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tracking chips for BBL professionals a "worst case backup"

Saturday  22:56,   06 june 2020

© provided by AFP tracking chips should provide more security The use of tracking chips to record the movements of the players in the final tournament of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL ) should be an additional safety net. "We built this technology >>>

Seniors vulnerable amid coronavirus

Saturday  22:02,   06 june 2020

Older adults and persons with underlying health conditions are more susceptible to... >>>

Coronavirus outbreaks climb at U.S. meatpacking plants despite protections, Trump order

Saturday  20:56,   06 june 2020

The meatpacking industry ramped up production, scaled back closures and tried to return to normal even as outbreaks at plants continue to soar.Trump’s April 28th executive order followed the industry’s dire warnings of meat shortages and invoked the >>>

This 100-year-old doughnut recipe dates back to World War I

Saturday  19:51,   06 june 2020

Who knew eating doughnuts could be so patriotic?But before you run out to your nearest Krispy Kreme to grab a dozen – or two – glazed originals, you might want to instead turn to somewhere a little closer to home for your doughnut fix. Specifically, >>>

I tried 3 celebrity chefs' garlic bread recipes, and the best one has hot sauce in it

Saturday  19:01,   06 june 2020

The writer followed Ina Garten, Guy Fieri, and Rachael Ray's garlic bread recipes, and her favorite one packed a little bit of... >>>

Quick recipe: We love fortune cake

Saturday  17:25,   06 june 2020

If you fancy a quick and juicy cake, you've come to the right place. The fortune cake is ready in just 15 minutes © istockphoto We love this light recipe istockphoto This juicy and quickly prepared cake is a real poem! With its combination of... >>>

This Beloved Restaurant Chain Secretly Shuttered 150 Locations

Saturday  17:00,   06 june 2020

Without a word, this classic American restaurant chain shuttered around 30 percent of its total locations. There's no saying how long the rest will survive.Dozens of beloved restaurant chains have collectively closed more than 600 locations,... >>>

10 easy dishes Michelin-star chefs like to cook at home when they're not at work

Saturday  15:05,   06 june 2020

From hearty soups and simple omelettes to sage gnocchi and homemade sushi, here's what Michelin-starred chefs whip up in their own... >>>

France: a tasting of early Bordeaux wines reinvented at the time of the Covid-19

Saturday  13:55,   06 june 2020

© GEORGES GOBET / AFP For the first time, the house of Margaux wine (Médoc) has its wines tasted, from the great classified growths 1855 to micro -cuvées. In the intimacy of renowned castles in the south-west of France or in a large hotel to taste... >>>

McDonald’s, Starbucks and more pledge big donations to combat systemic racism

Saturday  13:07,   06 june 2020

Corporations are promising big donations and starting education funds for black youth.These statements, issued in press releases and across social media, varied in tone, but culminated in similar messages about supporting black... >>>

Heinz Schenk: This is how his legacy lives on

Saturday  10:30,   06 june 2020

© Provided by WUNDERWEIB Heinz Schenk: The eventful life of the entertainer Heinz Schenk made the TV show "Zum blau Bock" the most popular television restaurant of all time. And even after his death, he ensures that the laughter doesn't stop. As a... >>>

TV chef tests: The blind test: Which grill sauce tastes best?

Saturday  10:25,   06 june 2020

© Getty Images / puhhha The right sauce is the icing on the cake when grilling, the wrong sauce spoils the taste. Just in time for the barbecue season, the sauces pile up on the supermarket shelves. But how do they taste? We asked TV chef Alexander >>>

Uber Eats Is Waiving Delivery Fees To Black-Owned Restaurants Through The End Of The Year

Saturday  09:00,   06 june 2020

Uber’s CEO is calling out police violence and systemic racism.Now, when you open the app in a major city, you will see a prompt to "support black-owned restaurants." That will lead you to a list of restaurants you can order from through the app... >>>

The Worst Thing You Can Wear to the Grocery Store Right Now

Saturday  08:00,   06 june 2020

Health experts warn of the potential risks of wearing this item, since doing so may cause you to touch your face (when you definitely shouldn't).That's right, wearing shades indoors is not just a fashion faux pas. It also could create... >>>

How to Store Avocados, the Most Fickle of All the Fruits

Saturday  06:01,   06 june 2020

Avocado makes everything taste better, which is why it’s so frustrating that our favorite fruit goes from an underripe and flavorless rock to an overripe ball of mush so fast. Luckily, if you know how to store avocados properly, that problem will be >>>