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An Algorithm Says There's a Perfect Age to Get Married

Saturday  00:36,   11 march 2017

An Algorithm Says There's a Perfect Age to Get Married If you're looking for a mate between the time you're 18 and 40, there's a math theory that could help you find the right partner. Yes, seriously. And it's called the 37 percent...[...]

10-Year-Old Writes Letter for the Women's Strike

Saturday  00:21,   11 march 2017

A young activist in the making.Talking at dinner last night about civic engagement and my 10 year old wrote this letter to her principal...[...]

You May Want to Marry My Husband

Friday  18:39,   10 march 2017

After learning she doesn’t have long to live, a woman composes a dating profile for the man she will leave behind.Still, I have to stick with it, because I’m facing a deadline, in this case, a pressing one. I need to say this (and say it right)...[...]

Dads' New Device May Be the Answer to Kids Dying in Hot Cars

Friday  18:39,   10 march 2017

On Tuesday, a 21-year-old woman arrived at work at Best Friends for Kidz, a learning center in Florida, at 9 a.m. When she went out for a break at 2:30 p.m., she realized she had left her 2-year-old half-brother in the SUV for more than five hours...[...]

Here Are the Quirkiest Baby Names for Each State

Friday  18:38,   10 march 2017

Each state has its unique characteristics, from how you eat a pizza to whether you say "y'all," "youse" or "you guys." So it's no surprise that every state also has its favorite quirky names. A new study Each state has its unique...[...]

This Dad Got His Daughter The Perfect Gift After She Came Out As A Lesbian

Friday  18:38,   10 march 2017

The Christmas after I came out to my mom, I opened up the gayest gift I've ever gotten: a rainbow bracelet, a rainbow peace sign pin, and a rainbow flag pin. She looked over at me after I opened up the gift and said, "I thought you could use...[...]

Arkansas Grandmother Will Carry and Give Birth to Her Own Grandchild

Friday  18:36,   10 march 2017

Her son and daughter-in-law needed a surrogate, so she stepped up to help.The Texarkana couple have been married for four years and always knew that having a child would be tricky. When Kayla was 17, doctors found a tumor on her uterus, and she was...[...]

39-Weeks-Pregnant Mom-to-Be Wears Mask Spoofing April the Giraffe's Labor

Friday  18:36,   10 march 2017

Who will be...[...]

George W. Bush will do anything for his grandkids — but there is 1 exception

Friday  18:35,   10 march 2017

His grandkids call him "El Jefe," or "The Boss," so it makes sense that he's able to exercise veto power when necessary.Bush is simply catering to his two granddaughters, 3-year-old Mila and 1-year-old Poppy, whose mom is TODAY's Jenna Bush...[...]

Can You Choose to Have a Boy or Girl?

Friday  18:35,   10 march 2017

Your baby's name isn't the only thing up for grabs.Sure, in the deep, dark corners of the Internet, you may have read that putting a spoon under your bed when you're having sex means you'll have a girl or that trying to conceive during a...[...]

You Might Like Your Job Better If You Have More Sex, According to a New Study

Friday  18:35,   10 march 2017

Study links having more sex to more engagement and satisfaction at work.Published in the Journal of Management, researchers from Oregon State University looked at the work and sex habits of married employees in a small study of 159 people over the...[...]

6 Signs It’s Way Too Soon to Say 'I Love You' to Someone

Friday  18:33,   10 march 2017

Relationships, obviously, can be amazing. They bring some of the highest highs and the lowest lows. When you get into a new…Those three little words can create big drama. For many people, it’s hard to figure out exactly when to say them. Nobody...[...]

How Much Should An Engagement Ring Cost?

Friday  18:32,   10 march 2017

When it’s time to start thinking about engagement rings, there’s one thing you should consider before you start looking at styles: cost. The price of a ring not only determines which one you get, but it can play a huge role in the designs you end up [...]

An 'Adulting School' Now Exists to Help Young Adults Learn How to Be Grown-Ups

Wednesday  18:26,   01 march 2017

It's designed to teach millennials the skills often overlooked by today's schools and parents.Located in Portland, Maine, this school offers classes, events, and digital courses designed to teach young adults these fundamental skills that...[...]

The X Plan Is Genius and You Need to Teach It to Your Teen Now

Tuesday  20:26,   28 february 2017

The X Plan Is Genius and You Need to Teach It to Your Teen NowThe X plan is the most caring, empowering tool we’ve heard of for helping your kids stay safe while saving face with peers. If they're going to drive us crazy with their ever-tethered...[...]