Family & Relationships 17 classic LGBTQ movies that everyone should see in their lifetime

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LGBTQ teens are cut off from support networks in quarantine, so they're building community online instead

  LGBTQ teens are cut off from support networks in quarantine, so they're building community online instead Many queer and transgender youth have been cut off from their LGBTQ support networks while in quarantine. Here's how some are building them online.But after going into quarantine in mid-March, everything changed.

From Psycho to Schindler’s List, WatchMojo is counting down the films we feel should be seen by everybody at some point in their lifetime , either because they’re classics , their impact on pop culture, or for how innovative or interesting they are.

Donald Trump has spent much of the past four years musing about warmer ties with Russia. But explosive new allegations show that relations may only get worse.

Donald Trump et al. standing in a room: Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump at a July 2018 summit in Helsinki where Trump controversially acknowledged Putin's denials of election meddling © Brendan Smialowski Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump at a July 2018 summit in Helsinki where Trump controversially acknowledged Putin's denials of election meddling

Top Democrats have demanded answers and even some Republicans have urged retaliation after reports, first published by The New York Times, that a Russian unit offered rewards to Taliban-linked militants to kill US-led forces in Afghanistan.

Skittles ditches the rainbow to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community for Pride Month

  Skittles ditches the rainbow to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community for Pride Month The candy that's known for its iconic rainbow is ditching their colorful symbol for Pride Month to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. © Mars Colorless Skittles will hit the shelves for the month of June in celebration of Pride Month. Skittles are going colorless with both their packaging and their product for all of June, saying "only #OneRainbow matters." Gray limited-edition "Pride Pack" candy bags will hit the shelves of CVS and select Walmart stores next week until the end of June. What about the flavors? Not to fear.

To buy: $ 17 . 17 , amazon.com. Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds sing and dance their way through this 1950s musical smash about the advent of talking pictures. The classic film adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel about racial injustice in rural, Depression-era Maycomb, Alabama

The furor comes weeks after Trump again offered an olive branch to President Vladimir Putin, speaking of inviting him to an expanded summit of the Group of Seven, from which Russia was kicked out over its 2014 takeover of Crimea.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in Washington, said that with Trump, "all roads lead to Putin."

Senator Cory Gardner, a Republican in a tight re-election bid, said he would push to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism -- a designation with far-reaching legal implications.

Trump said he was not briefed on the Afghanistan charges. He has scoffed in the past at US intelligence, particularly its finding that Russia interfered to sway the 2016 election to him over Hillary Clinton.

How to Celebrate Pride Month as a Family

  How to Celebrate Pride Month as a Family Do you know the best back massagers? Watch this video to learn more.

The best shows are the ones that take advantage of the length that movies don't have and use the imagery that They can captivate big audiences and change their lives forever. Since we're living in the "Golden Age," a lot of the Here's INSIDER's list of 50 TV shows you should see in your lifetime .

There's never a bad time to dive back into the archives and watch some good movies . And if you have some time off around the start of the new year, this With that in mind, I've come up with 20 essential titles from the past 15 years that you should reexamine or, if you've never seen them, delve into.

In one of the rare moments where he faced severe criticism within Republican ranks, Trump appeared to take Putin at his word during a 2018 summit that Russia did not meddle in the election.

- 'Superficial' plan with Putin -

Every US president since the end of the Cold War has taken office seeking better relations with Russia -- but with mixed results.

James Jay Carafano of the conservative Heritage Foundation, who served on Trump's presidential transition team, said Trump's Russia promises in 2016 were "just as superficial as everybody else's."

"He didn't have a secret plan to have better relations with Russia," Carafano said.

"If you want a better relationship with Russia you would need a different Putin. And this is the problem everybody has, is you don't get a different Putin," he said.

Putin, a Soviet-era intelligence officer who has spoken of restoring lost Russian glory, has been president or prime minister since 1999 -- and a referendum Wednesday could let him stay in power until 2036.

canvas sneakers are a summer trend that will last forever

 canvas sneakers are a summer trend that will last forever © PR shoe trend: Gucci PR canvas sneakers Time to put the boots away! Summer is just around the corner and that means for us: new summer shoes and new trends. Instead of thick boots, pretty sneakers decorate our feet. And preferably from airy canvas instead of leather. Because canvas sneakers are more breathable and therefore perfect for hot temperatures. classic and always trendy: canvas sneakers Just like jeans and the white T-shirt, canvas sneakers belong in every well-stocked wardrobe.

In honor of Pride Week, here are the best LGBTQ movies released in the past 10 years, as picked by GQ writers, editors, and some special celebrity guests. Infused with a dreamlike quality that both softens the movie ’s darker qualities and makes them all the more jarring, A Fantastic Woman is a

The one thing they have in common is that everyone should see these at least once. Some because they are. Some because they are great movies , some because they are cultural touchstones, and some because they are just so much fun. 17 ,651 users · 113,890 views.

"There's nothing that we really need from the Russians that we can't live without. And there's nothing that Russians can really do for us that is worth bargaining for," Carafano said.

Reports said US intelligence was assessing the Russian unit's motivations in Afghanistan, from seeking to bog down the United States in a war that Trump is seeking to end, to retaliation for US attacks on Russian mercenaries in Syria.

- Souring on Trump -

Matthew Rojansky, director of the Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, doubted that Russia still put much hope in Trump, who faces a difficult re-election path in November and, whatever his professed fondness for Putin, has repeatedly approved sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.

Rojansky said the purported bounties in Afghanistan showed how far the US-Russia relationship had deteriorated -- and how sanctions had not deterred Moscow.

"To be appalled and caught off-guard that the Russians are looking for ways to kill Americans, I think you haven't been paying attention. We're in a conflict with these people," Rojansky said.

And after six years of US sanctions, the United States has learned "that they hurt Russia to some extent, but nowhere near enough to change Russia's behavior."

Rojansky said the United States could make clear that there would be a dire cost to further Russian actions -- such as targeting the unit blamed for the bounties in Afghanistan.

But he noted that even the United States and Soviet Union maintained dialogue in the darkest days of the Cold War.

The two nations opened talks last week on the New START nuclear treaty and, while they made limited progress, their foreign ministers could use the issue as a pretext to meet, he said.

"If you're looking for a door to walk through, that's the one," Rojansky said.


'The SpongeBob Movie' & 60 Other Family Films You'll Love .
Yes, we said 60+ family movies. Because honestly, if you haven’t already watched all 60+ during three-ish months of quarantine, good for you! You win the screen time award. And you should reward yourself by taking a break and letting your kids watch…all the movies on this list you haven’t seen yet. It’s only right, right? Besides, even now that states are starting to reopen, you know you can’t haul your kids to the drive-in movie theater every night you need some sit-down family time. So consider this list ahead your at-home inspo for some good old-fashioned family movie nights.

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