Family & Relationships A relationship expert believes couples can be stronger after cheating, but there are 4 important steps to rebuilding trust again

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A relationship expert believes couples can be stronger after cheating , but there are 4 important steps to rebuilding trust again . She told Insider the bond between couples can actually become stronger after infidelity. But there 's a catch — they need the "four Rs of apology" to make it work

Rebuilding trust in a relationship is no small task, but it is possible. Couples counseling can be a great resource when dealing with trust issues, particularly those involving infidelity. A counselor can offer an unbiased view of you relationship and help both partners work through underlying issues.

When someone cheats, the reasons are always bad. But according to a relationship expert, the act itself may sometimes lead to something good - a stronger partnership.

  A relationship expert believes couples can be stronger after cheating, but there are 4 important steps to rebuilding trust again © Flickr/Sascha Kohlmann

Jenn Mann, the author of "The Relationship Fix," told Insider the main reasons people stray is a lack of connection in the relationship and sexual dissatisfaction.

"Most people do not realize how important creating, maintaining, and nurturing connection in a relationship is," she said. "There will always be temptations, but when a couple is feeling connected the odds of acting on those temptations go down significantly."

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Learn how to build trust after cheating and move on with your lives again . But, partners can be helicopters as well. Many couples make the mistake of thinking that building trust means Building trust after cheating is a lot of work, but it can be done if you follow the tips outlined in this article.

Can a relationship thrive again after something as trust -altering as infidelity? A lot of people want a magic and instant fix, but rebuilding trust takes a lot of work. This can be frustrating for the partner who cheated , but forgiveness that is authentic is much more important than forgiveness that is quick

But cheating doesn't always mean the end of a relationship, she added. In fact, Mann believes it can even make a bond between a couple stronger. But couples who do survive are the ones who are willing to look at their flaws and the mistakes that led up to the affair.

"This is painful and difficult to do, especially after being betrayed and hurt so deeply," she said. "A well-trained couples therapist can be very helpful here."

But it's not simply a case of forgiving and forgetting. No relationship can move forward unless they have the "four Rs of apology," Mann said.

"In order for the relationship to be able to heal, the couple has to be able to process what happened, why it happened and how to avoid it in the future," she said. "When the cheater stays defensive or unwilling to process the hurt he or she has caused, the relationship is unlikely to achieve a positive outcome."

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Though many couples choose to end a relationship or even a marriage because of an affair, there are still some who trudge on and end up with a relationship that’s stronger than ever. 9 ways to rebuild trust after an affair. If you want to build trust back into the relationship or marriage, here are the 9

So is it possible to trust someone again after cheating ? A therapist can be important to getting your relationship back on track, and can help you deal with worries surrounding trusting your "I believe that affairs are generally not the problem, but a result of the problem," explains Boffard.

The four Rs of apology

1. Remorse - The first step is a heartfelt apology, Mann said, which is more than a simple "I'm sorry." She said a meaningful apology means communicating real regret and an understanding of the hurt caused.

2. Taking responsibility - This means showing ownership of your actions and the impact, regardless of your intent, Mann said. This lets the other person know you appreciate the gravity of what you did wrong.

3. Recognition - Everyone's feelings need to be acknowledged and listened to after something as traumatic as cheating, so it's important there's the opportunity for each partner to talk through what happened and explain how it made them feel.

4. Remedy - If you want to make amends, you must take action to avoid another affair, Mann said. This means addressing the underlying issues that led up to the cheating in the first place, like attending therapy or going to rehab.

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If you’ve been cheated on, you’ re not alone. In fact, in 1/3 of marriages, one or both couples have Improving communication with your partner after being cheated on is one of the most important It’s important to tackle these problems head-on if you want to rebuild trust . Resist The Urge To Snoop.

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The level of trust in a relationship is "irrevocably changed" after cheating, Mann said, but couples can make it through if they're willing to put in the work it takes to forgive.

Overall, connection is the "greatest vaccination" against infidelity, she said, so it's important couples work towards building that up again.

"There will always be someone who is younger, hotter, thinner, perkier, fitter, or better endowed," she said.

"But if you are nurturing a sense of connection with your partner - striving to make them feel loved and adored, and providing something unique that no one else can provide overnight, or provide it the way you do - you have the home court advantage."

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