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Where Did Chinese Fortune Cookies Come From?

Wednesday  12:40,   20 march 2019

While eating Chinese food have you thought, where did fortune cookies come from? Here's the history of the fortune cookie, and its mysterious origin... >>>

8 Healthy Travel-Friendly Snacks that Will Help With the Airplane Munchies

Wednesday  11:40,   20 march 2019

Bon Voyage! Or should I say, Bon... >>>

11 Genius Ways to Cook Better Eggs

Wednesday  10:15,   20 march 2019

With Genius Recipes correspondent Kristen off for a few months trying to raise a genius newborn, we’re revisiting the column’s Greatest Hits with brand-new videos—and hearing from a few special surprise guests. Wish her luck! (And keep sending those >>>

McDonald’s Tests Vegan McNuggets in Norway

Wednesday  08:50,   20 march 2019

The best part? They’re made with mashed... >>>

5 Reasons Why the Breading Keeps Falling Off Your Chicken

Wednesday  06:15,   20 march 2019

These secrets will keep that breading right where you want it: on the... >>>

This Almond Cheesecake Is Our Most Popular Dessert Ever

Wednesday  02:45,   20 march 2019

There are thousands—and thousands—of dessert recipes on our site. What is it about this cheesecake that makes it so popular? We... >>>

The Internet Is Buzzing About The Squash Casserole From Queer Eye — Here's How To Make It

Tuesday  23:50,   19 march 2019

Queer Eye season 3 was full of food moments that made our stomachs growl in-between sobbing fits. We saw the Fab Five and their heroes eat rabbit pie, elevated instant ramen, and plenty of barbecue sauce. But, among all the delicious dishes that... >>>

'If It Touches Wood, It's a Whiskey': How PBR Made Its First-Ever Spirit

Tuesday  23:50,   19 march 2019

Pabst outwitted the government's liquor laws to create a whiskey that's literally "aged five... >>>

9 surprising facts about The Cheesecake Factory

Tuesday  23:05,   19 march 2019

Did you know that the chain's famous brown bread actually has a special... >>>

IKEA Is Hosting An All-You-Can-Eat Easter Buffet This Year For Only $13

Tuesday  22:35,   19 march 2019

One Swedish meatball for you, the rest for... >>>

Questlove Launches Vegetarian Cheesesteak with Impossible Foods

Tuesday  21:45,   19 march 2019

The sandwich is coming to 40 Live Nation venues across the country, plus Citizens Bank Park in... >>>

This 2-Ingredient Chocolate–Peanut Butter Mousse Is Nothing Short of Magical

Tuesday  21:25,   19 march 2019

If I say mousse, you probably imagine something fluffy and airy and, above all else, creamy. But this chocolate–peanut butter mousse, though fluffy and airy, doesn’t have any cream. In fact, it only has chocolate and peanut butter. Oh, and water.... >>>

Waze Is Watching You and It Knows You Want McRibs

Tuesday  21:00,   19 march 2019

Google isn’t just monitoring what you do online; it’s watching you while you’re in your car, too Welcome to the future, where apps can show you an ad for a burger, then lead you straight to it. Crowdsourced GPS app Waze, which was acquired by Google >>>

What Happens When a Restaurant’s Toxic Culture Reaches Customers?

Tuesday  20:40,   19 march 2019

Diners who experience inappropriate comments are often left with little recourse. The deli had delicious sandwiches. The kind of food you crave suddenly and without warning, the kind that makes you wish you lived close enough to eat it every day.... >>>

How I Came to Love the Korean Food I Grew Up Resenting

Tuesday  19:50,   19 march 2019

To really understand what jjigae meant to me, first I had to reject... >>>