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22:25  15 october  2020
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The Five Love Languages Might Seem Cliché. But, Damn, Are They Good for Your Marriage

  The Five Love Languages Might Seem Cliché. But, Damn, Are They Good for Your Marriage It’s important to figure out how we express love to those closest to us. Because we may not be doing in a way that’s most advantageous. “Many times we are expressing love to the other person, but we’re doing it in a way that would make us feel loved if they expressed it to us,” says Dr. Chapman. “We’re not expressing in a way that would make them feel loved. So I think understanding that we do have different love languages, that there are different ways in which we perceive love emotionally, is important. So if I really want to be effective, then I’ll choose to speak the love language of the other person.”Dr.

“I love you” is both one of the most powerful and most common phrases in the English language. There are countless songs written about saying “I love you” and many new couples stress over when is the right time to drop those three special words. And yet, many Americans freely use “love” to describe their favorite celebrity or chocolate chip cookies.

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Psychological Facts About Love You Probably Didn’t Know

FYI, It's Totally Possible To Have Two Love Languages

  FYI, It's Totally Possible To Have Two Love Languages Everything you need to know about figuring out what yours is—or, uh, are.First introduced by marriage counselor Gary Chapman in his book The 5 Love Languages, they “provide an easy way to curate a conversation about meeting one another's needs in a relationship,” says Indigo Stray Conger, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist. “Over time, couples can feel that they are both making a sincere effort to show love to their partner, yet somehow end up missing each other and feeling distant.” Each encompasses a specific way a person may need to express or receive love.

In fact, one study found that the majority of Americans say “I love you” in some way every day. While the phrase might be overused in some ways, it can be comparatively underused to express serious emotions in relationships.

Humans have a need to feel loved. In fact, a 2019 study found that brief experiences of love and connection in everyday life led to improved psychological well-being. And yet, the longer romantic relationships last, the less likely people are to say “I love you” to their partner.

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According to a 2014 British study, more than half of couples who had been together two to five years said “I love you” every day to their partner. This dropped down to 33% of relationships over 10 years old and down to just 18% of relationships longer than 50 years.

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  This Is the Exact Moment When You Realize You're in Love, by Zodiac Sign Sometimes it's the most random thing that gives you heart-eyes.Love isn’t always easy—I’ve been in love many times before, but each time, it changes you. The stars dance above us, but their power guides us here on Earth. You and that cutie were meant to meet—and the instant they hit your trigger, they show you just how easy it is to love them. Peer into the exact moment you will fall in love by looking at your stars.

If you're a parent, you should be saying “I love you” frequently to your children as well. There are numerous studies indicating a link between love and affection from parents and positive health benefits for children, including higher self-esteem, better communication skills and fewer psychological and behavior problems.

Being affectionate and saying “I love you” to your partner could also have positive effects on your children. In a 2020 study, growing up around loving, expressive parents led to children staying in school longer and marrying later in life. Researchers speculated that after seeing their parents as role models for a happy marriage, kids might take longer to seek similar strong marriages.

With all the positive emotional and health benefits of saying “I love you,” why not get into the habit of saying it more? In English, “I love you” can simply be used to communicate romantic feelings, but it can also be used to show appreciation, support, admiration, respect or concern. It can be said to boost morale when a friend is feeling low, or be how to show your sibling you are proud when they reach an achievement like graduating from high school. Saying “I love you” more often is also one key way to keep your marriage strong in times of crisis.

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