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We asked happy couples to divulge the secrets of a happy marriage . Take away some awesome tips and advice on how you can make your marriage a success. Wouldn’t you like to know the secret sauce to a happy and long-lasting marriage , especially from those happily married couples who

On a basic level, a prenup can ensure that any children will be financially protected if their parent passes away. A common scenario Newman sees is when one spouse owns the home, they include a clause in a prenup stating Flirting Is Basically The Secret To A Happy Marriage . Women's Health.

If your relationship's in a bit of a rut, these 10 expert-approved tips can help you and your spouse have a happier marriage that'll last for years to come.© Westend61 - Getty Images If your relationship's in a bit of a rut, these 10 expert-approved tips can help you and your spouse have a happier marriage that'll last for years to come.

When you and your spouse started dating, their insights were sheer brilliance, their laugh made you melt—heck, even their blink seemed revolutionary. Fast forward a couple (dozen) years, and you hardly notice their new haircut and can fill in the blanks about their day without even asking. The longer you've been married (or in a committed relationship), the easier it can be to take each other for granted—but you already know that. Do you know how to stop that ish ASAP to avoid real trouble down the road, though?

5 Things Every Couple Should Do Before Getting Engaged

  5 Things Every Couple Should Do Before Getting Engaged While engagements come with their fair share of celebration and champagne, it's crucial for all couples to consider some major relationship factors before taking the next step toward happily ever after. To determine how couples can strengthen their bond before putting a ring on it, we spoke with Racine R. Henry, PHD, a licensed marriage and family therapist, who weighed in with helpful relationship advice that leads to healthier unions. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); 1.

In a relationship with an "alpha male"? Gabby Reece gives some advice for a happy partnership.

How to Have a Successful Marriage . What is the secret to a happy marriage ? After being with someone for so long, it can become almost awkward to flirt with each other. It can be overwhelming to try to feel "sexy," especially after having children, but just know that what you are insecure about, is

The key is to show your main squeeze affection beyond the big occasions, vacations, or romantic moments (ahem, other people's weddings). But that doesn't mean a good morning kiss here or hand hold there. That's a good start, but affection is—at its core—about respect for the person you've chosen to spend your whole life with (ditto for them).

"Couples want to earn the respect of one another as they are dating and getting to know each other, but also through the years and decades being together," says Jenni Skyler, PhD, a license marriage and family therapist, AASECT certified sex therapist, and director of The Intimacy Institute in Boulder, Colorado. That won't just further your partnership, but can actually help you earn your spouse's desire, she notes. (Think about it: It's tough to get turned on by a pushover, or someone who's totally checked out.)

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Keeping your marriage healthy comes down to a few small things. Controversial tips like “Don’t go to bed angry” and “Never flirt with others” may work for some couples, but they So what is the secret to a happy marriage ? If you’re looking to simplify all the advice, just do these three simple things.

Penn State researchers found that small gestures, such as showing compassion, top the list of what most people say makes them feel loved.

That's just the beginning of your new happily ever after, though. Here’s how to have a happy marriage, according to relationship experts:

1. Make deposits in their "emotional piggy bank."

Your partner deserves to feel adored and appreciated by you every single day—

you chose each other, after all, so start acting like it. One to three times each day, do something that makes them feel loved (hint: choose a deed that speaks to them in their Love Language). Some deposits can be nickels and dimes (walking the dog), while some should be silver dollar–worthy (breakfast in bed). Either way, the more deposits you make, the sooner you’ll fill their bank with warm fuzzies. That helps melt resentment, fuel sexual intimacy, and create a long-term habit of mutual generosity, says Skyler. Win x 100.

2. Prioritize tiny transitional moments.

Daily partings and greetings are some of the most important interactions you can have with your partner, according to marriage researcher and therapist John Gottman, PhD, founder of the Gottman Institute. Not only are these opportunities to communicate "you’re important to me, and when you come back, it’s an event"—but they’re also a chance to distinguish together-time from less-fun obligations. Ditch the half-hearted "Love you, bye!" or not-actually-listening "Hi, how was your day?" regurgitations and create actual hello/goodbye rituals (with a hug or kiss, preferably) for real connection. It’s way too easy to feel overlooked without them.

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The sociologist Andrew Cherlin has observed that marriage has become a capstone, rather than a cornerstone, of adult life. The capstone wedding promotes the notion that its flurry of decisions represents a high point of stress and intensity, to be followed by the predictable routines of married life.

Why the Secret of a Happy , Successful Marriage Is Treating It Like a Bank Account. In the first few years of a relationship, you and your beloved’s brains are bathed The real secret — one that ’s been scientifically-studied and research-vetted — to establishing and maintaining a happy and long-lasting

3. Clean up confrontation cobwebs.

Whenever you’re feeling disconnected, you need a clearing conversation, in which both partners air their feelings and voice any assumptions. “Most couples feel reconnected after catching up on surface-level and deep topics,” Skyler says. Once you verbalize issues (start with “Lately, I’ve been feeling like…”), ask yourself what you might be responsible for. Then, together, find a way to make it better, restorative justice–style. That means finding a solution, not a punishment that fits the “crime.” Been working through dinner all week? Make a res at their fave spot. Said a not-so-nice comment? Write a love letter (yes, a Post-it counts!).

