Family & Relationships 'Gilmore Girls' has a problem with Rory's sex life

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Gilmore Girls ' Rory was many fans' idol when they were growing up. As an adult, her life choices look Rory has never been able to handle criticism well-- and that' s a problem many of us have , to Sex and the City' s Carrie Bradshaw shouldn't be able to afford her nice apartment and closet full of

Rory is 32 now, twice the age Lorelai was when she got pregnant with Rory . Had this pregnancy put a stamp on the end of the original series, when Rory It’ s also possible that, while writing the story of her life with her mom, Rory decided she wanted to have a baby herself, and went the IVF route with

Alexis Bledel talking on a cell phone: © Saeed Adyani/Netflix "Gilmore Girls" equates Rory's goodness with her chastity. Saeed Adyani/Netflix
  • "Gilmore Girls" repeatedly connects Rory Gilmore's professional successes and failures to her sex life.
  • When Rory isn't having sex, she's successful, but when she's sexually active, she fails.
  • The connection sends the message that good girls don't have sex, making women's success and worth in society dependent on their intimate lives.
  • The message also undercuts Lorelai as a positive role model within the show.
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As the daughter of a single mother, I worshipped at the "Gilmore Girls" altar. I watched the show religiously when it aired from 2000 to 2007, and I still revive it constantly today, with the mother-daughter dramedy serving as the background noise for the mundane moments of my life.

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Lastly, have fun! Gilmore Girls is a show about a close knit town of fun, wacky characters, so a forum dedicated to it should be no different. Rory probably would have had sex with Jess on prom night. That' s a high school movie cliche after all. But Jess didn't graduate so couldn't take her to prom.

In Gilmore Girls : A Year in the Life , fans witnessed one such scene in the episode “Summer”. Lorelai should have never had a relationship with her daughter’s teacher, and her constant back and forth with Rory ’ s biological What other problems with Lorelai do we ignore to enjoy Gilmore Girls ?

"Gilmore Girls" mostly holds up with a modern lens, and the relationship between Rory and Lorelai Gilmore at the heart of the show is just as compelling in 2020 as it was in 2002.

But like any widely loved show, "Gilmore Girls" has its problems, and one of its biggest ones is its fixation on Rory's sex life.

Throughout the series, Rory's goodness is explicitly connected to her sexual activity

When Rory isn't interested in boys or isn't having sex, she's successful. When a physical relationship is her priority, everything else falls apart.

It's an easy jump to assume the dichotomy is designed to contrast Rory to her mother. Lorelai was a teen mom, so Rory's supposed to avoid sex to be successful; the key to living up to her potential is for Rory to remain chaste.

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"If you're gonna throw your life away, he'd better have a motorcycle!" Who do you think Rory should've ended up with at the end of Gilmore Girls ? Looks like we are having a problem on the server.

Both Rory and Lorelai like to believe they're more connected to the working class because of Lorelai' s effort to distance themselves from Richard and Emily' s money through the years, but they have no problem taking family money when it' s needed or given— like paying for prep school

The device works plot-wise, but it also reduces all of Rory's achievements and failures to a direct result of her relationships with men, which sends a harmful message to female viewers about the limited ways sex can function in their lives.

Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham are posing for a picture: Rory is seen as good when she isn't having sex. Mitchell Haddad/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images © Mitchell Haddad/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images Rory is seen as good when she isn't having sex. Mitchell Haddad/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

For example in season three, episode 16, "The Big One," Paris Gellar, Rory's longtime frenemy, confides in Rory that she had sex with her boyfriend for the first time. Lorelai eavesdrops on the conversation, hearing Rory tell Paris that she has never had sex.

Lorelai is elated at hearing her daughter is a virgin, and literally says to herself "I've got the good kid" after hearing that her daughter hasn't had sex.

Despite Lorelai's reaction, Paris' decision to be intimate with her partner shouldn't be any indication of her morality. Yet, later in the episode, Paris finds out she didn't get into Harvard, her dream college. In a dramatic speech, Paris says, "I'm being punished. I had sex, so now I don't get to go to Harvard."

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In Gilmore Girls , Rory Gilmore graduated as the valedictorian of Chilton, a Without the privilege of signaling, Rory has to apply directly what she learned in the education system to have a promising In one of Gilmore Girls ’ most entrepreneurial conversations, Sandee has the following interview with

Perhaps that explains why Rory has an awkward conversation with Christopher near the end of the revival, asking him whether he thinks he made the It strengthens the cohesion between the original seven seasons of Gilmore Girls —Sherman-Palladino–infused and not—and establishes this story as

"She's never had sex, so she'll probably get to go to Harvard," she adds, referring to Rory.

a man and a woman sitting in front of a window: Paris finds out she didn't get into Harvard after she has sex with her boyfriend. Warner Bros. Television © Warner Bros. Television Paris finds out she didn't get into Harvard after she has sex with her boyfriend. Warner Bros. Television

The comment seems like a line added for shock value, but Rory finds out soon after the incident that she did, in fact, get into Harvard, as well as the other Ivy League institutions to which she applied.

