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Family & Relationships9 Things All School Teachers Wish Parents Knew

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Boy with autism didn't want to face last day of school, until principal stepped in

Boy with autism didn't want to face last day of school, until principal stepped in Hearing of the first-grader's reluctance, the principal went to the boy's house and walked him to school.

A MAN reportedly armed with a meat cleaver has killed eight children as they arrived for their first day of school in China. At least two other children were injured in the horrific attack at the Chaoyangpo Elementary School in Enshi City on Monday.

Back to school time, kids! Have you ever been late to school ? This is just what happened to Kit! And also on his first day! Luckily, your Superzoo friends will help him get to his first class just in time, because Kit loves going to school and learning hundreds of things and also you know how important

You've gotten your kids' schedules, supply lists, and back-to-school outfits ready. But if there's one thing you're missing before classes start up again this fall, it's some brutally honest advice.

9 Things All School Teachers Wish Parents Knew© Witthaya Prasongsin - Getty Images We polled teachers across the country on what they think moms and dads need to hear the most before school begins, and the answers came in loud and clear. Here are their top tips for the back-to-school season. asked teachers from across the country to share what they think parents should hear before next semester begins, and the answers came in loud and clear. Moms and dads need to rein in kids' cell phone usage, double down on books, and most importantly work with educators as a team.

'She knew how badly I wanted it:' Woman gives birth to twins for her twin sister

'She knew how badly I wanted it:' Woman gives birth to twins for her twin sister Former Arizona State University basketball player Jill Noe gave her twin sister the best gift: she helped her become a mother.

Getting started for parents . House rules for parents and teachers . Frequently asked questions.

Another attack on elementary school children, this time in Hubei province, left eight children dead on September 3, 2019, Chinese police said. Beijing — An attacker killed eight students and injured two others at an elementary school in central China on the first day of the new semester, police said

There's definitely some truth to the idea of "it takes a village." Here's what this part of the village had to say:

Forgive us if we don't respond to emails right away.

"I wish parents would allow teachers two or three days to respond to their emails and phone calls. Teachers are 'on' from the time they reach campus to the moment they drive home. Between morning staff meetings, requests from administrators in the middle of a lesson, confrontations in the hallways, and surprise drills, there is little time to sit down and provide long, detailed responses to a parent's specific request about their child. The delayed response is not because we don't care — it's because we have so much on our plates with little time to slow down." — Danielle, high school English teacher in Florida.

Students in Oregon will now be able to take 'mental health days' off from school

Students in Oregon will now be able to take 'mental health days' off from school High school students came up with the idea at a leadership camp last summer, and Gov. Kate Brown signed it into law by last month.

The two teachers laugh then, exchanging very bemused looks. "Of course not, darling. Don't concern yourself with such fickle matters," the nicer teacher reassures him, while Professor Crowley glares at him all over, his hips swayed to the side in such an inhuman way it's impossible he's at all human

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"We are also wives, moms, daughters, and caregivers. I often have parents angry I don’t respond to an email in four hours or try to communicate with me at 11 p.m." — Ashley, fourth grade teacher in New Jersey.

Kids really do need to read, read, read.

"I wish parents knew just how important it is for their child to read 30 minutes every single day and for struggling readers to read 60 minutes." — Stacey, second grade teacher in Oregon.

"Reading is not 'homework.' It needs to be part of life ... If you can't read, you will struggle in all subjects." — Diana, middle school math/science teacher in Washington.

California Parents Home-School Kids to Bypass Mandatory Vaccination Law

California Parents Home-School Kids to Bypass Mandatory Vaccination Law California implemented one of the strictest vaccination laws in 2016, requiring all children be vaccinated, despite personal or religious beliefs.

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"I wish parents knew that the single best thing they could do to prepare their child for school is, from the day they are born, to read out loud to them every single day. Every. Single. Day." — Kim, third grade teacher in North Carolina.

9 Things All School Teachers Wish Parents Knew© John Slater - Getty Images childrens reading books on bookshelf

You need to get way stricter about their phones.

"Kids in [middle school] need to have their use of electronic devices and social media monitored and limited. A good practice would be to lock the devices up at bedtime so kids won’t tempted by them rather than getting much needed rest. Some of my students come to class exhausted from texting and engaging in social media for hours after their parents think they’ve gone to sleep." — Ginny, seventh grade language arts teacher in New Jersey.

36 Nurses at Missouri Hospital Expected to Give Birth This Year

36 Nurses at Missouri Hospital Expected to Give Birth This Year 'We are all raising these babies together.'

You’d die not even knowing when he got you. I knew a girl who went to Russia on study abroad and had a habit of sitting on the ground. In fact, I'm willing to bet he knows more things about everything than anyone else in the world.

