Family & RelationshipsWhy Do Girls Like Bad Guys, and for How Long?

15:10  12 february  2021
15:10  12 february  2021 Source:   pressfrom.com

Why do girls love bad guys and often don’t even notice good ones? What is the reason for this injustice? Or maybe the girls themselves cannot explain their choice?

First, it is necessary to define the concept of a bad guy. Bad guy qualities, according to most Russian brides and even experienced women:

  • He’s rude and provocative.
  • He is able to fight, often seen in various fights.
  • He cheats, seeks to communicate with many girls at the same time.
  • He has bad habits and is not going to quit them.

Now, let’s consider these same qualities from the point of view of evolution and genetics:

  1. A rude man seems to be more brutal, capable of strong-willed decisions and actions. According to the female essence, the demonstration of such behavior promises high testosterone levels, which, in turn, guarantees good potency and healthy offsprings.
  2. A guy who regularly participates in fights and even justifies it with a matter of honor and protection of the weak kills two birds with one stone. From the point of view of genetics, such a partner is able to protect the offspring and even get a mammoth.
  3. An ardent supporter of polygamy, he seems to be repulsive for the female half of society. And so it is, though only in the minds of women. They feel completely different feelings. From the point of view of reproducing their species, such a partner is perceived by the subconscious as potentially healthy. And his striving for coitus with many women indicates his desire to continue the human race.
  4. Bad habits are perceived from a different perspective. If awareness says that their presence is bad, then subconsciously, a drinker or a heavy smoker is perceived as a strong organism capable of withstanding systematic poisoning.

Why Girls Love Bad Guys But Don’t Want to Marry Them

From the point of view of a modern person, sex is perceived as a one-time, non-binding action. Therefore, girls who do not strive for marriage often choose the bad guys for a one-night stand or relationships without obligations, motivating this by the fact that she will spend an unforgettable time with the naughty boy. Since it is genetically inherent, the more strengths a man has, the more sexy and hardy he seems in bed.

However, numerous studies have shown the other side of the coin. When it comes not to a short-term acquaintance and a fleeting romance, both young girls and mature ladies prefer more caring, good-natured, and balanced men. If it comes to marriage, then the gentle sex chooses sensitive, cheerful men capable of helping others.

Harm From Ingrained Concepts

The stereotype that girls prefer bad guys does irreparable harm. Some pleasant guys, decent and honest, are corrupted by this ingrained delusion. After all, if they start smoking and drinking, being rude, and fighting, they will attract more attention than reading Byron in the library. Thus, the question of why girls like bad guys is fundamentally wrong. It should sound like this: why do girls choose different guys in different periods and for different purposes?

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