Doubling down on the message that the acceptance has something to do with her sex life, Lorelai tells Rory "you must be the biggest virgin in the world" when she sees her daughter's acceptance letters.

The message is clear: good girls don't have sex, and they are rewarded for their chastity

That message is reinforced when Rory finally does have sex a year after the debacle with Paris.

Her first sexual partner is Dean Forester, a married man. The affair leads Dean to get divorced, and it causes a rift between Rory and her mother. The adulterous action and conflict with her mom makes sex an inherently bad thing in Rory's life, and it continues to be as she dates Dean, with the couple repeatedly struggling to find places to be intimate together.

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" Gilmore Girls " is a cult classic, with a mom and a daughter as close as can be (for at least most of the show). Since Lorelai gave birth to Rory at such a young age, her world was kind of turned upside down. It was not the life that her parents had planned for her, and they were not necessarily thrilled with her

Gilmore Girls has rightfully come under fire for its cast' s lack of diversity. There’ s even a Tumblr devoted to counting the number of black The Huntzbergers and Gilmores run in the same circles and have the same values, but when they treat Rory unfairly, suddenly everyone has a problem with it.

Plus, Rory runs away to Europe with her grandmother for the summer as a result of the affair, which ends up putting her behind in her career as a journalist. She continues to struggle professionally until she ends her relationship with Dean, getting into a groove as a writer for the "Yale Daily News" when they start growing apart.

The plotline sends the message that sex is something Rory shouldn't be doing, and she's better off when she's practicing celibacy.

We see the same pattern in "Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life," the show's revival that came out in 2016, through Rory's relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Logan Huntzberger. Rory stays with Logan and has sex with him whenever she is in London, despite Logan being engaged to someone else and Rory having a long-term boyfriend.

a man standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Rory sleeps with Logan while he is engaged. Netflix © Netflix Rory sleeps with Logan while he is engaged. Netflix

At the same time, Rory's life path is unclear.

She isn't sure where her career is going, she doesn't have a permanent residence (a recurring joke throughout the mini-series is that she cannot find her underwear), and although she regretted having an affair with Dean when he was married, she's repeating the same mistake with Logan and seems to feel no guilt over it.

But everything in Rory's life suddenly falls into place when she ends her relationship with Logan.

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As soon as she breaks off their arrangement, she miraculously starts writing a memoir about her life with her mother that she seems to know will be a success. After struggling with writer's block for months, Rory has a purpose.

In both examples, viewers are told that Rory is at her best when she isn't having sex with anyone, and that her relationships with men will detract from her career trajectory. The narrative forces women to choose between personal and professional happiness, and it reinforces sex as an act that harms women's purity rather than it being a fun or intimate moment between two consenting adults.

The message is even more problematic when you consider the issues Lorelai has in her relationship with her parents that stem from sex

It's common "Gilmore Girls" knowledge that Richard and Emily Gilmore saw their daughter Lorelai's teen pregnancy as a sullying of the good Gilmore name and a total destruction of her future.

In response, Lorelai repeatedly goes out of her way to demonstrate that she's successful despite — and because of — the young age at which she became a mother during the course of the show. She eventually owns a business after working her way up from being a maid, and she makes clear that she and Rory have such a strong bond because they're close in age.

Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham are posing for a picture: The show undercuts Lorelai as a role model. The WB © The WB The show undercuts Lorelai as a role model. The WB

Lorelai has the potential to function as a positive model for young female viewers in "Gilmore Girls." She could show them that the decisions they make about sex have nothing to do with personal and professional success, but the show's treatment of Rory completely undercuts the groundwork laid in Lorelai's character development.

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She instead becomes the exception to the rule, while real "good" girls remain chaste for as long as possible.

Ultimately, the show's approach to Rory's sexuality is reductive of not only her success but also Lorelai's, painting women as either the bad teen mom or the good virgin. The show doesn't offer an in-between, short-changing a generation of fans who looked to Rory and Lorelai.

"Gilmore Girls" could have ascended past overused tropes about women's sexuality simply by choosing not to connect Rory's sex life to her success, but instead we're left wondering what could have been.

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