Family & Relationships Dirty John: Betty Broderick Season Premiere Recap: The Worst Divorce Case In San Diego

12:16  03 june  2020
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How to Watch Season 2 of "Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story"

  How to Watch Season 2 of Oprah called Betty and Dan Broderick's split "one of America's messiest divorces."The eight-episode season follows the bitter split of a prominent and wealthy California couple, Betty (Amanda Peet) and Daniel T. Broderick III (Christian Slater). In 1989, after a five-year-long divorce process, Betty murdered Daniel and his second wife, Linda Kolkena Broderick (Rachel Heller). Daniel and Linda's relationship began as an affair.

Dirty John season 2 tells the true-crime tale of Betty Broderick and the pair of murders she committed. After his 1985 divorce filing, he and his soon-to-be ex-wife embarked on a five-year uncoupling slog the L.A. Times later branded “ the worst divorce case in San Diego history.”

The first season of Dirty John , which aired on Bravo in 2018 and 2019 before showing up on Netflix, told the based-on-a-true-story of serial con artist In the second season of the anthology series, series creator Alexandra Cunningham shifts the focus to the well-known case of Betty and Dan Broderick

Amanda Peet standing in front of a window © Provided by Refinery29 DIRTY JOHN — “No Fault” Episode 201 — Pictured: Amanda Peet as Betty Broderick — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

Before Betty Broderick made national headlines for shooting her ex-husband and his new, younger wife, the San Diego socialite and her medical malpractice lawyer husband Dan had what the Los Angeles Times referred to as “the worst divorce case in San Diego County.”

The Broderick vs. Broderick rivalry — and subsequent double murder — plays out in season 2 of Dirty John, The Betty Broderick Story. While season 1 of Dirty John took place in the heady days of the mid-2010s, the second season of the series is actually a throwback: It’s the 1980s, and despite the dark content that is to come, the upbeat music and brightly colored wardrobe that open the season premiere want you to know it.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Episode 5 Recap: The Spiral

  Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Episode 5 Recap: The Spiral It’s the fifth episode of Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, and our titular character, Betty (Amanda Peet), is spiraling. Hard. The second season of USA Network’s anthology series, this time about one of the most contentious divorce cases ever (and the tragic double murder that followed), has not stuck to a linear structure. The premiere began with San Diego housewife Betty being served divorce papers, and subsequent episodes have explored the history of and the dissolution of her relationship with her husband, Dan Broderick (Christian Slater).

Dirty John season 2 premiere features Chicago Justice’s Joelle Carter. Unlike most true crime shows, Dirty John : The Betty Broderick Story features no clear-cut villains. The second installment of the ' Dirty John ' series revisits a notorious divorce case that ended in double murder.

Dirty John creator breaks down premiere , including that car crash, Betty ’s last second twist. First, some background: In 1989, San Diego socialite Betty Broderick killed her ex-husband and his The first scenes of the second season throw us into the heat of Betty and Dan's divorce , a tug-and-pull We actually went location scouting down in San Diego . We went to Balboa Park and saw Dan's house.

As the premiere begins we see Betty, played by Amanda Peet, getting ready in her tubular ’80s finest. Despite the upbeat music, this is not a fun occasion. It turns out that Betty’s divorce lawyer is at the door, and drives her to divorce proceedings where she needs to sign some paperwork to approve her ex selling the house they lived in together. A few things are very clear: Betty’s not happy about the divorce, she’s not ready to sell the house, and she’s talking herself out of the asking price she agreed to.

Her lawyer sagely advises her that there are some situations where she just won’t be able to win, and this is one of those situations. She refuses to go inside the nondescript glass-walled office building for the meeting, so he brings the contract to the car — and she refuses to sign it. He told her to pick her battles, so this is one she’s picked. Back inside, her ex, Dan Broderick (Christian Slater), ominously tells the lawyer: “You’re starting to get it, aren’t you? Betty.”

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Episode 4 Recap: Gaslighter

  Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Episode 4 Recap: Gaslighter DIRTY JOHN — “More To It Than Fun” Episode 204 — Pictured: Amanda Peet as Betty Broderick — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network) The opening three episodes of Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story laid out first the high emotions involved in Betty and Dan Broderick’s contentious split, then the origins of their relationship, and then the cracks in the foundation of their seemingly perfect partnership. The fourth week sees how each half of the couple (played by Amanda Peet and Christian Slater) experienced the final months of their marriage as Dan embarked on an affair with his receptionist-turned-paralegal Linda Kolkena (Rachel Keller).

to as the " worst divorce case in San Diego County," Betty murdered her husband and his second wife, Linda Kolkena Broderick (Rachel Heller) in 1989. That explosive case is the source material for season 2, the first two episodes of which premiere tonight. Here's how to watch the juicy events go

New season of ' Dirty John ' on San Diego murderer Betty Broderick | cbs8.com. Betty Broderick is back in the spotlight 30 years after her crimes with a new TV show and podcast dedicated to the story of the former La Jolla Dirty John 's second season premieres on June 2 on USA with two episodes.

