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Looking Forward: Experts Share the Most Exciting New Whiskey Releases of 2023

  Looking Forward: Experts Share the Most Exciting New Whiskey Releases of 2023 Looking Forward: Experts Share the Most Exciting New Whiskey Releases of 2023 1. Barrell Bourbon New Year 2023 “When it comes to whiskey—American whiskey, in particular—I’m always excited with whatever Barrell Craft Spirits is releasing. They’re really pushing the boundaries in terms of blending and maturation in the bourbon world, in particular. Their seasonal batch releases—’New Years’—are always exciting. Last year’s Batch 32 release was one of the best whiskeys of the year.” — Will Krepop, beverage director at Wiggle Room in New York City, NY [barrellbourbon.com] Learn More 2.

Recently my Grandma Patty turned 98 years old. She had a party to celebrate her big day and feasted on angel food cake, soup and breadsticks. She was, and I quote, “tickled” by the whole day and the great party turnout. She kept saying to our family, “Can you believe I am 98 years old?!”

Nope Grandma, we don’t.

My grandma is almost an entire century old, but she still gets dressed up like she’s headed to church, is mindful of what she eats and avoids sugary sweets, gets her hair done once a week and still gets as giddy as a five-year-old when she sees a present headed her way.

As far as gift-giving goes, buying gifts for Grandma Patty can be tricky. There’s nothing she needs per se, yet there are things she would like to have, but space is a bit limited in her downsized living space.

Blended Bourbon Gets a Bad Rap, But This Brooklyn Distiller Wants to Change That

  Blended Bourbon Gets a Bad Rap, But This Brooklyn Distiller Wants to Change That Kings County Distillery launches its first blended bourbon. By law, blended bourbon only needs to contain 51 percent bourbon, and the rest can kind of be whatever you want. While the aforementioned Barrell chooses to blend straight bourbons for most of its whiskeys, Kings County has gone a different route, combining pot-distilled straight bourbon aged for 2 years and 3 to 4 years, 2-year-old straight corn whiskey, 3 to 4-year-old straight rye whiskey and 2-year-old straight malt whiskey. The makeup of future batches will likely vary.

When it comes to holiday gifts for seniors it’s all about finding the right balance, according to Debbie Elson, LPN, and a long-term care nurse of 37 years.

“Seniors want practical and fun gifts,” said Elson. “They would like things they actually need and will actually use.”

They appreciate creature comforts such as lotions, soaps, perfumes, nail care, comfortable shoes, small candies in a dish and small plants for their window sills, shared Elson.

Seniors would prefer not to receive overly extravagant or pricey gifts, she adds. They are also not huge fans of one of the most common and stocking stuffer-y gifts of them all: gift cards. “Absolutely, no gift cards!” said Elson.

Something seniors do have plenty of room in their homes and in their hearts is a nice surprise from their families. Seniors love a little touch of the unexpected and love it when their families go the extra mile during the holidays. Elson has seen some of the families of her seniors unveil holiday gifts with a pop-up card, with a visit from Santa, a drop-by from the family pet or with a surprise visit from older grandchildren and/or great grandchildren.

The retro car accessories we miss

  The retro car accessories we miss We take a trip down memory lane with some of the retro kitsch and cool car accessories of the past

Another fun and special touch to help roll in the holiday season for your seniors is to bring the holiday spirit right to their very door, shared Elson. “Bring the supplies to decorate their room or home for holidays,” she suggests.

Lastly, and certainly not least, when it comes to seniors and gifts, don’t just assume you know what your senior wants. At the retirement community where Elson works, seniors are already busy writing their lists, checking them twice and comparing them next to the Target holiday circular.

While my Grandma Patty used to scour the JCPenney catalog every holiday season, she’s hip with the times now, and we are currently in the process of helping her cultivate her ideal Amazon wish list. (Prime gifts only, of course.)

As the experts and my Grandma Patty tell us, gifts with a bit of feeling, a little thought and a heap of practicality will always hit the right note when it comes to the folks who believe that growing older is inevitable, but growing up is optional.

Of The Most Popular Shoes Under $40 On Amazon, These Are Worth The Hype

  Of The Most Popular Shoes Under $40 On Amazon, These Are Worth The Hype I promise, this list is the easiest way to those trendy shoes you want — but don’t have time to search for. These Quilted Sneakers With Extra-Comfy Padding On The Heel STQ Slip-On SneakersAmazon © Provided by Bustle Not only do these slip-on sneakers have classic padding in the sole, but they even have memory foam padding on the heel, which helps to prevent blisters. There’s also built-in elastic on each side that’s barely noticeable, but it seriously adds to how comfy and flexible they are.

Here is a roundup of great holiday gifts for seniors that are expertly suggested and Grandma Patty-approved.

Gift ideas for senior women and senior men

GrandPad Tablet for Seniors

Accessibility Enabled Tablet

GrandPad Tablet for Seniors (Amazon / Amazon) © Amazon GrandPad Tablet for Seniors (Amazon / Amazon)

Accessibility Enabled Tablet $ at Amazon

This simple yet savvy gadget was designed with seniors in mind and is one of my grandma’s very favorite connectivity tools. With easy-to-use apps, a private family network and built-in 4G, the GrandPad makes it simple for seniors to scroll, shop, search and just say hello.