Whenever Ezreal’s parents returned to Piltover, his father in particular would tell him all they had seen, and their plans for future expeditions—none more ambitious and secretive than the search for the lost tomb of Ne’Zuk, a Shuriman tyrant who was said to be able to jump instantly from one place to another.

"It’s incredibly important that students have a quiet place in their house that is free from electronic distractions in order to complete their work and get a good night’s sleep. The value of sleep cannot be stressed enough when considering academic success for students. It would be helpful if students kept their electronics outside of the bedroom."— Kathryn, sixth grade language arts teacher in New Jersey.

And you should put yours down too.

"I wish parents knew to talk to their kids. Have conversations every chance they get — in the car, after school, during meals, etc. Put down devices and talk to one another!" — Patti, third grade teacher in New Jersey.

Nominate Your Favorite Teacher To Win Year Of Free Meals

Nominate Your Favorite Teacher To Win Year Of Free Meals Many local school teachers truly inspire and touch the lives of our youngsters, but don't always get their deserved recognition. A contest, kicking off today in California and nationwide, offers residents an opportunity to give back to their beloved instructors with a glowing review and the possibility of treating them to a school-year of free meals, courtesy of Sun Basket.

“It is just a personal thing for me that I want to expand myself and know a couple of things and understand. The former Genk player, who is aiming to build a football resort in Nigeria, disclosed his parents are happy with his decision to acquire academy skills.

“How could you know it’s the best city if you haven’t been to all of ‘em?” Peter had to bite his tongue to keep from saying something distasteful. Tony dropped a free hand on top of Peter’s head and wished strongly that he could pull his mask off, wipe his tears away, card a hand through his hair.

Energy drinks? Never a good idea.

"Energy drinks are my personal least favorite. Freshman will drink Monster and lose their minds by fourth period." — Georgie, high school math teacher in North Carolina.

Your kid could be living a double life.

"I wish parents knew that their child’s behavior at home is not the same as their behavior at school. Teachers have the best interest of students at heart and if they report on a behavior, that really happened. Trust us." — Lauren, fourth grade teacher in Washington.

Which Is Better — Starting School Before or After Labor Day?

Which Is Better — Starting School Before or After Labor Day? Which Is Better — Starting School Before or After Labor Day?

The start of the school year proved too much for one Russian schoolboy who tried to avoid going to school in a heart-breaking video that probably illustrates the feelings of new school -goers in every part of the world.

It’s back to school for kids across Ontario but the school year could be interrupted by labour disputes. “That is the moral obligation all parties have and I know in the hearts of many teachers , as all parents , is Let’s hope the teachers do the right thing and negotiate while they continue to teach .

"When we need to address a problem, it is real!" — Tracey, third grade teacher in Ohio.

9 Things All School Teachers Wish Parents Knew© JGI/Jamie Grill - Getty Images Workbook and folder on desk in classroom

It's okay if they make mistakes on their homework.

"I wish parents would not fix homework. A lot of times I have explained how I want it done, which may not be the way YOU would do it! Mistakes also tell me how I need to work with your child. If their work is always 100% correct, I won't know they need more of my help to understand. It also emphasizes to them that you think they are not capable of doing it — not a good message to build confident learners." — Mindi, first grade teacher in New York.

Yep, we're not perfect.

"We aren't superheroes. We are just doing a job we love. Sometimes we knock it out of the park. Sometimes we fall on our faces. Most days we are somewhere between the two. We can't do it all (remind us of that sometimes). We need your help and words of encouragement, too." — Jenn, second grade teacher in Oklahoma.

But we genuinely care about your kids.

"I refer to my students as 'my kids.' I worry when they are out sick, am excited when they finally understand a difficult concept, and am proud when they graduate high school and continue their education or enter the workforce. — Lauren, digital media arts instructor in Pennsylvania.

"I wish parents knew that we love their children and only want to help them become the very best that they can be! Sometimes that will involve making them unhappy for a bit when they are disciplined for misbehaving, but trust us! We know what we are doing!" — Jackie, first grade teacher in Pennsylvania.

See how Snow White expertly soothed a little boy with autism at Epcot.
Brody's parents had never seen him connect with a stranger so quickly. "I lost it. I was crying," Bergner told TODAY Parents. "She led him to a bench and he was leaning into her and she was hugging him. Brody loves squeezes and soft, soothing voices." Bergner was worried the long line of people waiting to take a picture with Snow White would be aggravated, but it was just the opposite. "I turned around and they started clapping," she said. "It was this magical moment that we will never, ever forget.

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