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Here ' s what they are doing now. Last week, the Australian dating show Love on the Spectrum dropped on Netflix, and it's been Though there's definitely a second season in the works, most viewers are now wondering what happened to the 11 subjects of the reality show/docuseries. Jimmy and Sharnae are the second couple on the series. They'd been dating for three years before filming

‘ Love on the Spectrum ’ Director on Capturing the ‘Authentic’ Journey of Dating With Autism 22 July In this reality show, couples overcome obstacles to celebrate their love in surprise dream weddings A four-part documentary series following young adults on the autism spectrum as they explore the

a man sitting at a table using a laptop © Provided by Refinery29 Love on the Spectrum

Unlike other dating shows, Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum doesn’t end with every dater finding their perfect match or the contestants telling all in a live finale. Instead, the five-part series mainly explores the nuances and importance of love and relationships, all while offering a glimpse into the love lives of Australian young adults on the autism spectrum. Some participants embark on blind dates; others give speed-dating a try. One couple even gets engaged on-screen in the final episode. Aside from Jimmy’s heartwarming proposal, though, we’re left with a lot of questions about what happened to the rest of the cast.

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LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM is a four-part documentary series following young adults on the autism spectrum as they explore the unpredictable world of We also follow couples who have found their match. Their love stories are an inspiration to others. This uplifting and insightful series celebrates

Love On the Spectrum is a comforting docuseries that follows the stories and experiences of young adults on the autism spectrum . In its epilogue, Love on the Spectrum shows how Mark meets Lauren for a second date but leaves their story unfinished.

The show, which first aired in Australia last year, has already been renewed for a second season. Don’t get your hopes up about a Michael-centric spin-off, though: Creator Cian O’Clery confirmed that season 2 of Love on The Spectrum will follow a brand-new cast. But this doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of your favorites just yet. In a new interview with Netflix, the daters discussed their love lives, lessons learned, and reflections on the show. Here’s what they’re all up to right now — and which couples are still going strong today.

Ruth & Thomas

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Love on the Spectrum premieres July 22 on Netflix . And we’re already counting down the days. From "Dexter" to "Breaking Bad," here are series that fans of the thriller will probably also love , plus how you can Leaving Netflix in August 2020: Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows.

The couple , who are both on the autism spectrum , are part of the “Autism in Love ” documentary airing on PBS. Like many couples who have been together for a while, Hamrick and Lindsey Nebeker have, over the years, figured out how to best communicate with each other and coexist in the same

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This should come as no surprise to anyone who saw Love on the Spectrum, but Ruth and Thomas are still very much in love. They got married just last month, and according to Ruth’s Instagram, the couple celebrated their marriage with a post-wedding trip to a local cat cafe. Thomas also told Netflix that they recently moved out of their rented apartment and into a house. The best part of their new home? Not only is it right near a railway, which Thomas loves, but it looks like there’s plenty of space for the couple’s many pets.

Jimmy & Sharnae

In one of the show’s most tender moments, Jimmy proposed to Sharnae, and the two joked about a possible Las Vegas wedding. Neither has confirmed whether or not they’re married, but they’re definitely still together. When asked about the meaning of love, Jimmy said, “I assume it’s what I feel all the time when I’m with Sharnae.”

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Click here to read the full article. Welcome back to Tune In: our weekly newsletter offering a guide to the best of the week’ s TV. This new docuseries follows seven young adults on the autism spectrum as they explore the unpredictable world of love , dating and relationships.

Michael & Amanda

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new video loaded: Love on the Spectrum . Love on the Spectrum . Sean Patrick Farrell •December 25, 2011. How We Got Here .

We're all on the sexuality spectrum , but can we guess what your sexuality is? We all know this is just a bit of fun because we can’t possibly know everything about you. Sexuality is a spectrum , and it can be one where it can take a really long time to know where you sit.

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At the start of Love on the Spectrum, no one was more excited to begin dating than Michael. He initially bonded with Amanda, a fellow toy collector, but their relationship didn’t pan out. However, the experience did incentivize Michael to put himself out there. “I haven’t given up on that. I have no intention of giving up,” he told Netflix. “I am on one dating app. I decided to simply give it a try.” Meanwhile, Amanda wrote on Instagram that even though things didn’t work out with Michael, the two decided to stay friends.

Chloe & Lotus

Chloe went on two dates on the show, but one turned out much better than the other. “When I was on the date with Marcus, things went alright at first. We had a few things in common, but there was no chemistry… and certain conversation topics made it very awkward,” she told Refinery29. On the other hand, she “kept smiling for hours” after her date with Lotus, and she reiterated to Netflix that it was “probably one of the best moments of my life.”

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“Dating as a bisexual woman… it’s hard as it is, but being on the spectrum, I think it just makes it a lot harder,” Chloe told Netflix. Right now, she’s single, but she’s still looking for her perfect match. “I really want to find someone and have a very special connection with them, like Jimmy and Sharnae.”


Mark went on several dates on Love on the Spectrum and even attended a dating boot camp. Ultimately, he didn’t find love on the show, but he learned a lot from the experience. “I do want to be in a relationship, but at the same time I’d like my own time and I also tend to prefer routines rather than spur of the moment events,” Mark told Refinery29. “For example, I need to plan that I’m going on a date rather than have someone turn up unannounced, which has happened to me.”


Olivia went on two dates, but neither worked out. However, she learned a lot about what she’s looking for. “I think that I need a creative person,” she told Netflix. She also mentioned that, moving forward, she’s interested in possibly dating women. “I wasn’t sure on the show, but I’m actually bisexual,” she added. Aside from her love life, Olivia is staying busy with her theater company and finding ways to continue acting over Zoom.


On Love on the Spectrum, Andrew was interested in a girl he met during a speed dating session. Today, he’s still single, but that doesn’t mean he’s done looking for the right person — he told Netflix that he recently decided to apply to more social gatherings and speed dating events.


Maddi dated several guys on the show, including Mark. By the end, she was still single. “It was a whole new thing for me,” she explained. “People just think [love is] all so black and white but it can be all over the place sometimes.” Today, she’s focusing on her new job at a doggy daycare, and she also says she hopes to learn to drive in the near future.


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Kelvin didn’t comment on his love life, but he told Netflix that he’s been drawing and he hopes to find a job in customer service soon. According to Instagram, he also attended an anime festival recently with several friends, including fellow Love on the Spectrum alum Amanda.

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