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What the Royal Family Eats on Christmas Day, According to Their Personal Chef

Friday  02:50,   06 december 2019

The royal family sticks with the same Christmas meal, year after year after year, according to former royal chef Darren McGrady. Here's what's on the menu.  According to McGrady, a lot,Marie Claire UK reports. The day begins with a >>>

70 Christmas Desserts That Will Have Your Guests Coming Back For Seconds (and Thirds)

Friday  01:46,   06 december 2019

Every Christmas dinner absolutely needs a delicious dessert to complete it,... >>>

Editors' Picks: 14 Winter Recipes We're Excited to Cook This Season

Friday  01:45,   06 december 2019

Fancy clam dip is a holiday party masterpiece.Some editors love a classic, bubbling cheesy pasta bake; others make satisfying meals out of loaded dip, potato chips, and crackers. We’ve included 14 of our favorite dishes to carry you through to... >>>

Spiced Palmiers

Friday  01:15,   06 december 2019

If there’s a time to go all out on a baking project, it’s the holidays. Case in point: These fancy-but-worth-it spiced... >>>

These Christmas Dinners For Two Are Perfect For A Romantic Holiday

Friday  01:00,   06 december 2019

Three's a crowd, two's a... >>>

40 Recipes That Use Rum Extract—A Secret Weapon Ingredient

Friday  01:00,   06 december 2019

Rum extract is the secret ingredient behind lots of our favorite treats like bananas foster, eggnog and even tiramisu. Find out how you can use rum extract at home. The post 40 Recipes That Use Rum Extract appeared first on Taste of... >>>

The 30 biggest food trends of the last decade

Friday  01:00,   06 december 2019

There have been countless trends and fads that have defined the 2010s, including avocado toast, sustainable cooking, and gluten-free... >>>

You'll Want These Santa Hat Jell-O Shots Instead Of Milk And Cookies This Year

Friday  01:00,   06 december 2019

It's always shoot your shot... >>>

Wendy's Is Offering $1 Baconators, And Getting One Is Super Easy

Friday  01:00,   06 december 2019

The easiest thing you'll do all week.Starting now, when you buy one Baconator you can get the second one for $1 when you place a mobile order. That's double the burgers for only one more dollar. I bet you can find a dollar's worth of change in... >>>

Disney Is Officially Opening A Ride Based On "Ratatouille" And We Hope There’s Cheese Involved

Friday  00:26,   06 december 2019

Anyone can cookand have their own ride!Before you @ me, you should know there HAS been a Ratatouille ride in Disneyland Paris for some time now, but this announcement marks the first time Chef Remy the rat will get his own ride in the ole U.S. of... >>>

The Best Coffee Grinders for All Kinds of Coffee Drinkers

Thursday  23:55,   05 december 2019

We tested 10 burr grinders under $250 to find one that yielded the most consistent results, no matter your coffee preference. There's a world in which every cup of coffee is a thing of craftsmanship: the freshly roasted beans counted out by the... >>>

34 Tequila Cocktails More Exciting Than A Basic Margarita

Thursday  23:45,   05 december 2019

If lime and triple sec are your only tequila sidekicks, you're missing... >>>

TGI Fridays Has 3 New $5 Holiday Cocktails, Including One Topped With Snowflake Sprinkles

Thursday  23:45,   05 december 2019

I'll be home for Christmas (cocktails).First up is the Delish Mistletoe Margarita which features Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila mixed with triple sec and cranberry juice, all served in a frost-rimmed... >>>

All Mariah Carey Wants for Christmas Is to Cook for Three Days Straight

Thursday  23:30,   05 december 2019

In a new interview with GQ, Mariah Carey confessed that she cooks nonstop throughout Christmas—and also wants to release a Christmas-themed cookbook.Carey's classic hit, "All I Want for Christmas is You," has topped the Billboard charts more than... >>>

Ballast Point, Once Sold for $1 Billion, Offloaded to Tiny New Brewery in Wild Deal

Thursday  23:30,   05 december 2019

Kings & Convicts, a small brewery in a Chicago suburb, is now at the helm of one of the country’s most recognized beer brands. It’s a head-turning sale that reverses one of the craft beer world’s most famous acquisitions — and it could challenge >>>