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Forget 50/50: Why an 80/80 Approach to Chores and Child Care is What Working Parents Need Now

Thursday  02:07,   11 february 2021

Here’s an idea: radical generosity. Forget fairness. iStock When I got married 15 years ago, my relationship looked nothing like the marriage of my parents. Growing up, my dad traveled almost every week. My mom stayed at home, bearing the bulk of... >>>

What the “You Never Want to Have Sex” Fight Is Really About

Wednesday  00:56,   10 february 2021

At least, it's probably about much more.When it comes to issues of sexless marriage, any number of things could be going on — and it may or may not be about sex. The good news is, you can address these underlying problems and get back to a sex... >>>

JoJo Siwa shares 1st pics with girlfriend: ‘Most beautiful perfect person in the world’

Monday  22:30,   08 february 2021

The actor and YouTube star shared her first photos with her girlfriend, days after revealing she was dating someone after coming out last month.The 17-year-old reality star and YouTube personality posted photos and a video of the couple having fun... >>>

Stop What You're Doing and Watch Toyota's Ad With Jessica Long

Monday  04:05,   08 february 2021

Warning: You will... >>>

Queen Elizabeth Just Made a Major Change to Her Staff at Buckingham Palace

Saturday  18:16,   06 february 2021

Queen Elizabeth just appointed a new staff member in the royal palace. Here's what you need to know about the monarch's newest addition. >>>

Kanye Is"Done" With Kim and Will File for Divorce Before Her"If He Has To"

Friday  19:52,   05 february 2021

The couple are"no longer speaking," but Kim will likely wait to file for... >>>

Get Ready to Fall in Love With Firefly Lane's Ben Lawson

Friday  19:52,   05 february 2021

The Good Place alum is one of many reasons to tune into the Netflix dramedy.Part of the charm about Lawson, 41, is that he hasn't forgotten his roots. In 2020, the actor wrote an illustrated book called To My Country in response to the devastating... >>>

Connecticut Maternity Leave: Everything Expectant Parents Need to Know About the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act (PFMLA)

Friday  04:05,   05 february 2021

The law allows new parents (and others!) to take paid leave beginning in 2022. Moms in Connecticut will soon be able to take paid maternity leave to bond with their newborns. iStock Connecticut became the seventh state in the country (plus... >>>

This Year Has Turned Me Into a Literal Monster on Dating Apps, Is It Just Me?

Friday  04:05,   05 february 2021

Apparently all of my pent-up rage is going toward Hinge matches. ????This, plus the cascading terror of the news and feeling a real need to be an emotional support for all of my friends and family who are feeling just as garbage as I am, has made me >>>

Uncontested? Contested? No Fault? A Guide to the Different Types of Divorce

Thursday  23:16,   04 february 2021

Here's what to... >>>

Every Single (Weird) Update on Kim and Kanye's Mysterious Divorce Proceedings

Thursday  23:16,   04 february 2021

BRB while I become a professional sleuth.Quick note though—this is in reverse chronological order so that you get the most hot-off-the-press info first! If you want to start from Day 1, go back, back to the beginning, and scroll right tf... >>>

President Biden’s Blunt Marriage Advice All Couples Should Follow

Thursday  22:15,   04 february 2021

The President offered some honest, but really good, advice on how to have a lasting marriage.While he and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, were offering some insight into how they’ve made their 43-year marriage work, the President shared a tough but... >>>

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Have 'No Contact' Amid Reports He's Moving Out

Thursday  21:05,   04 february 2021

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s looming (rumored) divorce has been in the news since the very start of 2021, and the rumors show no sign of slowing down before the March 18 release of the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Sources have >>>

JoJo Siwa has confirmed she has a girlfriend, who gave her the confidence to come out publicly

Thursday  16:06,   04 february 2021

People have been speculating about the 17-year-old's relationship status since she came out by wearing a "best gay cousin ever" shirt.The 17-year-old YouTube star and musician came out as part of the LGBTQ community during an Instagram Live in... >>>

7 Signs Your Long-Distance Relationship Isn't Working Anymore

Thursday  14:01,   04 february 2021

Without the benefit of face-to-face time together, long-distance couples may find it harder to discern where the relationship stands. When most of your communication happens via text, phone or video chat — and especially if you’re living in... >>>