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As the World Burns, Restaurants Double Down on Warmth

Thursday  01:05,   18 october 2018

“It’s our job to feed you something that reminds you of better times in the world.” In 2012, Wu opened Oxheart a tasting menu–only destination that won him nationwide acclaim. He closed it last year, right after winning a James Beard Award for Best... >>>

Meet the 10 Finalists for PEOPLE's Sexiest Chef Alive 2018!

Wednesday  23:23,   17 october 2018

These chefs have it all: good looks, accolades, hearts of gold, and, of course, serious skills in the... >>>

Here Are the Top Late-Night Restaurants in 7 Major Cities, According to Lyft

Wednesday  22:50,   17 october 2018

The rideshare service shares where hungry passengers are headed after 11 p.m. in seven major... >>>

How to Deep Fry a Turkey in Six Steps

Wednesday  21:40,   17 october 2018

Our step-by-step instructions guarantee a juicy, flavor-packed bird in less than two... >>>

29 Chefs on How to Improve Your Sad Office Lunch

Wednesday  21:40,   17 october 2018

 Lunch Ideas That Are Actually... >>>

A 5-Minute Party Starter Even Speedier Than Artichoke Dip

Wednesday  21:30,   17 october 2018

What can you do with just five minutes? Actually, way more than you think! Introducing Food52 in 5: your cheat sheet for speedy, delicious recipes, fun mini projects, and more. When I’m on the hunt for a party snack, I look for a couple of things:... >>>

Should You Keep—Or Toss—Those Older Spices in Your Pantry?

Wednesday  20:45,   17 october 2018

Plus, expert advice for improving the longevity of your... >>>

Why Barefoot Contessa's Ina Garten Doesn't Drink While She Cooks

Wednesday  20:45,   17 october 2018

She'd rather just listen to Taylor... >>>

Singing IHOP Syrup Bottles Have Taken the Internet by Storm

Wednesday  19:20,   17 october 2018

Videos of the lip-syncing bottles are going... >>>

How to Make a Box Cake Taste Homemade

Wednesday  18:10,   17 october 2018

While nothing beats a homemade from-scratch cake, sometimes time is simply not on your... >>>

This Sweet Potato Cobbler Is the Thanksgiving Dessert You Didn't Know You Were Waiting For

Wednesday  18:10,   17 october 2018

In North Carolina they call it a sonker. You can just call it a... >>>

Is Soaking Dried Beans Overnight Really Necessary?

Wednesday  17:31,   17 october 2018

That's a long time to wait if you need your bean fix now. But you've got... >>>

This Is What Costco’s Kirkland Line Was Almost Called

Wednesday  14:33,   17 october 2018

Hint: It was almost named after a major... >>>

Arby's has a new menu item — and the internet is quacking up about it

Wednesday  14:33,   17 october 2018

It's really ruffling people's... >>>

Ina Garten Says This Is Her Favorite Recipe She's Ever Written

Wednesday  12:55,   17 october 2018

You'll be surprised to learn that Ina Garten's favorite recipe from all 11 of her cookbooks is this fruity... >>>