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7 Habits of People Who Make Friends Easily

Tuesday  18:01,   02 october 2018

At this point in your life, you probably have a core group of friends that have seen you through the good times and the bad. But sometimes, you just want to branch out a little. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function... >>>

These 15 women opened up about their sexual assault experiences thanks to the #metoo campaign

Tuesday  18:01,   02 october 2018

At the Women's Convention in Detroit last year, women shared their stories of sexual assault and harassment. Here are their powerful statements of... >>>

A mother has filed a federal discrimination suit because her son was cut from the high school soccer team

Monday  22:05,   01 october 2018

She said her son will face "irreparable harm" if he can't play soccer for Ladue Horton Watkins High School.The mother, referred to as Jane Doe in the suit, said her son, referred to as John Doe, will face "irreparable harm" if he cannot play on... >>>

What to Do if You or Someone You Know Has Been Sexually Assaulted

Monday  19:06,   01 october 2018

What to Do If You Or Someone You Know Has Been Sexually Assaulted For such a long time, if a person experienced a sexual assault that didn't involve penetrative rape, it went largely ignored. As a society, we had been conditioned to accept things... >>>

What It's Like To Date Someone Who's In An Open Relationship

Monday  18:26,   01 october 2018

We hear a lot from couples in open relationships, but we rarely hear what it’s like to date someone in an open relationship. In the poly community, those people are often called “secondaries.” Many polyamorous relationships follow a... >>>

6 Women On What It's Really Like To Date Much Older Men

Friday  17:52,   28 september 2018

In a Me Too world, is it worth exploring the power dynamics that exist when an older man pursues a much younger woman? Memoirist Joyce Maynard thinks so. Last week in The New York Times, Maynard recalled her brief affair with Catcher in the Rye... >>>

Firefighter Ditches His Wedding — to Battle a Blaze! 'That Why I Married Him,' Says Bride

Thursday  22:50,   27 september 2018

Firefighter Ditches His Bride at Their Wedding — to Battle a FireJeremy, an on-call firefighter from Cottage Grove, Minnesota, raced from his wedding to battle a devastating house fire on September 1, just as the newlywed couple was taking pictures... >>>

5 Bridesmaids Reveal Their Friends' Worst Bridezilla Moments

Thursday  22:50,   27 september 2018

And, in some cases, how it ended their friendships.Related Video: How a Houghton Wedding Dress is Designed and Made (Provided by... >>>

I Filed For Divorce 3 Months After My Wedding Day

Thursday  17:52,   27 september 2018

I can't really pinpoint the exact moment when everything began to fall apart, but I want to say it started while we were registering for our wedding china. I remember that day like it was yesterday, standing in the middle of Macy's arguing... >>>

10 Smart Mantras to Help Cope With a New Baby

Thursday  17:52,   27 september 2018

First-time motherhood can be confusing and chaotic.Motherhood can be a bitch. In addition to being totally and overwhelmingly wonderful and incredible, that is. Thanks to online truth-talkers, most of us no longer feel guilty or ashamed about... >>>

This Bridal Salon Owner Delivered Wedding Dresses By Boat After Hurricane Florence

Wednesday  23:50,   26 september 2018

She takes her job *very* seriouslyAngela Woodcock, co-owner Camille’s of Wilmington, a bridal boutique in North Carolina, takes her job very seriously. So serious in fact, that she refused to let the devastating flooding of Hurricane Florence ruin... >>>

Meghan Duggan And Gillian Apps, U.S. And Canada Hockey Rivals, Just Got Married

Wednesday  22:50,   26 september 2018

There must be something in the ice. Once again, a pair of Canadian and U.S. women's hockey legends are making the internet swoon with a Hollywood-worthy love story. Over the weekend, three-time Canadian women's hockey gold medallist Gillian... >>>

People Told My Daughter With a Disability She Wouldn't Be Able to Do Everything She Does Today

Wednesday  17:50,   26 september 2018

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me that diagnosis is just a word. That it doesn't define or limit the child it describes. But a diagnosis is not just a word. A diagnosis is supposed to be information. It's there to help doctors,... >>>

Bindi Irwin reveals the best life lessons she learned from her dad Steve Irwin

Tuesday  22:30,   25 september 2018

The young conservationist spoke to INSIDER while promoting Animal Planet's "Crikey! It's the Irwins" and said the best lesson she got from her dad was how he used his enthusiasm and positivity to change the world."There are so many things... >>>

Millennials Are Causing the U.S. Divorce Rate to Plummet

Tuesday  21:35,   25 september 2018

They’re waiting until all is secure before tying the knot.New data show younger couples are approaching relationships very differently from baby boomers, who married young, divorced, remarried and so on. Generation X and especially millennials are... >>>