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I tried 10 fast-food strawberry milkshakes — and was surprised by which one was my favorite

Thursday  02:30,   20 september 2018

I'm a big fan of strawberries so I made it my mission to try all the fast-food strawberry milkshakes. Here are my thoughts on the 10 milkshakes I...[...]

The Secret to Great Bacon Is a Cold Pan

Thursday  01:51,   20 september 2018

Crisp bacon and its byproduct, bacon grease, are both very good, and when cooking the strips of fatty pork, you want to make sure you maximize your potential for both. The best way to do this is to start cooking bacon in a cold pan. Though I...[...]

How To Cut Cabbage The Right Way

Thursday  01:25,   20 september 2018

Stress no more, there's an easy way to cut these bad boys with minimal mess.See that stem? Cut right through the middle of it. Halving the cabbage makes it much more manageable to work with. PLUS it gives you access to the inside of the stem...[...]

You're Doing It Wrong: Pro Reveals 2 Ways You Might Be Messing Up Your Burgers

Thursday  01:25,   20 september 2018

"Hamburger America" author George Motz on how to fix common burger fails + his fave burgers in NYCHere are some burger crimes you might be committing—and what to do about...[...]

A Maine Restaurant Wants to Kill Lobsters Humanely by Getting Them Stoned

Thursday  00:25,   20 september 2018

Marijuana could be the key to tastier shellfish that dies happier. Want humanely killed lobster? Order it baked. Well, it’s actually steamed, and the thoughtful restaurant serving this crustacean advertises it as stoned. To the point: Charlotte’s...[...]

Learn the restaurant-approved method for spot-free glassware

Thursday  00:25,   20 september 2018

Learn the restaurant-approved method for spot-free glasswareI spent hours at the end of each night in a cramped, closet-size room off the hot kitchen polishing wine glasses until my wrists were sore and my fingers were raw from the...[...]

Ketchup was originally made with fish

Wednesday  22:55,   19 september 2018

And later iterations included everything from carrots to bananas.Though we closely associate tomatoes with ketchup today - at least here in the U.S. - the condiment's immediate ancestor is most likely the 16th century homemade fish sauce popularized [...]

The Most Authentic Way to Make Carbonara, According to an Italian Chef

Wednesday  21:25,   19 september 2018

It's Italy Week! All week long, we're celebrating everything Italian and Italy-inspired: recipes, stories, and travel tips. It's Italy Week! All week long, we're celebrating everything Italian and Italy-inspired: recipes, stories, and...[...]

Instant Pot Just Launched a Blender That Can Cook

Wednesday  21:05,   19 september 2018

The new Instant Pot Ace blender can cook food as it blends, and has eight other modes for blending food, including alternative nut milks.Instant Pot has launched a blender of their own, which has the ability to cook the food inside the blender's...[...]

The 15 Soups & Stews We’re Pulling Out for Sweater Weather

Wednesday  21:05,   19 september 2018

The 15 Soups & Stews We’re Pulling Out for Sweater WeatherBut one day, sooner than later, the breeze will get nippy. The trees will burn orange and red before carpeting dormant grass. The days will get shorter, and instead of spending time outdoors, [...]

This Pizza Hut Deal Will Get You Pepperoni Pizza for $1

Wednesday  21:05,   19 september 2018

National Pepperoni Pizza Day Pizza Hut Deal 2018: How to Get $1...[...]

The most remote fine dining experience in the world?

Wednesday  19:55,   19 september 2018

Koks, a Michelin-starred restaurant in a remote corner of the Faroe Islands, offers foodies a peculiar 17-course tasting menu well off the beaten path."Restaurant Koks is located in a valley, far from the main road. it's very harsh and wild nature...[...]

My 1 Contribution to Parties Is This Cheap Trader Joe's Staple

Wednesday  19:10,   19 september 2018

You know how it's scientifically proven that you can't go to Target without buying at least three things that weren't on your list?Not only is this the snack that I buy for myself on a regular basis, but it's also usually my sole...[...]

Are Shake Shack’s New Chicken Nuggets Any Good?

Wednesday  18:06,   19 september 2018

A very important taste...[...]

Inside the secret brewery Guinness kept locked up for a century

Wednesday  16:55,   19 september 2018

Like Willy Wonka’s factory, Open Gate Brewery remained under lock and key, but that all changed in 2015, when it opened to the public.With minimal signage, limited hours and pre-purchased tickets required for admission, Open Gate is a haven for...[...]