Aura Frame

Smart Photo Frame

  11 gift ideas for seniors that they'll love — plus the one thing not to buy them

Smart Photo Frame $ at Aura Frames

I shared this gift with my son’s grandma just last year and she loved it. Through the magic of technology, I am able to beam photos straight to my mom’s frame. She doesn’t miss a moment thanks to this no-fuss digital picture frame.

Crosley Scout Turntable

Scout Turntable

Crosley Scout Turntable (Crosley / Crosley) © Crosley Crosley Scout Turntable (Crosley / Crosley)

Scout Turntable $ at Crosley

Whether it’s big band jazz, that old Prince album or that worn-out vinyl of the Carpenters’ Christmas album, this thoughtful gift will bring back the memories and dole out sweet sounds. This record player sports a vintage look and features full-sized stereo output, but in a sleek minimalist package. The record player can accommodate three speeds and includes Bluetooth tooth capability.

Remember These Dishes From The Decade You Were Born?

  Remember These Dishes From The Decade You Were Born? Find out what dish everyone was ordering the decade you were born.

Sunday Citizen Snug Ribbed Bed Blanket

Snug Ribbed Blanket

Snug Ribbed Blanket $ at Sunday Citizen

Keep your seniors snug as a bug with Sunday Citizen’s Ribbed Bed Blanket. It doubles as the perfect bedtime snuggling blanket and a cuddly couch lap blankie. It’s breathable, light and soft as a cloud, making it ideal for year-round snoozing. As a thoughtful bonus, this blanket is hypoallergenic and machine-washable.

Keurig K-Express Essentials Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker (Walmart / Walmart) © Walmart Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker (Walmart / Walmart)

Single Serve Coffee Maker $ at Walmart

For the coffee lover who doesn’t want to brew an entire pot, the Keurig K-Express Single Serve Coffee Maker hits the spot. It occupies minimal counter space and offers the flexibility to brew up your senior’s favorite K-cup beverage or a cup from their favorite grounds. If you are also on the hunt for some thoughtful K-cups to go with this coffee maker, take a look at the Keurig 24 Cups of Cheer K-Cup Pod Advent Calendar.

LectroFan Evo Sound Machine

LectroFan EVO

Sound of Sleep LectroFan EVO (Sound of Sleep / Sound of Sleep) © Sound of Sleep Sound of Sleep LectroFan EVO (Sound of Sleep / Sound of Sleep)

LectroFan EVO $ at Sound of Sleep

Whether in the comfort of their own home or on the road for holiday travel, this sound machine/speaker is a great gift for the senior in your life. It features two ocean sounds and 20 fan sounds to promote a more restful sleep.

The Best New Bourbons Released In 2022

  The Best New Bourbons Released In 2022 If you're wondering which new bourbons are worth seeking out, you're in luck: We're here to discuss some of the best new bourbons released in 2022. Angel's Envy Cask Strength 2022 © Angel's Envy Angel's Envy bottle on green Since a liquor can only be categorized as bourbon if it follows precise guidelines, there's very little flexibility when it comes to the whiskey's production. But while bourbon must be aged in new (pre-charred) barrels, not all distilleries immediately bottle their bourbon upon removing it from the barrel.

Vineyard Vines Break Stripe Sherpa SuperShep

Stripe Sherpa Sweatshirt

Vineyard Vines Super Shep Sweatshirt (Vineyard Vines / Vineyard Vines) © Vineyard Vines Vineyard Vines Super Shep Sweatshirt (Vineyard Vines / Vineyard Vines)

Stripe Sherpa Sweatshirt $ at Vineyard Vines

Keep your senior warm and stylish in this super cozy sherpa from Vineyard Vines. This quarter-zip features a stand-up collar and is fully lined with a moisture-wicking antimicrobial mesh.

Inexpensive gifts for seniors

Pukka 2022 Tea Advent Calendar

24 Tea Bags For The Christmas Countdown

Pukka Tea Advent Calendar 2022 (Amazon / Amazon) © Amazon Pukka Tea Advent Calendar 2022 (Amazon / Amazon)

24 Tea Bags For The Christmas Countdown $ at Amazon

My grandma loves tea and loves Advent calendars even more. Finally, there’s one that speaks her language! Your senior will enjoy 24 new and delicious organic teas each day of the holiday season.

National Parks Coloring Book

National Parks Coloring Book

  11 gift ideas for seniors that they'll love — plus the one thing not to buy them

National Parks Coloring Book $ at REI

Never liked the look of Yellowstone or always thought Yosemite could use a bit more color? Let your seniors re-envision the look and palette of their favorite national park with this fun and creative coloring book. It features 32 landscapes found in some of North America’s most gorgeous open spaces.

Kalawen Weather Station

Digital Weather Forecast Station

Weather Station Wireless Thermometer (Amazon / Amazon) © Amazon Weather Station Wireless Thermometer (Amazon / Amazon)

Digital Weather Forecast Station $ at Amazon

Rain gauges are great, unless you live next door to someone like my Grandpa Gene, who used to pour extra water in them to be funny. Well good luck out-foxing this weather station, Grandpa! This wireless indoor/outdoor device features 10 different weather functions such as forecast, moon phase, outdoor/indoor temperature, humidity and barometer. (Look out Jim Cantore, you are about to have some weather predicting competition on your hands.)

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