worse: A Payoff Parent?

Friday  17:51,   17 may 2019

Here's a lesson all parents can benefit from: Let your kids fail. Just do it. You'll be glad you did. It's time to come clean with yourself. Are you "that" parent (or grandparent)? The current arrests surrounding the college admissions scandal... >>>

4 Conversations You Need to Have With Your Partner Before Having Kids

Friday  17:45,   17 may 2019

Having your first child is such a life-altering event, it’s hard to anticipate what issues will arise after the fact. But as a family and divorce lawyer (and a mom myself), I feel strongly that there are issues partners need to discuss before the... >>>

I Realized Parenting Was Burning Me Out; Here's What I Did About It

Wednesday  21:35,   15 may 2019

; For the first several years of my kids' lives, I was all in. Cosleeping and breastfeeding around the clock, squeezing in time to eat and sleep when I could. I didn't sleep away from my kids, literally, for years. Everything that I did, it was just >>>

Ask E. Jean: I'm Dating a Celebrity, But He Won't Commit

Wednesday  20:15,   15 may 2019

Is it a hopeless... >>>

Overwhelmed with three kids under 3

Wednesday  20:01,   15 may 2019

We have three kids under 3 – there’s a set of twins in there! Please tell me we will survive. This is so hard. Advice on how to get through the triple-toddler years? – Parent Keep them hugged, fed and alive, call in all the help you can, make room... >>>

Mom forced to pay former employer thousands after switching jobs during maternity leave: 'I wasn’t prepared for it'

Wednesday  15:45,   15 may 2019

New mom Emily Manley took off three months unpaid to take care of her newborn son Jettson. (Credit: ABC13) The company Manley previously worked for didn’t offer paid maternity leave. But, under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), she... >>>

Ask Mr. Dad: Boys and girls: Nature vs. nurture?

Tuesday  23:30,   14 may 2019

Dear Mr. Dad: My husband and I have a boy and a girl and we try as much as we can to treat them the same way. We don't limit our daughter's wardrobe to pink and our son's to blue and we've banned gender-stereotyped toys from the house. But our... >>>

The 17 Worst Things You Can Do If You Catch Your Partner Cheating

Tuesday  23:30,   14 may 2019

How do you confront a cheater without damaging yourself emotionally? Relationship experts weigh in on one of the most difficult relationship... >>>

How to effectively de-escalate a family conflict

Tuesday  23:30,   14 may 2019

Whether your family is dysfunctional or not, it can be hard to know when or how to step in. Here are a few things things to keep in mind to de-escalate a family... >>>

Teens are using burner phones to hide what they do on the internet from their parents

Tuesday  21:35,   14 may 2019

Kids are getting phones from friends and online in an attempt to keep in contact with friends without their parents knowing. Some teens use the burners when connected to WiFi to circumvent data charges, the Wall Street Journal reported. A survey... >>>

Why I'm Glad Love Didn't Find Me Until I Was 40

Monday  19:55,   13 may 2019

Saying that I was single for 17 years sounds melodramatic, but that’s the truth. From the end of my relationship with a boyfriend from university in 1999, and aside from a three-month dalliance and a couple of years chasing (and never catching)... >>>

Having Grandparents Help Raise Your Kids Is Both Amazing and Crazy Hard

Monday  19:55,   13 may 2019

Getty Images My parents are damn good at raising kids. I grew up in a home full of love, high expectations, constant support, work, play, sports, music, church, vacations, game nights and family dinners. While it wasn’t a perfect childhood, it was... >>>