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Kim Kardashian's Got One Rule Regarding Kanye's Visits With Her Kids

Friday  01:28,   26 february 2021

According to anonymous sources, Kim Kardashian is encouraging her kids’ relationship with dad Kayne West. That’s good news. Divorce is hard on kids, and being able to see both of their parents will help maintain some stability in their lives. But,... >>>

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Gives Kelly Clarkson Personal Advice on Healing After Divorce

Friday  00:11,   26 february 2021

"This is what I would say to you if I were your mother"A clip released in advance of the interview's airing tomorrow showed the candid advice Dr. Biden gave Clarkson. Dr. Biden, who was also divorced before marrying President Joe Biden, stressed... >>>

‘Superman and Lois’ Are the Soapy TV Heroes Parents Need Right Now

Thursday  19:16,   25 february 2021

This isn't your father's Superman. It's a Superman for fathers.Superman and Lois is not the greatest new show on television. But then again, Superman: The Movie was not the greatest motion picture ever made. Any version of Superman is... >>>

Jill Biden Gave Kelly Clarkson Some Great Advice on Healing After a Divorce

Thursday  19:14,   25 february 2021

“Things are going to look better tomorrow.”In a teaser for the episode, Biden tells Clarkson what got her through a divorce. (Biden divorced her ex-husband, Bill Stevenson, in 1975 after five years of marriage, and Clarkson filed for divorce from... >>>

50 secrets it’s OK to keep from your partner

Thursday  15:11,   25 february 2021

Do you tell your significant other everything? While a high level of honesty and openness is healthy in a committed relationship, there are times when keeping something to yourself can actually be kinder, smarter, or better for everyone. Read on for >>>

How Does Child Support Work With Joint Custody?

Wednesday  18:17,   24 february 2021

Everything parents need to know about child support payment when it comes to joint custody.First, some basics. Child support is the term for the payments a noncustodial, divorced parent is required to make to support their child or children. For a... >>>

Colorado Maternity Leave: Everything Expectant Parents Need to Know About the New Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program

Tuesday  23:16,   23 february 2021

Here are the facts about the state's paid leave, which parents (and others!) can receive, beginning in 2024. New moms who work in Colorado will be able to take paid leave beginning in 2024. Getty Colorado became the ninth state in the country... >>>

Dating-app con artists are scamming singles up to $900,000 with elaborate fake relationships

Tuesday  17:45,   23 february 2021

2020 has been the most lucrative year yet for dating-app scammers, according to a Federal Trade Commission Report.According to a February 10 report from the Federal Trade Commission, dating-app con artists had their most lucrative year in 2020, with >>>

Ricki Lake is engaged! Meet her fiancé: 'He is my person'

Sunday  20:07,   21 february 2021

The 52-year-old former talk show host and documentary filmmaker announced the happy news on Saturday to her fans and followers.“Ross and I literally pinch ourselves that we have found each other at this time in our lives. Both of us, newly empty... >>>

I'm still not over my cheating ex, even after 10 years of divorce. Am I broken forever?

Saturday  01:07,   20 february 2021

It's normal to mull over such a hurtful betrayal of trust. At the same time, your ex-husband doesn't define your self-worth and lovability.He remarried two months after our divorce, and I still can't move on. The signs he was unfaithful were >>>

Jason Sudeikis Is Dating The Friend Who Supported Him When He Found Out About Olivia and Harry

Thursday  16:03,   18 february 2021

Oh, and he's named a character in his new show after her.A post shared by Keeley Hazell... >>>

How to Support Your Friend Through Their Divorce

Thursday  16:03,   18 february 2021

Show up, and keep showing up. Pizza helps, too.The words,"Don't worry, you're better off without them," don't always cut it—or even come close to soothing a very complicated situation. And, while gifting them a book on divorce that could say it... >>>

18 Easter Cards to Greet All Your Loved Ones This Year

Thursday  01:17,   18 february 2021

From inspiring, religious Easter cards to the most hilarious greetings, we found them all. If you've decided to skip on the egg hunt among other Easter traditions this year, we totally understand. But don't let Easter day go totally... >>>

Divorce Advice: 19 Tips to Help Make the Process as Painless as Possible

Thursday  01:17,   18 february 2021

Divorce is never easy but there are ways to make it easier. This advice from lawyers, mediators, and relationship experts can help.To help steer you properly, we spoke to a variety of divorce lawyers, mediators, and relationship experts for some... >>>

You'll Immediately Fall in Love with These Entrancing OWN Shows

Thursday  00:05,   18 february 2021

The fifth season of Queen Sugar just premiered.Expect juicy dramas, reality shows, and more. (Pro tip: Download the OWN app, which you can access on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android, and... >>>