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This soon-to-be-married Icelandic couple met in a Facebook group for Costco fans, and their friends call their child the 'Costco Baby'

Friday  18:25,   26 july 2019

In Iceland, Costco brings people together. One couple met in an Iceland Costco Facebook group in 2017 and are getting married on... >>>

7 things wedding planners wish they could tell you but can't

Friday  01:20,   26 july 2019

Sometimes, wedding planners and their clients don't see eye to eye on major decisions, like "Pinterest overload" and meddling loved ones. There's no question that the newlyweds are the stars of any wedding ceremony and reception, but often there is... >>>

Bella Thorne is pansexual: Why are more women than men coming out?

Thursday  20:50,   25 july 2019

Bella Thorne is pansexual: Why are more women than men coming... >>>

Tinder launches new safety feature for LGBTQ users when traveling to 70 countries where being gay is still illegal

Thursday  19:11,   25 july 2019

Dating app Tinder has unveiled a new 'traveller alert' aimed at LGBTQ users who may face danger when travelling... >>>

From Kenya to Australia: How parenting styles vary across the world

Wednesday  23:00,   24 july 2019

From tantrums to bottle feeding, parenting in America can seem challenging as it is seen through different perspectives. Here is how complicated it can get at places around the world. Japan © Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Children in... >>>

What you should teach your child about bullying

Wednesday  23:00,   24 july 2019

From insults hurled on the playground to rumors spread online, bullying continues to be a pervasive issue. Here is how parents should identify, address, and solve the... >>>

This Dad Sent His Daughter to School in Underwear, and His Wife's Response Is Everything

Wednesday  21:25,   24 july 2019

Aliza Friedlander, a mom of two and freelance writer from Pikesville, MD, has her daughters' morning routine down pat. And though she usually gets the kids up and ready for school every day, the duty fell to her husband, Brad, when she had an early... >>>

This Photographer’s Stunning Portraits of Elderly Couples Will Make You Believe in Love Again

Wednesday  20:30,   24 july 2019

For years, Sujata Setia has been photographing elderly couples to celebrate their lasting love, and the photos and stories are beyond... >>>

I Cut 20 Minutes Off My Family's Morning Routine With This Simple Trick

Tuesday  23:45,   23 july 2019

Kids screaming, orange juice flying, parents panicking - it's a miracle that my family even manages to leave the house in the morning. Nobody in my family calls themselves a morning person and we're all sleep-deprived in one way or the other, so... >>>

31 Adorable Photos Of Dogs At Weddings That Are A Real Treat

Tuesday  22:50,   23 july 2019

No offense to humans, but we’re pretty sure dogs actually make the best wedding guests. Hear us out: They look darling in their wedding finery; they provide endless entertainment and, unlike your aunt, they never complain about the food. Fearless... >>>

What It Means to Be a Bad Mom

Tuesday  20:40,   23 july 2019

Inside the mind of a psychologist who helps determine whether parents are “good enough” to keep their... >>>

Woman posts text messages from ex-boyfriend before his wedding: 'Thank you for being my first love'

Tuesday  18:06,   23 july 2019

A text message sent from a soon-to-be husband to his ex-girlfriend, on the eve of his wedding, is going viral — but not for reasons people might think. Alexsa Sanchez Aguilar took to Twitter Saturday to share a text exchange between herself and her... >>>

This Woman Is Putting Her 17 Kids Through School Thanks to a Face Oil

Tuesday  05:55,   23 july 2019

Moringa is so much more than the source of a trendy beautifying oil. For the people of northern Uganda, this sustainable resource represents the future. In northern Uganda, just off a red dirt road that leads to the border with South Sudan, Betty... >>>

What Happens to Men Who Stay Bachelors Forever, According to Science

Saturday  01:15,   20 july 2019

What happens to men who never marry or have kids? Lots of... >>>

My Son's Fortnite Obsession Has Ruined Summer Break

Saturday  00:10,   20 july 2019

When I was a kid, summer break meant hours spent riding my bike. The only rule to follow was “be home before dark.” Summer meant swimming pools, night games, and always being outside. I long for my three sons to have the kind of summers I did... >>>