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2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali CarbonPro Edition Review

Tuesday  17:01,   29 september 2020

Being unable to visit loved ones has been one of the challenges of the pandemic, especially for grandparents. As our series The New Normal continues, TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones shows her own grandparents how to use Zoom for virtual... >>>

How to deal when you and your partner are political opposites

Monday  23:00,   28 september 2020

Relationship experts discuss how to navigate dating and relationships in our charged political times.“What I am seeing from my clients (mostly powerful, driven, left-leaning women) who are single and searching is that they don't want to date people... >>>

This Feature in Your Profile Picture Will Get You More Dating Matches

Monday  18:25,   28 september 2020

If you're looking to elevate your online dating profile, add a dog to your profile picture. New research shows it's likely to get you more matches.Pet food brand I And Love And You conducted a survey of 2,000 American online dating users and >>>

You *Need* To Ask Your Partner These Questions Before You Get Serious

Monday  16:01,   28 september 2020

The more you... >>>

This One Thing Can Tell You If a Man Wants Love or Sex, Study Says

Monday  11:15,   28 september 2020

If you find yourself wondering what a man wants from you—love or sex—try this science-approved trick for deciphering his intentions.According to researchers at the University of Chicago, tracking a man's eye movements can reveal "whether love or... >>>

This Surprising Feature Makes Men More Attractive for a Fling, Study Says

Sunday  16:01,   27 september 2020

Wondering what women find attractive? This one surprising facial feature turns heads—and it's not something you would ever guess.One study published in the journal Elsevier revealed that today, men with non-severe facial scarring advertise more... >>>

Cooking This For a Date Makes You Instantly More Attractive, Study Says

Saturday  15:05,   26 september 2020

Looking for a way to instantly up your desirability? Women report higher levels of attraction to men while eating this particular type of food.The study, conducted by researchers at St. Cloud State University, recruited 89 women to assess the... >>>

4 tips for making a first date less awkward during the pandemic

Saturday  01:05,   26 september 2020

First dates have always been challenging, but first dates during the pandemic have a whole new layer of awkwardness to get around.But the pandemic adds a whole new layer to first date... >>>

Hoda Kotb Says She Got a Letter That Mom-Shamed Her for “Having Kids at That Age”

Friday  23:05,   25 september 2020

“I can’t believe someone put a stamp on it and sent it.”Hoda said she received a letter in the mail from a woman who wrote, “‘Who do you think you are, having kids at that age?’” The 56-year-old adopted three-year-old Haley Joy in 2017 and... >>>

Moms Lose 2 Days of Work a Week Right Now to Stress and the Demands of Caregiving

Friday  10:10,   25 september 2020

Pandemic-induced anxiety is making it harder and harder to work. A new study shows just how much time working moms lose due to the pandemic. Getty Vanessa Henn, a mom of two in Brooklyn, New York, was teaching two afternoons a week at an... >>>

33 Small, Nice Things to Do For Grandparents Right Now

Friday  00:05,   25 september 2020

A few gestures to make grandma and grandpa smile.The post 33 Small, Nice Things to Do For Grandparents Right Now appeared first on... >>>

Drew Barrymore compares her online dating experience to a ‘car wreck’

Thursday  22:06,   24 september 2020

The actor and now-talk show host said her foray with the online dating app Raya proved to be “a real wake-up call.”According to Drew Barrymore, she not only failed to find a love match on Raya, she wasn’t even able to find a guy who would actually... >>>

These Sweet Words of Affirmation Will Make Your Partner Feel Loved

Thursday  20:01,   24 september 2020

If your partner's preferred love language is Words of Affirmation, then the things you say (or that you don't) are hugely important.Do you feel stronger in your relationship after spending a lazy afternoon alone with your partner? Then your... >>>

This One Dating Red Flag Never Ends Well, Experts Say

Thursday  17:05,   24 september 2020

According to a relationship expert there are two types of dating red flags people need to watch out for—technical and personal red flags.Noticing a red flag about someone you're dating is always unnerving. It makes you pause and truly evaluate this... >>>

Libra Season Is Here, So Expect A Li'l Turmoil In Your Love Life

Thursday  10:31,   24 september 2020

Should you stay or should you go?How to pop a pimple yourself, according to... >>>