The events that play out in the rest of the episode aren’t always in chronological order, and they’re not necessarily how they happened in real life (a San Diego Reader article chronicling the vicious divorce and the previously mentioned Los Angeles Times piece told from Betty’s point of view following her murder conviction lay out the real-life timeline, which contains many elements dramatized in the first hour of the season, just in a slightly different order). But they’re true to the spirit of what Broderick herself admitted to: She was mad as hell, and she wasn’t going to take it anymore.

Betty’s upset that Dan wants to sell the house they raised their four children in. Not only does she not want to get rid of the house, she doesn’t want to get rid of the marriage. So when she gets a call that Dan used his knowledge of the law (he has both an M.D. and a J.D.) to get a judge to sign off on Betty’s half of the sale without her knowledge or involvement, she’s furious.

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Betty Broderick , from ' Dirty John : The Betty Broderick Story' is a real person. Just in case you’re casually wondering. Interestingly, Betty got a lot of support from women in her wealthy San Diego community, who—according to the Los Angeles Times—wrote to local newspapers saying that “while

Tags: Premiere DateDirty John : The Betty Broderick Story. USA Network teased an early look of the upcoming Dirty John : The Betty Broderick Story starring Amanda Peet and Christian Slater airing this June.

She leaves her two younger sons with her visiting parents, hops in her car, and drives directly to Dan’s new house. He’s not home, but her two teenage daughters are. When Dan gets home from running an errand, he reminds her that she’s in violation of a court order by being there, so she leaves. But she’s so furious that she drives to the house the court had just approved to sell, finds a canister of gasoline, and starts to pour it — before she’s reminded of some of the memories the family shared. Instead of burning it down, she hops back in the car (with “LODEMUP” license plate — a real detail), and rams it right into Dan’s front door. He wrestles her out of the car and holds her down until the cops come, and he tells them to have her committed for observation rather than arrest her.

In what appears to be an interrogation room, Betty talks to a doctor: She’s not the crazy one, he is. She explains his career — he went to medical school but never practiced, instead getting his law degree to sue people for malpractice. He’s a powerful man with powerful friends, and if he wants the doctor to certify that she’s crazy, he’ll get it.

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Here's the true story of Betty Broderick from ' Dirty John ' season 2, from how she met her Settle in while we dive into why this San Diego “housewife” killed her husband, Dan Betty and Dan’s divorce was extremely acrimonious, and over the years, Betty did a bunch of Things became so bad that Dan got a temporary restraining order against Betty and filed criminal contempt charges against her.

‘ Dirty John ’ Boss on Examining Betty Broderick ’s ‘Untethering from Reality’ That Led to Double Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network . Unlike the story of con man John Meehan and the last woman “A lot of our research [showed] women specifically fought so hard for no fault divorce where they would

When Betty gets home, Dan has taken the boys and Betty’s parents have flown home. They’re mad at her for embarrassing and shaming them. Later, at the store, she runs into two gal pals whom she knows are gossiping about her, and tells them just how tough a time she’s been having since Dan had her committed to a psych ward, had a judge declare her an obstruction and sold the house, and told them she crashed her car into Dan’s house because she was so upset. Then Dan had the cops commit her, even though he’s not actually a practicing doctor. How could he do it? “I’m a woman being divorced in America. I have no rights,” she tells them.

There’s more bad news: Her lawyer’s mad about the whole destruction of property thing, and also she needs to pay his retainer. Dan is refusing to pay it as a way for Betty to be “invested” in what’s happening — but Betty says the divorce wasn’t her idea, and she doesn’t pay for things she doesn’t want. She later fires him when he tells her it doesn’t seem like she wants a lawyer. Of course she doesn’t, Betty says — she doesn’t want a divorce.

When Dan drops off the kids, he proposes a do-over for their divorce with a clean slate. He suggests she take the kids to Colorado, which she does, and they have a good time. When discussing the matter with her friends, she tells them about how she’s hopeful they’ll get back together. Her friends realize she’s probably deluding herself and try to get her to accept her new reality. There’s a whole big world out there and she doesn’t have to be unhappy if she doesn’t want to be.

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But Dan’s idea of a clean slate isn’t necessarily the same as Betty’s, and she soon gets a letter saying Dan wants a “bifurcated divorce” — where the court will grant the couple a divorce immediately, and they’ll work out the distribution of their property separately. He wants primary physical custody of the children, so he won’t pay child support, but she’ll get spousal support.

Betty gets a job at an art gallery, and meets Dan for dinner. He tells her it’s irresponsible for him to talk to her, and that she needs a lawyer. She tries to get some mutual friends to convince Dan not to divorce her, but that doesn’t really work out in her favor. She gets drinks with a girlfriend, who tells her she needs to loosen up and have some fun (and maybe some sex). She tries, but later gets set off by another discovery and freaks out on Dan’s answering machine.

In a courtroom, Dan holds court with the boys’ club of judges and lawyers. Betty isn’t there, so the judge rules in Dan’s favor for a bifurcated divorce: It’s final, and Betty didn’t even have to be present.

In tears, Betty explains that divorce is the closest people will come to war in their lives. She hates what Dan did, but she doesn’t hate him. She can’t make him wake up.

A voice cuts in to tell her that she can’t — because he’s dead. It turns out that Betty’s in a police interrogation room, and a cop is wondering if she even remembers giving them a statement. She does, she says. “I think I’m amazed it only took one bullet to kill Dan Broderick.”

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