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Kate Middleton says she prefers bacon to pepperoni on pizza because it's less spicy, and people are in shock

Saturday  20:31,   19 january 2019

While making pizzas with some north London children, the Duchess of Cambridge recommended bacon because "it's like having pepperoni but not as... >>>

Peeps cereal serves up a super-sweet Easter breakfast

Saturday  15:55,   19 january 2019

What to have for Easter breakfast? How about a bowl of Peeps cereal, inspired by the iconic Marshmallow Peeps and... >>>

11 Secrets of Restaurant Servers

Friday  23:50,   18 january 2019

They hate it when you don't know what you want. The simplest way to get on your server’s good side is to know exactly what you want when you tell them you're ready to order. That means not wasting their time stalling as you speed-read the menu. If... >>>

We tried all six of Panera Bread's soups to see which was best, and the winner might surprise you

Friday  23:00,   18 january 2019

I trekked to the Panera Bread in Union Square, New York City, to try six different soups and rank them. And the winner might not be what you... >>>

The Internet Has a 10-Second Garlic Peeling Hack—but Does It Work?

Friday  22:05,   18 january 2019

It's been something of an urban legend for years—just search "garlic peeling hack" on YouTube to see what I mean. But I personally only discovered it recently when I was up to my elbows (literally) in recipe development for this Spaghetti Aglio e... >>>

How to Make Your Pies Look Like They Came From a Pastry Shop

Friday  21:42,   18 january 2019

I'm gonna let you in on a pie... >>>

José Andrés Plans to Open Kitchens Around the U.S. to Feed Furloughed Workers

Friday  20:25,   18 january 2019

At the Cayman Cookout, the humanitarian-chef opened up about World Central Kitchen and why he feeds "people of all... >>>

Beer Festivals Only Get Better with Girl Scout Cookies

Friday  19:10,   18 january 2019

As many as 700 people are set to converge on a 10-brewery beer and cookie event in... >>>

This NYC celebrity hotspot has banned women from its bar for the craziest reason

Friday  18:36,   18 january 2019

A high-end Italian restaurant in New York where Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker frequently dine has reportedly banned unaccompanied women from eating at the bar. The new rule came to light as creative executive Clementine Crawford, who has... >>>

This Reese's peanut butter cup bouquet is all we want for Valentine's Day

Friday  18:36,   18 january 2019

Bouquets of roses and other flowers and boxes of candy are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, sure. But what about mixing it... >>>

This Smoky Chorizo Stew Will Make You Actually Excited for Leftovers (for an Entire Week)

Friday  18:18,   18 january 2019

It’s the 45-minute dish that just keeps on... >>>

Here Are America's Favorite Casual Dining Restaurants

Friday  17:56,   18 january 2019

An Italian chain tops the list, and new names lead the pizza and breakfast... >>>

This Easy Trick Will Change the Way You Store Peanut Butter

Friday  11:05,   18 january 2019

Your days of stirring are officially... >>>

Weekly Meal Plan: Freezer Chicken, Grilled Cheese, and Two Soups

Friday  03:20,   18 january 2019

Your rimmed sheet pans get a workout, and you get a... >>>