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9 Things All School Teachers Wish Parents Knew

Wednesday  19:28,   04 september 2019

We polled teachers from across the... >>>

I Made Sure to Involve My Daughter in My Second Wedding, and It Set the Whole Tone

Tuesday  23:25,   03 september 2019

After my daughter's father and I got divorced, I wasn't even sure I wanted to start dating again. Part of me felt like throwing in the towel and accepting the single life forever. I was terrified as a single mom of a precocious 2-year-old and felt... >>>

People Are Sharing Some of the Biggest Red Flags in Bad Friendships

Monday  22:10,   02 september 2019

Here's how to spot a fake... >>>

'I've never been a traditional person': Bride reveals why she chose to wear black on her wedding day

Friday  21:32,   30 august 2019

While you might think weddings are synonymous with white, one bride has revealed why she chose to wear black on her wedding day - and has no regrets. © Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Amy Vosinthavong, 29, from Sydney said she has 'never... >>>

A relationship expert says making these common mistakes after a breakup can lead to a negative thought spiral

Friday  17:25,   30 august 2019

Relationship guru Erika Ettin reveals how to stop yourself thinking "I'll be alone forever" or "No one will compare to my... >>>

Falling out of love is a real thing, but it’s possible to rekindle romance if you 'actively explore' your relationship

Wednesday  22:50,   28 august 2019

It's natural for feelings of love to evolve in a relationship. A therapist says redefining intimacy can help reignite the... >>>

10 pieces of parenting wisdom from 'Fixer Upper' stars Chip and Joanna Gaines

Wednesday  22:10,   28 august 2019

Here is some of the best tips about being a parent we can learn from Chip and Joanna Gaines of "Fixer... >>>

Why I Drug-Test My Teens

Wednesday  00:05,   28 august 2019

When Paul Little was 19 he became addicted to prescription pain pills. Now as medical director of an addiction hospital, he helps teens recover from substance abuse and makes sure his own two daughters understand the dangers of drug use by testing... >>>

Mom shares unbelievable 'before and after' photos of 5-year-old daughter on first day of school

Monday  20:10,   26 august 2019

Starting a new school year can be... >>>

What romantic comedies get right and wrong about weddings, according to a wedding planner

Saturday  00:45,   24 august 2019

The planner also shared stories of some weddings she has seen that were so over-the-top, they seemed like they were straight out of the... >>>

The Most Life-Changing Piece of Parenting Advice Anyone Ever Gave Me

Saturday  00:35,   24 august 2019

I stood in my closet, sliding my hands across my favorite dresses and jumpsuits all hanging in an enticing row. Each served as an emblem of an occasion or a season that had shaped some aspect of my life. Some of them conjured up happy memories and... >>>

The robots are taking over matchmaking, while family and friends are falling behind

Saturday  00:15,   24 august 2019

Stanford researchers found that meeting online has become the most popular way couples meet, surpassing introductions through friends and family members. “We find that Internet meeting is displacing the roles that family and friends once played in... >>>

Newlyweds look on in horror as the table holding their three-tier wedding cake collapses and the $550 creation topples to the floor

Friday  17:41,   23 august 2019

Chloe and Aaron Bailey were forced to watch 'in slow motion' as the table collapsed underneath their cake when they went to cut... >>>

Don't Roll Your Eyes At Cuffing Season—It's Actually Better Than Any Summer Fling

Friday  00:55,   23 august 2019

Cuddling is cool and all, but have you ever gotten your fam off your back about... >>>