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The easiest way to boost your sex drive

Friday  19:05,   05 may 2017

The power of the mind is *real*.A study called Sex Unleashes Your Tongue (dirty) published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, has found just thinking about sex will boost our desire to have it. Yep, it really is that easy... >>>

Here’s when it’s ok to cut ties with your mom, because not every family has to be perfect

Friday  19:00,   05 may 2017

For as many Rory and Lorelai-type mother and daughter duos, there are just as many women out there who have strained, toxic,…For sure, that idea can go against every fiber of your being. It’s your mom. But even though we have close ties with our... >>>

The Most Requested Wedding Songs, Guaranteed to Get Your Guests on the Floor

Wednesday  23:40,   03 may 2017

Choosing music for your ceremony is all about picking songs that are meaningful (and appropriate) for the moment. Choosing music for your ceremony is all about picking songs that are meaningful (and appropriate) for the moment. But for your... >>>

1 Mom's Journey to Becoming SuperMom

Wednesday  23:22,   03 may 2017

I am not a... >>>

What Happened When My Ultra-Sensitive Baby Started Growing Up

Wednesday  22:25,   03 may 2017

There's light at the end of the tunnelMy second baby was not an easy... >>>

We need to talk about what happens when your honeymoon sucks

Wednesday  22:01,   03 may 2017

Bestselling author and journalist Jo Piazza traveled to 20 countries on five continents…Some time ago the kinds of people who decide such things decreed that the honeymoon should be the most special, most romantic, and ultimately most instagrammable >>>

Magical Disney World Photo Tells A Sweet Story About Co-Parenting

Wednesday  21:53,   03 may 2017

One family’s trip to Disney World was more than just a vacation. It was a sweet example of co-parenting. On March 14, 7-year-old Maddie went to Disney World with her dad Joseph Hawkey, and her stepmom, Brianna Hawkey. What she didn’t know was that... >>>

Firefighter And Police Officer Take Adorable Photos With Their Newborn

Wednesday  21:50,   03 may 2017

A Florida firefighter and police officer celebrated the birth of their first child with a special newborn photo shoot. Photographer Erica Posluszny of EP Photography captured 1-month-old Enzo Anthony Crnolic posing with parts of his parents’... >>>

How postpartum depression (eventually) made me a better mother

Wednesday  21:40,   03 may 2017

Weeks after delivering my firstborn child, uncontrollable things happened inside my brain. I didn’t feel joyous, as I thought new mothers should,…While “baby blues” are a normal part of giving birth while your hormones readjust, PPD is far more... >>>

16 Practical Life Skills We Forget to Teach Our Kids

Wednesday  21:30,   03 may 2017

Even in the era of digital everything, these lessons are necessaryThink your kids have a good handle on life skills? There are some basic skills we all need to have—even in the era of digital everything. But somewhere between changing diapers and... >>>

This Is Why We Say "Until Death Do Us Part" In Wedding Vows

Wednesday  22:56,   26 april 2017

The standard line is included in many traditional Catholic ceremonies, but what the heck does it really mean?In the United States, the traditional Catholic wedding ceremony finds many couples (regardless of how religious they really are in their... >>>

15 Times Romantic Men Simply Nailed the Marriage Proposal

Wednesday  18:52,   26 april 2017

Thinking about taking your relationship to the next level but not sure how to do it? Just ask yourself what George Clooney—or Matthew McConaughey, or Seal, or Ludacris—would do. Thinking about taking your relationship to the next level but not... >>>

Night Nannies Confess All

Saturday  02:16,   22 april 2017

What was happening in the house when you were too tired to careSo when she told me she was working as a night nanny (on top of her full-time career, her many volunteer obligations and her highly involved political activism), I shouldn’t have been... >>>

What You Can Learn About Marriage From Modern Women Around the World

Saturday  02:16,   22 april 2017

Ever wonder what the French can teach you about marriage? Us too! Luckily, author Jo Piazza did the research for you.  Why did you set out to crowd-source a book about... >>>

11 Relationship Pink Flags to Watch Out For

Saturday  01:41,   22 april 2017

Not dramatic enough to be a red flag yet.Why it’s a pink flag: First, check his Instagram. If he’s posted only three pics in 2016, and most of them are of craft beer or random clouds, he’s just someone who is free of the chains that come with caring >>>