Family & Relationships Welcoming Children Into My Polyamorous Family Was a Huge Decision, But It Brought Us a World of Love

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But for one polyamorous family — a love triad of two moms and one dad — three is the perfect number when it comes to parenting. Melinda and Dani Phoenix became domestic partners in a 2010 California commitment ceremony, before gay marriage was legal in the state . Now Melinda and Dani are a polyamorous couple — both wives consider Jonathan their husband — and all three are in a romantic relationship. Yahoo Parenting could not reach anyone in the family for comment, but, as Melinda told the Daily Mail, “ It might seem strange to a lot of people, but to us it makes perfect sense.

' We didn't even know there was a word for this, polyamory wasn't a thing that we had ever heard about or talked of. 'I knew she was bisexual when we got together, and I gave them my blessing completely when it came to forming the relationship. 'At that point in time, Jamie and I had developed a really good friendship, I never felt threatened by her or that she would pry us apart or tear Crystal away from me.' Within months, Jamie had moved into the family 's home in Cecil, Arkansas, as Crystal's girlfriend. But it wasn't long before feelings started to develop between Joey and Jamie.

When we decided to get pregnant as not just two gay men, but three gay men, living in a polyamorous triad (me and my partners, Alan and Jeremy), everything became exponentially more complicated. We worried the most about whether our children could suffer any ill consequences of our decision to parent. We needed to go on a long walk and talk about it.

Deciding to get pregnant? Big decision. Deciding to get pregnant as gay men? Huge decision, because now you need a lot of help: either an embryo or egg donor, and a surrogate. You’ll be trusting both women with the future of your family, and for some, there are no second chances. Some fertility cycles only yield a few viable embryos, and there may be financial barriers to repeated attempts. Eggs can cost $10,000. So can walking in the door of a surrogacy agency. Then you have to pay your doctor, your pharmacy (how does $5,000 for fertility medicines sound?), and of course, you pay your surrogate, and do it happily, because she is literally making a beautiful child for you and going through significant discomfort and shouldering very real, potentially serious health risks so you can be parents.

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Since they have been in a polyamorous relationship, Kris and Michelle insist their marriage has never felt so alive. 'Michelle and I had previous relationships that ended very badly and at the exact same time. So even though we were married, we weren't communicating; we weren't telling each other the 'Cheating was never on our minds; we just didn't know how to tell each other that Michelle liked women and I was a voyeur. Long story short, we almost got divorced on three separate occasions. 'Once we started talking to each other and opening up more about our feelings and likes, we realised our

The average nuclear family in the US is made up of parents and two children . It 's a big responsibility raising children but I love being a parent. to legally take another person's child into your own family and take care of them as your own child . a person bringing up a child or children without a partner.

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One thing we knew: We were all on the same page about raising children. First rule: Always put them ahead of ourselves. The rest just followed naturally. Raise them to be independent, but loved. Supported, but not spoiled. We would never hit them. We would teach them an instrument and a second language. Make sure they grew up unafraid to show affection, and to nurture — especially any boys we had. We knew our culture would try to train boys to be competitive, boastful, even abusive — but our children needed to be generous, charitable, understanding, and kind. All three of us had to overcome the restrictions society placed on us as gay men, and we wanted them to dream big, to be anyone and anything they wanted to be — especially any girls we had. We knew society is still teaching girls to lead less, expect less, and play second fiddle to boys. Our parenting values lined up perfectly.

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Wasn't this polyamory thing just a way to take out the dark energy and make sex-ugh-nice? Or was it actually more sane and forgiving? "I think by making it a possibility and bringing it out of the shadows," John says, "you lose the taboo and that energy where people can't talk about it because it 's " But it turned out that Lynn's own husband was secretly screwing the woman who would become his second wife: "I told him he was polyamorous , but he forgot to tell me about it ." He responded with a list of demands faxed from his lawyer's office, which included forbidding their daughter from ever visiting

Why should we disconnect love and convenience, especially while thinking Not that love has lost its significance for modern society, but it has acquired some new, fresh meaning. Together with this change we can speak about changes in family life as a consequence of the first change. Because so many children died as babies, and because there was little that could be done if a birth went wrong

  Welcoming Children Into My Polyamorous Family Was a Huge Decision, But It Brought Us a World of Love © Provided by SheKnows Cleis Press.

