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What Happens to Men Who Stay Bachelors Forever, According to Science

Saturday  01:15,   20 july 2019

What happens to men who never marry or have kids? Lots of... >>>

My Son's Fortnite Obsession Has Ruined Summer Break

Saturday  00:10,   20 july 2019

When I was a kid, summer break meant hours spent riding my bike. The only rule to follow was “be home before dark.” Summer meant swimming pools, night games, and always being outside. I long for my three sons to have the kind of summers I did... >>>

How to Tell Your Wife You Want a Divorce

Friday  22:45,   19 july 2019

Some advice before you have a discussion with your... >>>

7 Brides On What They Secretly Wish They Could Have Changed About Their Wedding Day

Friday  18:15,   19 july 2019

Unfortunately, these brides have some... >>>

When My Kid Throws a Tantrum, I Remind Myself of This 1 Thing to Stay Calm

Friday  17:46,   19 july 2019

I watch my three-year-old son thrash on the floor, his screams reaching such a high volume I worry the neighbors will hear. He pounds his fists and throws his head back to reveal tears streaming down his red cheeks.... >>>

From Kenya to Australia: How parenting styles vary across the world

Friday  17:40,   19 july 2019

From tantrums to bottle feeding, parenting in America can seem challenging as it is seen through different perspectives. Here is how complicated it can get at places around the world. Japan © Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Children in... >>>

The one thing my partner and I did that instantly improved our sex life

Friday  01:40,   19 july 2019

A popular adage says the bedroom should be for two things: sleep and sex. I think you can argue that it should also include self-care, as some of the most gratifying "me" nights of my life have been spent in the throws of my comfy sheets - reading,... >>>

Why Parents Shouldn’t Clean Up After Kids, With the Author of ‘Messy’

Thursday  23:25,   18 july 2019

Why being messy won't mess up your... >>>

9 Totally True Things To Say When Asked 'How Is Your Baby Sleeping?'

Thursday  22:55,   18 july 2019

Once upon a time, I slept through the night. Every night. That was before kids nine years ago. Now, I don’t even expect it. Expecting sleep would make me miss it. Now I just accept that I’m a mom during the day and I’m a mom during the night and... >>>

Mom Finds Kind Note Alongside Wipes in Public Changing Room

Thursday  18:50,   18 july 2019

She initially thought someone had accidentally left the wipes. A mom’s heart was warmed when she found a sweet note on a changing table in a restaurant bathroom. Tiffany Daniels took her daughter inside the changing room at table at Chili’s in... >>>

Photographer Pens Open Letter to Wedding Guest Who Ruined Her Perfect Shot With Her iPhone

Thursday  18:16,   18 july 2019

"You took this moment away from the groom, father of the bride and the... >>>

How Sex Retreats Are Helping Couples Spice Up Their Sex Lives

Thursday  01:50,   18 july 2019

Hosted by sex therapists, the exotic retreats are designed to help guests overcome relationship issues, improve their romantic lives, and hone their... >>>

What Is the Ideal Age Gap for a Happy Marriage?

Wednesday  23:40,   17 july 2019

Scientists discover the perfect age gap for marital... >>>

What It’s Like to Be in an Open Marriage

Wednesday  23:20,   17 july 2019

Our relationship evolved in such a way that consensual non-monogamy was the right move for us. This is how we got there — and how it works for... >>>