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Jealous, neglected and rebellious: What to do if your son or daughter has middle child syndrome

Monday  05:31,   12 august 2019

Middle children are often the most likely to get lost in the sibling shuffle. So what can you do if your kid has middle child syndrome, and is feeling excluded or inferior compared to their... >>>

How to Forgive Someone Who Did You Wrong

Friday  21:55,   09 august 2019

Here's how to (finally) let go of that... >>>

Boy Names With Serious Swagger

Thursday  00:15,   08 august 2019

Have you ever met a baby and you just knew instantly, this kid is going to grow up to be cool? We definitely have. And if you’re lucky enough to have that super-chill kid, you best give them a name that befits... >>>

Dads are bonding with daughters while learning how to do their hair

Tuesday  19:50,   06 august 2019

'It's important that they feel that... >>>

How the First Year of Fatherhood Changed My Body, According to 13 Men

Monday  22:40,   05 august 2019

Becoming a dad changes... >>>

A grandpa did his granddaughter's nails while she recovered from surgery, and people can't get enough of his sweet act

Monday  22:17,   05 august 2019

Ayla Winter-White says her grandfather has been painting her grandmother's nails for more than 30... >>>

You Probably Won't Like The Real Reason Your Partner Is Pulling Away

Monday  21:50,   05 august 2019

But there's something you can do about... >>>

7 signs that your relationship is emotionally draining you

Friday  22:41,   02 august 2019

INSIDER reached out to mental health experts to learn about signs that indicate a relationship has gone from being fulfilling to emotionally draining. RELATED GALLERY: Experiencing burnout? Here's how to beat it (provided by StarsInsider) Going... >>>

7 reasons to be friends before dating someone

Friday  22:20,   02 august 2019

When you form a romantic relationship with someone you've been close to for quite some time, there can certainly be some special... >>>

Dying Dad Writes 'I Love You Like...' Book for Young Son

Friday  20:10,   02 august 2019

His son loved it from page... >>>

Grooms go viral for their traditional Hindu wedding in a temple

Friday  18:10,   02 august 2019

They originally got married in NYC's City Hall but decided to host another wedding in a Hindu... >>>

The Worst Things You Can Say to Your Parents

Tuesday  21:30,   30 july 2019

Find out about the worst words, phrases, and sentences you can say to your parents, why they're so damaging, and what you can say... >>>

8 Ways to Bounce Back from a Rough Rejection

Monday  23:16,   29 july 2019

Say 'thank you, next!' to that... >>>

Mom Credited with Inventing ‘Gender Reveals’ Begs Us to End Pink and Blue Madness

Monday  22:30,   29 july 2019

The child Jenna Karvunidis welcomed with a pink-frosted cake is now ten and prefers to wear... >>>

The New Something Blue: Fresh Takes on a Favorite Wedding Tradition

Saturday  03:10,   27 july 2019

Need “something blue” for your wedding? Think outside of the lacy blue... >>>