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But what about raising children in a polyamorous family? Was that selfish? Would our children be teased, or disadvantaged in any way? We had to admit they might. Kids get teased just for having two gay parents; ours could be teased for having three. Honestly, if we lived in a less welcoming community, I’m not sure we’d be parents. But we’d chosen to live in California, and we had the luxury of friends and colleagues who welcomed us without reservation. We hoped everyone would be as welcoming, and perhaps curious and excited, about our unusual family plans (they were). So the only big effect of poly-parenting was a ton of extra help. And California also turned out to be the only state in the country where we had a chance of all being legal parents at birth.

We’ve since slogged through legal battles we never imagined, from mundane surrogacy hassles to ridiculous roadblocks, like having to hire four attorneys just to write us a parenting agreement. Ultimately, we had to plead our case in San Diego Superior Court, begging for the chance to all become legal parents, the very first poly family awarded parentage on a birth certificate anywhere in the world. And I do mean begged. My partner Alan insisted we be sworn in, and we made a legal case as well as a convincing personal argument that we were all parents to our daughter-to-be, and the law should help us take care of our children, not hinder us.

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I started teaching the village children the alphabet under the tree by the hut. Every day more and more children turned up. It was soon impossible for me to manage on my own. I found a local teacher and we started to share evening classes. The best thing is that the school recently came second in the annual exams of the whole of Southern India. I've thought about going to live there, but my life, my job and family are in England so I'm happy just visiting. When I'm back in Liverpool people say how proud I must be of myself.

The children sighed with relief and slouched away, muttering things like ‘boring’. I call them children , but they are all grown up. My eldest son has started to develop fine lines around his eyes — fledgling crow’s feet. A terrible sight for any parent to see. The next decision is the most painful: where? We travel abroad to work quite a lot but we return tired and weary, so the holiday we are planning is a slob’s holiday: collapse on a sunbed, read a book until the sun goes down, stagger back to hotel room, shower, change into glad rags, eat well, wave good-bye to teenagers, have a last drink on hotel

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Honestly, I’m shocked it all worked out. But it did. We cleared the legal hurdles and survived health challenges. We paid a hefty financial price. We navigated a lot of stressful roadblocks to parenthood, but we didn’t take on risks, or real discomfort. And thank you, thank you, mothers of the world, for all that you do, usually with one partner who can’t feed the baby. We had three, sometimes four parents helping one another. None of us were ever significantly tired. So I highly recommend that all mothers get themselves a second partner. It’s amazing.

For me, the real lesson of this adventure was love. The love I felt for our new baby, mixed with terror of a difficult delivery, felt like a hefty dose of joy and misery, both given as a fast, intravenous push. Then, just the slow, happy wash of the love we received from women. We have so many to thank: Julie and Stephanie, who gave us their embryos, and trusted us to raise their biologic children. Meghan, who donated her eggs, at the cost of injections and sedation for retrieval. Ashley, who gave us an amazing gift of breast milk. And of course, Delilah, who carried our daughter Piper for nine months and delivered a 10 lb., 8 oz. baby with barely a bead of sweat on her brow, like an Olympian. We will never forget her words of motivation, how she said her gift would bring more love into the world. It did.

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We’re a family of three men, and the heart of the story is the love of women. Thank you, mothers, for our treasured children.

Ian Jenkins, M.D., is a hospital physician, quality and safety specialist, and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego. His book Three Dads and a Baby is out on March 9.

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These celebrity parents all welcomed children via surrogate.

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