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Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids

Thursday  21:10,   07 november 2019

And start raising kind... >>>

21 Destination Wedding Photos To Remind You Love Is An Adventure

Thursday  18:05,   07 november 2019

These award-winning destinationwedding images are true works of art. Each photo highlights the beauty of a couple’s love against a backdrop of truly stunning scenery. Junebug Weddings, a wedding planning website, announced the winners of its annual... >>>

6 Crucial Things to Consider Before Moving in With Your Partner

Wednesday  22:50,   06 november 2019

Ready to move in together? Consider these conversations before signing a lease with your partner.Moving in with your partner is a natural step in the right direction for any healthy relationship. Aside from the excitement that comes with choosing a... >>>

5 reasons why I skipped the fancy ceremony and had a courthouse wedding

Wednesday  19:55,   06 november 2019

Choosing to have a courthouse wedding saved us money, stress, and allowed us to have more control over what we wanted for our wedding day... >>>

What to Do After You've Cheated On Your Husband

Wednesday  19:55,   06 november 2019

It's more common than you might think.If you have cheated on your husband and aren't sure what to do next, here's what two experts... >>>

'OK Boomer': Everything You Need to Know About the Phrase That Has Gen Z in Their Feelings

Tuesday  22:41,   05 november 2019

Today's teens and tweens are done listening to Baby Boomers, given that they've caused irreparable harm to the climate and economy.According to, the exact origin of the phrase is unknown, but The New York Times reports that... >>>

The 101 Best Baby Boy Names (And the 13 to Avoid)

Tuesday  20:25,   05 november 2019

There are myriad ways for parents to embarrass their children. Their name doesn't need to be one of them.In a world where we exist increasingly online, names have come to represent us when we’re not there to represent ourselves. From resumes to... >>>

This Elopement Photo Shoot Is Inspired by Disney's Up, and It Takes Love to New Heights

Tuesday  01:15,   05 november 2019

A whimsical setting, dreamy details, and colorful balloons make this Up-inspired elopement photo shoot just as charming as one could... >>>

It's Not That Easy to "Plan On" Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Before You Have Kids These Days - Here's Why

Monday  22:32,   04 november 2019

Newlyweds are often bombarded with a slew of somewhat invasive questions in the weeks after marriage. Are you taking his name? Do you have a joint savings account? Are you planning on starting a family? The list goes on. As a parenting editor, I'm... >>>

1 Family's Adoption Photo Shoot Is on Point, but the Touching Story Behind It Is Everything

Monday  20:45,   04 november 2019

When Keia Jones-Baldwin married her husband, Richardro, she was eager to expand her... >>>

12 Big Signs of Happy, Healthy Relationships

Monday  20:30,   04 november 2019

If you nod your head when reading this list, that's very good... >>>

How To Talk To Your Kids About Climate Change Without Giving Them Anxiety

Monday  17:21,   04 november 2019

A lot has been written about would-be parents who opt out of having kids to help the environment. A popular counternarrative is that people are not (or at least shouldn’t be) putting off having children because of climate change; instead,... >>>

Man woos Tinder match with homemade tortellini in viral Twitter thread

Friday  22:45,   01 november 2019

It’s just like the old saying goes – the way to a Tinder date’s heart may be through their stomach. © In today's digital dating world, communicating clearly can sometimes get lost in translation. That's why new relationship terms have... >>>

The Key to Stopping Your Kid's After-School Meltdowns Is a Consistent De-Stressing Routine

Friday  20:10,   01 november 2019

A child therapist shares her tips for helping your kids wind down.Many kids suffer from some form of after-school restraint collapse. Tantrums strike once they retreat back into the safe haven of home simply because they're sick and tired of... >>>

8 Relationship Anxieties That Harm a Marriage — And How to Avoid Them

Friday  00:00,   01 november 2019

Feeling anxiety after having a baby is normal. Not dealing with that feeling is not.The worry about whether or not they can provide their family something many men wrestle with after they start a family. Dorfman says she hears this often from new... >>>