4. Live up to your expectations.

You might not realize how distant you are until your S.O. calls you out on it. But they’re not asking for attention so much as respect—the same thing you sought from them during the early stages of dating. “Earning respect is a lifelong endeavor,” says Skyler. “It’s not something you do once, then abandon.” So check to make sure your actions are worthy of admiration. And be honest with yourself: Would you choose to be with you, right here and now? If not, start cleaning up your behavior so you can be the person you’d want. It’ll encourage your partner to do the same—trust.

12 Big Signs of Happy, Healthy Relationships

  12 Big Signs of Happy, Healthy Relationships If you nod your head when reading this list, that's very good news.

They found that both husbands and wives were more satisfied throughout the marriage if the wife's BMI was lower than the husband's. Several studies indicate that partner thinness is more important to men than to women, possibly because BMI is more strongly correlated with women's physical

What exactly makes for a happy marriage ? Is there some secret only a handful of people know? Of course not. Divorce is a very real threat in today’s Cornell University gerontologist Karl Pillemer conducted a thorough study with couples who’d had long marriages in hopes of discovering the path

5. Put the fun back in flirting.

Remember the butterflies you got from that first date banter? They might've crawled back into their cocoons as you and your S.O. have traded in your mutual crushes for comfort. No shame in your Netflix and chill game, but there's a big diff between cuddling on the couch and passing the remote. "How we flirt on a daily basis really matters," says Skyler. "If we flirt with confidence, and not because we want to go to the bedroom every single time, the flirting lets your partner know you desire them." The key? Say something sexy (confident they'll be into it, because, ya know, they're into you), and then retreat. Those quick exchanges keep feeding the "erotic piggy bank," as Skyler calls it. "Then, when you do get together, you have this overflowing piggy bank that adds to the energy of the intimate moment," she says.

6. Unstuck yourself.

When your relationship's in a rut, it can feel nearly impossible to get out. You seem stuck in your ways, and vice versa. Change doesn't happen overnight, says Skyler, but that doesn't mean the effort isn't worth making. Go through your day and find the moments when you tend to operate on autopilot. Then, ask yourself what small changes you can make to be more present for your partner. Eventually, those small, everyday tweaks will add up to a bigger overall change in how you connect with your S.O. They'll notice the difference—and fast, says Skyler.

What to Do After You've Cheated On Your Husband

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Are there any Biblical marriage principles that can aid in achieving a happy and successful marriage ? Answer: The wrong kind of thinking can profoundly harm your marriage . The devil will tempt you with The secret of a successful marriage lies not in having the right partner, but in being

If you want a long-lasting marriage , give it the attention and care that it needs. The E! reporter, Giuliana Rancic, said putting her husband first, and the baby second is the secret to her If you watch the segment, you’ll meet these two female bloggers who basically say the kids always come first and

7. Make 'em feel missed.

Your relationship probably started off as "that can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over- the-fence, World Series kind of stuff," but then work, family, life happens. But reigniting that spark doesn't require a romantic weekend getaway (never a bad idea, tbh). Instead, make an ordinary Tuesday anything but by slipping a cute note in your partner's bag, suggests Megan Fleming, PhD, a relationship and sex therapist in New York City. The note doesn't have to be NSFW, either—just "something playful or maybe an inside joke," she explains. The goal? To let your S.O. know you're thinking of them. "The biggest turn on is being wanted and desired by your partner," says Fleming. A note—no matter how simple or silly—ultimately says "I miss you" and "I'm looking forward to being with you." (Not sure what to write? Start with that.)

8. Bring back the sexting.

Real talk: Sex doesn’t start the second those pesky clothes come off. It begins hours, even days before—often with a flirty sext or even a suggestive pic. That'll turn your partner on faster than they can respond, guaranteed. Sure, you've been married since the dawn of time (or what feels like it, anyway), so it’s safe to assume your spouse wants you around…but how much sexier is it to hear them say, text, or show it? Answer: ????????????????????.

9. Make anything (yes, anything) sexy.

"We can’t command ourselves to be aroused any more than we can command ourselves to be sleepy," says Fleming. So, on days when just about everything has squashed your sexual simmer, ask yourself, "What’s one small thing that would feel good right now?" Maybe that’s a massage from your partner, or just an extra-long hug. Sharing a sweet moment with your spouse now will amp up the intensity when sex does happen.

5 reasons why I skipped the fancy ceremony and had a courthouse wedding

  5 reasons why I skipped the fancy ceremony and had a courthouse wedding Choosing to have a courthouse wedding saved us money, stress, and allowed us to have more control over what we wanted for our wedding day celebration.

The “ secret ” is how couples resolve conflict. Patterns to Avoid. By observing couples discussing an issue that is a bone of contention, Markman, et al Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen.

A Secret to a Happy Marriage . By Stella Blackmon. Last month, I came across a New York moment I’ll never forget… What do you think is the key to a good marriage ? Terry: For us, it’s just connecting again at the end of the day, sitting down without distractions.

10. Explore and expand your bedroom cravings.

Most couples develop a "sexual menu" over time, and in terms of variety, it tends to resemble McD’s more than a Chinese buffet. Think of your sex life like a stoplight: You want to live between yellow and green (just outside your comfort zone), but far from red (pain, lack of respect). That could mean adding anything from dirty talk to kinkier things. Intimacy, not just pleasure, comes from trying something new.

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2020 issue of Women's Health.

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