Family & Relationships 20 Baby Girl Names You Probably Hadn't Heard Before This Year

19:15  22 may  2018
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Oh, Fun - My Son's New Favorite Hobby Is Telling Total Strangers My Secrets

  Oh, Fun - My Son's New Favorite Hobby Is Telling Total Strangers My Secrets One day at preschool drop off, when my son's teacher asked him how he was doing, his typical "I'm fine" response was replaced with, "My mom took a shower." That slightly-awkward-but-not-yet-totally-embarrassing moment was my first experience with my child's recent obsession with informing the unassuming public about my personal business, but it certainly wasn't the last. Since then, it's been one cringe-worthy experience after another. The other day while checking out at the grocery store, my son thought it was the perfect moment to tell the cashier that his mommy ate four cupcakes for breakfast.

New Baby Girl Names 2018© Unsplash / Picsea New Baby Girl Names 2018 When naming a new addition to the family, there are those who go after classic names (Jessica, Sarah, Alexandra) and those on the total opposite end of the spectrum who make up their own monikers, guaranteeing uniqueness. That's probably how we end up with a new batch of baby names we've never heard of before every year. Consider Nevaeh - whoever thought of spelling "heaven" backwards was for sure original, but the name has now picked up in popularity.

If you're looking for a brand-new name with recent origins (or at least recent popularity) for your soon-to-be-born baby girl, here are 20 options to consider.

Presenting: The Most Popular Baby Names of 2018

  Presenting: The Most Popular Baby Names of 2018 Presenting: The Most Popular Baby Names of 2018When it comes to baby names, the options for expecting parents can honestly be a bit overwhelming. There are countless lists boasting classic, quirky, vintage, elaborately long and downright wild options, including everything from Jack to Chardonnay (yes, it seems one too many glasses were at play when choosing that one). But, before making a huge decision (this is your kid's name, after all), it's good to get a feel for the most popular titles on the market.

  1. Adley
  2. Delaney
  3. Isa
  4. Grecia
  5. Zaylee
  6. Elora
  7. Hartley
  8. Zariah
  9. Syden
  10. Bexley
  11. Rhea
  12. Maxton
  13. Thea
  14. Britta
  15. Calla
  16. Ares
  17. Zaire
  18. Nola
  19. Rowen
  20. Bronwyn

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You Might Not Love Your Baby Right Away — & That's Totally Fine .
I’ve always wanted to have kids. I love them. I loved the idea of being a mom. But whenever I imagined my own future experience of motherhood, I pictured myself with a 2-year-old toddling around on the playground or taking an excited 9-year-old back-to-school shopping. I do not love newborns. I was open about my disinterest in new babies while I was pregnant. Every time I told someone about my lack of excitement for those first six months, they’d say the same thing. “Oh, it will be so different when it’s yours!” My own dad sounded vaguely concerned once when I mentioned my indifference.

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