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Joe And Jill Biden Reflect On 43 Years Of Marriage In First White House Interview

Wednesday  23:16,   03 february 2021

In their first interview as a couple since assuming the roles of president and first lady, Joe and Jill Biden spoke with People magazine about supporting each other over 43 years of marriage. “She has a backbone like a ramrod,” the president said in >>>

Dating After Divorce: What It’s Like to Get Back Out There, According to 12 Men

Wednesday  22:06,   03 february 2021

Getting back out there is different for everyone.But what is it like to get back to dating after divorce? We asked a dozen men about their experiences. Some took a lot of time, while others dove right into the singles’ pool. Issues of anxiety or... >>>

How to Pay Child Support: 7 Tips for Fathers

Wednesday  20:50,   03 february 2021

Here's how to do it properly.The good news is that the importance of dads is increasingly acknowledged, particularly in broken marriages. But that doesn’t mean the stress, uncertainty, and rancor around divorce have evaporated. It’s all still... >>>

Second grade girl expelled from Christian school over girl crush, mom says

Wednesday  03:15,   03 february 2021

The 8-year-old Oklahoma student questioned whether God still loved her after the incident, her mom told NBC News.The student’s mom, Delanie Shelton, told NBC News that she received a call Jan. 21 from the Rejoice Christian School in Owasso, just... >>>

Jeffrey Wright Becomes the First Black Batman Actor

Tuesday  21:06,   02 february 2021

We love... >>>

The Best TV and Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time

Tuesday  20:16,   02 february 2021

I'm definitely Meghan Markle in'Suits,' just... >>>

The Best T-Shirts For Men, According to a Top Stylist

Tuesday  20:16,   02 february 2021

These seven shirts feel good, fit right, and look great on everyone.It’s the fit that makes the T-shirt, says Micaela Erlanger, a top Hollywood stylist who’s dressed Common, Jared Leto, and David Boyega among others. Her guiding T-shirt principal is >>>

Love Your Family. But Also, Love the Act of Loving Them

Tuesday  20:16,   02 february 2021

It's important to remember this.First, a bit of a warning about this film I view so fondly and nostalgically: the movie received pretty harsh reviews from Roger Ebert who called it “a soppy sitcom that would like to pass as a quasi-heartfelt... >>>

Is Love at First Sight Real? 3 Signs Science Says It Might Be (& 3 Signs It Might Not)

Tuesday  18:20,   02 february 2021

Fifty-six percent of Americans believe in it, but is love at first sight real? We look to science for some answers. >>>

These kid-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts are all made with love

Tuesday  18:15,   02 february 2021

From DIY Valentines to heart-tastic cookie kits, we've got your kids covered.Love is in the air, but if you're a parent who's tired of hearing, "I'm bored," from your kids, there's probably a bit of frustration,... >>>

Cupcakes, nuggets, pickles and more: 8 food bouquets for Valentine's Day

Monday  23:50,   01 february 2021

Hope you're hungry for love!To meet the increasing demand for Instagram-worthy moments that aren't at cozy restaurants or beach vacations, food purveyors and creative individuals are finding new ways to incorporate delicious delicacies into... >>>

Stood up by adoptive family, internet rallies around special needs dog

Sunday  03:05,   31 january 2021

"It was heartbreaking," said the president of the rescue, who posted Jack's story on Facebook. She was floored by what happened next.He waited. The family never... >>>

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Dating Makes More Sense Than You Think

Saturday  20:30,   30 january 2021

Image Source: Getty / Jeff Schear / Jeff Kravitz We could "say it ain't so" but according to People, Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker are reportedly dating. Over the weekend, suspicions of their romantic relationship came... >>>

Wendy Williams Revealed New Details About Rocky Marriage To Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter

Saturday  20:06,   30 january 2021

Let's just say the words"serial cheat" were involvedBoth movies, which were executive produced by Wendy herself, cover the highs and lows she’s experienced in her life. They also delve into her rocky marriage to ex-husband Kevin Hunter (played... >>>