Family & Relationships The No. 1 Sign You're in Love, According to Experts

17:56  09 october  2020
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The Five Love Languages Might Seem Cliché. But, Damn, Are They Good for Your Marriage

  The Five Love Languages Might Seem Cliché. But, Damn, Are They Good for Your Marriage It’s important to figure out how we express love to those closest to us. Because we may not be doing in a way that’s most advantageous. “Many times we are expressing love to the other person, but we’re doing it in a way that would make us feel loved if they expressed it to us,” says Dr. Chapman. “We’re not expressing in a way that would make them feel loved. So I think understanding that we do have different love languages, that there are different ways in which we perceive love emotionally, is important. So if I really want to be effective, then I’ll choose to speak the love language of the other person.”Dr.

a man and a woman sitting in a car © Provided by Best Life Love is a mysterious feeling—and while many people know it well, they might not be able to put it into words. It can be hard to discern the moment your feelings shift from liking someone to loving someone. However, according to experts, there is a surefire sign you're in love: You're a better, happier version of yourself. Experts tell us that shift in your mood, outlook, and energy is enough to know that you're in love.Some experts suggest that you know you're in love when you would do anything for the other person, and while this may be true, you don't need to be a martyr to be in love. Instead, a shift in your personal attitude can be a more significant identifier of true love."The number one sign that you are in love is your increased energy for life," says transitional life strategist Randi Levin. "True love fits and aligns with you. It compliments the best you in this moment, and as a result, it stimulates and motivates positive action in your every day." a person standing in front of a building: Couple in love smiling © Provided by Best Life Couple in love smiling If you find yourself giddier than usual, science says love could be to blame. "The number one sign you're in love is that you feel great! It's all that dopamine," says relationship coach Ingrid Sthare.While there are many chemicals involved in the process of falling in love, Katherine Wu at Harvard University writes that dopamine is the main player. According to Wu, dopamine is released when we do things that feel good. Thinking about, being around, and getting intimate with your partner causes your body to release dopamine when you're in love, which causes you to feel elated—and gives you that special glow."Being in love is feeling lit up both physically and emotionally," says dating expert Chris Pleines from DatingScout. "Studies show that a person's body releases a certain hormone [dopamine], which makes you feel good and cheerful when you are into someone. Even if that person is around or not, you feel wonderful just by knowing that you have them in your life."

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FYI, It's Totally Possible To Have Two Love Languages

  FYI, It's Totally Possible To Have Two Love Languages Everything you need to know about figuring out what yours is—or, uh, are.First introduced by marriage counselor Gary Chapman in his book The 5 Love Languages, they “provide an easy way to curate a conversation about meeting one another's needs in a relationship,” says Indigo Stray Conger, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist. “Over time, couples can feel that they are both making a sincere effort to show love to their partner, yet somehow end up missing each other and feeling distant.” Each encompasses a specific way a person may need to express or receive love.

Additionally, being in love often makes you feel like anything is possible—both in your partnership and in your personal life. "You can stay up all night and still get to work on time. You have almost superhuman strength. You're charming and downright giddy," Sthare says.And when you're in love, you're likely to feel more committed to self-improvement and your personal goals. "There is a strong sense of wholeness and fulfillment from the inside out that translates to your personal life, but also impacts your professional well-being," Levine notes. "Things seem possible, and therefore you become more aware and mindful of opportunities and choices."Undoubtedly being in love means compromising and supporting your partner, but a healthy love should also feel like an awakening within yourself. And for more expert insight into romance, discover 20 Dating Secrets Men Will Never Openly Acknowledge.

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