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Family & Relationships 10 Facts About Domestic Violence and Dating

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7 reasons to be friends before dating someone

7 reasons to be friends before dating someone When you form a romantic relationship with someone you've been close to for quite some time, there can certainly be some special perks.

10 Urgent Domestic Violence Statistics that You Must Know. 4 Facts about Abusive Relationships. Dating violence may also refer to an instance where one partner of a romantic relationship or courtship tries to maintain and subsequently exercise power or control over the other individual through abuse.

Are you dating an abuser? Know the warning signs. By Ronnie Koenig, October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and it’s time to start talking about this epidemic of intimate abuse that can affect people as young as school-aged up to senior citizens.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it’s time to start talking about the warning signs of intimate abuse, which can happen to young people as well as senior citizens. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be married or even cohabiting to experience domestic abuse. It can happen while dating, in long-term relationships, or between people who have only known each other a short while.

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Here are some of the risk factors to watch for when you are dating, or things to look out for in your friends’ relationships — because we need to have each other’s backs!

You might be withholding life-threatening information from your doctor without knowing it

You might be withholding life-threatening information from your doctor without knowing it A new study suggests many Americans aren't talking to their primary health care providers about important topics such as sexual assault.

The following ten facts are from Choose Respect's "Get the Facts: Dating Abuse Statistics" and "About Choose Respect: Dating Abuse Fact Sheet" Approximately one in five high school girls has been physically or sexually abused by a dating partner. Dating violence among their peers is reported by

Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.

An abuser may:

  1. Monitor your comings and goings. They might check your cell phone without permission and search your computer history, too. Because they are trying to control you, your privacy becomes limited.

  2. Isolate you from your friends and family. There’s a reason they are trying to separate you from or turn you against the people you love and trust. When you are isolated, you become more susceptible to an abuser's agenda.

  3. Make you feel worthless. Someone you’re dating is supposed to make you feel fantastic and great about yourself. This person, on the other hand, makes you feel stupid, inferior, and worthless.

    High schoolers who don't date are less depressed than their counterparts who do, study says

    High schoolers who don't date are less depressed than their counterparts who do, study says Adolescents who choose not to date fare as well as, or better than, their coupled counterparts in social and leadership skills, a study found. They're also less depressed.

    Facts about Dating Violence inform the readers with the dating violence experienced by teenagers. The violence can be in the form of emotional The dating violence which occurs on teens is not similar with domestic violence . It is signed by the different sexual characteristics and unique

    Facts about Dating / Domestic Violence . Dating violence /abuse is illegal and punishable by law. 1 in 3 college women and 1 in 10 college men may be victims of sexual Violence and the Family: Report of the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Violence and Family, 10 .)

  4. Exhibit extreme jealousy. Do they accuse you of looking at other people and act possessive of you and your attention? In a healthy relationship, you would be trusted to have outside friends.

  5. Be prone to sudden outbursts. Their mood swings go from high to low and you never know which “person” you’re going to get.

  6. Try to take over your finances. Monitoring your spending or limiting your access to funds is a very strong way for an abuser to keep you around and keep you silent.

  7. Physically hurt you. This can include, but is not limited to, grabbing, hitting, kicking, or strangling. It doesn’t matter if you were arguing or if you were getting physical, too — it’s not OK.

  8. Emotionally abuse you. The abuser may threaten, insult, give you the silent treatment, or even stalk you. Remember, getting a restraining order is an option.

  9. Sexually abuse you. This can include rape, coercion into sex acts, or restricting your access to birth control.

  10. Apologize and try to win you back. Just when your abuser thinks you might leave, they will turn on the charm, apologize, vow to change and blame outside people or factors for the situation. Don’t learn the hard way that a reminder of the good times will in no way prevent the abuse from happening again.

If you are the victim of domestic/dating violence, don’t be embarrassed. If the above sounds a little too familiar, reach out to family, friends, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or 911 if necessary. No one is immune to domestic violence, but no one deserves it!

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