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16:45  08 april  2021
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Hannes Wolf wants to not inject certain philosophy as a new coach of the Leverkusen team, but win first and foremost games. Every additional training session helps.

Freut sich über jede zusätzliche Trainingseinheit: Leverkusens Trainer Hannes Wolf. © Imago Images is looking forward to every additional training session: Leverkusen coach Hannes Wolf.

The dismissal of Peter Bosz so sad such a failure is always caused in Leverkusen simultaneously for a lot of anticipation. This was all things justified in the Peter Hermann personnel, which enjoys something like legend status Unterm Bayer-Kreuz. For him, for decades has always been a chair in Leverkusen, he can stay as long as he wants, and at the Werkself everyone hopes that Hermann wants a long time. The blond button defies his age, the 69 years you can not look at him in any perspective.

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and Hannes Wolf, the new chef coach, is happy with this personnum: "That Peter Hermann is there is great. He has an incredible experience. The most valuable thing about it is that he is an absolute expert for the training units. About it is defined He too. He has the authority to carry out the training and get the most out of every single player. It's huge fun to work with him. He is a great enrichment. "

If the coach does not seem to be in the position of the absolute newcomer, which starts from zero and must first get to know his team. This is not just because, for example, he knows Sven Bender for over ten years, at the same time they once changed to BVB. Also as a verbandtrainer or during the time without a job, he scanned the league: "You automatically follow the different players, if you have lived most of the time yourself in Germany and worked in professional football. It is a great team with great players. In daily work makes the team an open, positive impression on me. "

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Wolf remains pragmatic

This good feeling he wants to engage the most recently miscellaneous professionals, also by playing football, which promises the greatest success right now: "For the next time I will take the whole very pragmatic and look explicitly, what The team helps. What is the best formation? Which position fits to which player? Who can you change? " It's not about the realization of a philosophy, says Wolf who has recognized the signs of time: "It's about the first place to win the games."

in the mediation of what he requires exactly from the players, Wolf relies on the support of his second assistant Miguel Moreira, the Bayer deliberately committed. First, because he knows Wolf, secondly because he can communicate manifold. Wolf: "If you look at the squad, and then you have someone like Miguel in their own ranks, speaking Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and German and is still a coach who has been in business for many years, then have Here we have a very good construct. "

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Unusual game date helps

How much this construct keeps whether he may work beyond the summer in Leverkusen, Wolf likes to worry about it, he does not want to tell her. For him, it's about creating the seven players of this season as successful as possible. It helps him every training session, so he is not unhappy about the unusual game date on Monday: "We have trained very well this week very well and intensively. On Thursday we will put on a day off, otherwise the preparation time on the away game against Hoffenheim easy too Long becomes. Also on Friday we have the opportunity to train very intensively without having a game at the weekend in mind. Just for the national players who were in front of the Schalke game only a few days with us is the valuable training time.

on TV football on Saturday, however, the Bayer professionals have to do without. The games of the competition you have to look at in the abstract. Training is scheduled for 16 o'clock.

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