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Family & Relationships Dad's Viral Delivery Room Message Reminds Us You Don't Get a Trophy for the Perfect Birth

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Here's Why You Should Always Tip Your Delivery Driver With Cash

Here's Why You Should Always Tip Your Delivery Driver With Cash It’s not always clear how tips get factored into delivery drivers’ wages for services like DoorDash and UberEats, so we break it down for you.

Dads , here' s advice for you , from veteran moms and experts who know what really happens during labor—and how you can help. Get Ready for the Wait. There is a lot of action in the delivery room ! If something is going on that you don ' t understand, don ' t be afraid to ask the nurse questions.

Have you ever heard your dad talk about the day you were born? He may be able to describe the weather or the big story on the television news. Chances are, though, he can' t talk about your actual birth . Back then, fathers were often barred from the delivery room .

It's a natural part of parenthood to want to make sure we do everything just right—buy the right foods, get the right developmental toys, give our kids the right amount of screentime, perform the right amount and right kind of discipline. We're convinced that any little misstep is a failure and if we aren't doing everything just right, we're actively harming our children. And those expectations start before the baby is even born: The pressure to have a certain type of birth is ever-present, and sometimes we don't even realize we're torturing ourselves when we don't have to.

a person sitting on a table: Here's why that's not a bad thing.© Getty Images Here's why that's not a bad thing.

Ashley J. Gibson's recent Facebook post is a perfect example. She was soldiering through her marathon of labor, unmedicated and miserable, "I was in agony and trying to decide whether or not to get an epidural. I had no idea I was already at the very end of my labor and would be pushing Leo out within minutes," she explains in her post. "All I knew was that I was in pain and couldn't imagine laboring like that for what I thought would be a few more hours." Her husband was with her, providing lots of support and encouragement, but he said four little words that made a huge impact.

Middle East Airlines-Air Liban passenger gives birth mid-flight: 'Well taken care of'

Middle East Airlines-Air Liban passenger gives birth mid-flight: 'Well taken care of' A Middle East Airlines-Air Liban flight gained a tiny passenger over the weekend when a woman gave birth mid-flight. © Provided by USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc.Middle East Airlines confirmed the news: "Announcements were made to check if there was any doctor on board to assist with the delivery, but no doctors were on board that flight," Rima Mikaoui, director of public relations for Middle East Airlines-Air Liban, told USA TODAY. The plane departed from Doha, Qatar, and was headed to Beirut on Saturday when the woman went into labor.

Jason Greene fancies himself a delivery - room expert. Here he offers 10 pro-tips to dads on how to survive the birth of their first child. When my wife finally gave birth , I was jumping around like a rabbit trying to figure out where to stand, what to hold, and how not to contort my face at what I was watching.

Delivery rooms increasingly resemble gladiator-style amphitheaters where uninvited family members cram in to watch women give birth , according to Today, which describes situations "rife with drama as grandparents-to-be vie for the best camera angle, or a

"I was trying to talk to him between contractions on the verge of tears and he lovingly spoke lots of support and some truth into my universe with, 'There's no trophy, Ashley.'"

Later, when Gibson was struggling with the decision to supplement her newborn with formula, he reminded her again. "I was fretting about supplementing with some formula those first few days and not wanting to feel like I was already failing at breastfeeding I heard those words again, 'There's no trophy, Ashley.'"

Gibson then goes on to drop some wisdom of her own that every parent among us will find comforting. "In today's world, it can feel like we're all competing for a trophy that doesn't exist. I literally thought in that delivery room that I would somehow be "less than" as a mother for tapping out and asking for the drugs. Like there would be a gold medal or AT LEAST a gold sticker on my medical chart for having a natural birth. And I felt like I was letting some invisible committee down when we bought formula to help him pass the amniotic fluid he had swallowed."

Woman gives birth in back of car, driver’s coaching goes viral: 'Do the magic'

Woman gives birth in back of car, driver’s coaching goes viral: 'Do the magic' The driver remained impeccably calm while helping his passengers deliver their baby in the back seat.

These days, delivery rooms can be rife with drama as grandparents-to-be vie for the best camera angle As family members increasingly treat birth like a spectator sport, and expect to share in the Message boards on parenting sites like BabyCenter and DC Urban Moms and Dads are replete with

When we started trying to have a baby, I randomly stumbled across a few stories that talked about how watching the birthing process can scar a man. I solidified my stance that I wasn’ t interested in giving my husband a front row seat to the action when I gave birth . Not only that, this is my vagina we ’re

And while we feel so much pressure to get everything just right, Gibson's post reminds us that literally no one is keeping track, except us. "Since having this third sweet boy six weeks ago, I've given lots more thought to the invisible trophies we create as moms. Some society creates for us. Standards we try so hard to measure up to even though the contest is make-believe and we were made to live in community, not competition."

Like Gibson's husband reminded her, the rest of us parents need a reminder sometimes too. There's no trophy. "There's no trophy for delivering naturally vs. opting for an epidural or having a C-section. There's no trophy for breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. There's no trophy for losing the baby weight the fastest. There's no trophy for the cutest delivery gown (FOR THE LOVE, it's okay to look like you just had a baby!!!). There's no trophy for the most creative birthday party theme. There's no trophy for how many activities you sign your kids up for."

Mom Says She and Baby Are Well After Giving Birth in Cab Driver's Car While He Cheered Her On

Mom Says She and Baby Are Well After Giving Birth in Cab Driver's Car While He Cheered Her On “I was laughing at him and some of his punchlines," said Ollie Mitchener of the Brooklyn cab driver who cheered her on as she gave birth. It’s been about a month since an optimistic cab driver coached a Brooklyn mom through delivering her baby in the back of his car, and mom Ollie Mitchener is now confirming her newborn daughter is happy and healthy after the extraordinary ordeal. “We’re doing really great,” Mitchener told “It was an experience I’ll never forget. She’s not going to ever forget it.” Mitchener, a mother of four, went viral last month after giving birth in a livery car.

View this message in English. Текущий язык просмотра YouTube: Русский. Fatherhood expert Armin Brott and his wife, Liz, discuss the changing role of fathers in the delivery room on NBC' s Today Show.

Delivery - room dads may act as more of a hindrance than a help for mums-to-be. He casually took the dog for a walk before we left for the hospital, despite the fact I was by then having back-to-back contractions, seriously concerned an unplanned home birth was on the cards.

There's no trophy, folks. There's no prize or award for running yourself ragged trying to get everything just right. Just do your best. Your babies will love you even if you never lose the weight, never pack a fancy bento box, don't look like a million bucks right after delivery, or give them formula. Just love 'em and stop killing yourself trying to win this imaginary game.

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