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Surprising Side Effects of Eating Oatmeal, Say Dietitians

Sunday  16:51,   17 april 2022

Is oatmeal really that healthy of a breakfast? We asked the... >>>

I Hate Instant Coffee, but This Innovative Melt-to-Make Brew Is Shockingly Delicious

Sunday  16:51,   17 april 2022

It’s the first flash frozen coffee.I've always hated instant coffee. No matter how many times I tried it, it tasted the same: bland, watery, and—more often than not—slightly burnt. Then Cometeer offered to send me a sample of the first melt-to-make... >>>

What restaurants are open Easter 2022? Starbucks, McDonald's, IHOP, Denny's, Dunkin' and more

Sunday  15:05,   17 april 2022

National chains including Starbucks, McDonald's and Dunkin' will be open Easter Sunday along with Waffle House. But it's best to call and confirm.Unlike Christmas, when numerous major chains are closed, more restaurants will be open... >>>

You Can Now Order Girl Scout Cookies on DoorDash, Plus Other Ways to Get Your Cookie Fix

Sunday  15:00,   17 april 2022

Don't know a Girl Scout? Here are all the ways you can get your cookies this year.Girl Scout cookie season is officially upon us, which means it's time to replenish your stock of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and more. In past years, you had to know a... >>>

Grocery stores struggle with empty shelves from food supply shortages

Sunday  12:00,   17 april 2022

Shortages at grocery stores have grown recently as the omicron variant and severe weather have piled on to supply chain struggles and labor... >>>

17 of the most useful work-from-home office accessories, according to professional product reviewers

Sunday  12:00,   17 april 2022

These are the desk accessories professional product reviewers swear by to say focused and comfortable, including a wireless charger and seat... >>>

Celebs snapping up boozy brands left and right

Sunday  12:00,   17 april 2022

Ever wish you could get your name on (or just sell) a brand of booze ? Some celebrities have achieved that goal with their own distilleries, wineries, and breweries. Here are some star-studded booze... >>>

The FDA Is No Longer Regulating What, Exactly, French Dressing Should Be

Sunday  12:00,   17 april 2022

The federal agency is removing an outdated standard that's been on the books for 72 years.When Thursday's issue of the Federal Register is published, it will include a notice from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which isn't completely out >>>

The Chardonnay That Will Convince Chardonnay Haters

Sunday  12:00,   17 april 2022

I can’t remember the first time I tried Chardonnay, which I’m sure is due, in part, to the fact that it was so bad I blocked the tasting experience from my memory. Chardonnay is one of the white wine varietals that’s pretty ubiquitous. It’s... >>>

The 7 Best Iced Tea Makers For When You Want The Perfect Brew

Sunday  11:55,   17 april 2022

For when sweet tea is on your... >>>

Why this porcelain mug is my favorite coffee cup

Sunday  11:15,   17 april 2022

Our coffee cups are the unsung heroes of every morning. The Hasami Porcelain Mug is sleek-looking, easy to clean and cohesive as a part of a larger collection.Your morning routine might involve throwing on running shoes and putting a mile on the... >>>

The Best Household Cleaning Products, According to Editors Who Swear by Them

Sunday  11:15,   17 april 2022

A new year calls for new supplies.We're willing to bet that the cabinets underneath your kitchen sink are filled with household cleaning supplies, but when was the last time you took stock of all the sprays, sponges, and cleaners down... >>>

20 of the biggest product recalls of all time

Sunday  11:11,   17 april 2022

There are a few things that can go wrong any time you purchase a product. It may not work as intended, it may be broken or spoiled in some way, or it may simply not meet your expectations. However, when this happens to thousands of people a company... >>>

Set-it-and-forget-it slow cooker dinners for easy winter nights

Sunday  11:10,   17 april 2022

If you're multitasking at home, Crock-Pot cooking can help save money and time. Liberate yourself from the stove with dishes made of cheap, simple ingredients that don't require hours of... >>>

Does Olive Oil Go Bad?

Sunday  11:10,   17 april 2022

Does olive oil go bad? In short, yes. The post Does Olive Oil Go Bad? appeared first on Taste of Home. >>>