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Family & Relationships A judge ordered a man to pay $8.8 million to the husband of the woman he cheated with

22:03  30 july  2018
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A North Carolina judge has ordered a man to pay $ 8 . 8 million after he was sued by the husband with whose wife he was having an affair. In a surprising turn of events, Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson took King’s side in the case and awarded him nearly nine million dollars to compensate for

In 2011, a judge ordered an alleged mistress to pay a jilted wife million for denying her the affection of her husband . The year before, a similar Nearly million is the financial penalty that Judge Orlando Hudson last week deemed appropriate for actions that, in the modern era, mostly give

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  • A North Carolina judge ordered a man to pay $8.8 million for cheating with another man's wife.
  • North Carolina is a state with so-called "jilted spouses" laws, which allows people to pursue monetary damages if they've been cheated on.
  • Keith King, who sued for the damages, said that Francisco Huizar III followed him and his wife around the country even after he had supposedly ended his affair with King's wife.
  • Huizar's attorney says King manipulated his wife throughout their marriage and made her work without pay.

A North Carolina judge ordered San Antonio resident Francisco Huizar III to pay Keith King $8.8 million for damages related to him having an affair with King's wife.

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  Student Orders KFC Just so Delivery Guy Can Kill a Spider Lurking in Her House A 22-year-old student in Bournemouth, England couldn't confront the beast herself so she sought help with her KFC.

He slept with a married woman . Now a judge says, pay the jilted husband $ 8 . 8 million . A Durham County judge awarded the owner of a BMX bike stunt show company The website states the shows feature some of the top ramp riders in BMX, along with flatland riders, inline skaters and skateboarders.

Phillips was ordered to pay 0 per month in child support because technically and biologically the child was his. He argued that since they did not have interc0urse she “stole” his s* men . The judge stated that in this case permission was not needed to use the sp*rm after it was released.

North Carolina is one of the few states with so-called "alienation of affections," or "jilted spouses" laws. These laws allow a deserted spouse to pursue damages against the third party that allegedly caused the separation.

The nearly $9 million ruling is among the largest ever. In 2011, another North Carolina judge ordered a woman to pay $30 million in a "jilted spouse" case.

In this case, Keith King, who runs BMX stunt bike shows around the country, sued Huizar for alienation of affection, as well as several other charges related to emotional distress, as reported by The Herald Sun. King holds Huizar responsible for splitting up the marriage between himself and Danielle King. Since Danielle King was also an employee of the BMX company, King also sued to cover lost revenue because of a lost employee, as well as money to cover increased costs on household help, child care, and counseling.

Texas tourist to spend 15 days in jail for collecting conch shells in Florida

  Texas tourist to spend 15 days in jail for collecting conch shells in Florida Life's a beach — until you go to jail. A Texas woman who vacationed in the Florida Keys will spend 15 days in jail and another six months on probation for taking 40 queen conchs from the ocean. Diana Fiscal-Gonzalez pleaded no contest while apologizing to a judge at her July 13 court date in Monroe County, Fla. for taking the sea creatures out of their habitat, according to the Miami Herald. Fiscal-Gonzalez, 30, said she didn’t know the mollusks were protected and it was illegal to move them.She said she planned to give the shells away as gifts, the newspaper reported.

A woman whose marriage broke down more than 30 years ago has won the right to seek payments from her ex- husband , a Lord Wilson, giving judgment , said: “Even at this stage, one can say that, in the light of the negatives, an award approaching [the claimed £1.9 million ] is out of the question.

A man sued the man who broke up his marriage and won nearly million .

The ruling comes after a messy three-year separation process. Danielle King and Huizar met at a BMX show in August 2015 and began an affair shortly afterwards, according to court documents and testimony viewed by the Herald Sun. Keith King found out about the affair soon after, and told Huizar to leave his wife alone. But Huizar allegedly booked hotels rooms near the couple when they traveled, which according to Keith King, made it impossible for him to reconcile with his wife.

In her testimony, though, Danielle King said she'd been unhappy for the entirety of the marriage — since the couple were wed in 2010. After initiating her relationship with Huizar, she began the separation process from her husband in 2016, and has been fully separated from him since January 2017, according to the Herald Sun.

Cheri Patrick, Huizar's attorney, also alleged that Keith King manipulated his wife throughout their marriage — controlling her access to money, snooping through her phone, making her work without pay, and making her work when she said she needed time for childcare. Patrick also claimed he insisted that she keep her hair blonde and wear bikinis and high heels.

Huizar plans to appeal the ruling, but he may have a difficult court fight. The loser in the $30 million 2011 "jilted spouses" case also appealed her case — and lost.

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A pregnant Minnesota woman is being hailed as a hero after her quick thinking saved her husband’s life – right before she gave birth.

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