Food Southerners Know the Secret Behind the Publix Sub

18:57  12 january  2018
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Southerners Know the Secret Behind the Publix Sub .

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You guys, we need to talk about something, and that something is a sandwich.

Publix subs (hereafter referred to as “Pub Subs”) are no secret. They are, famously, enormous Southern-favorite sub sandwiches—but they’re so much more than that. The Pub Sub’s calling cards include thick loaves of fresh bread piled high with meats and veggies, all of which you can order up at your local Publix deli.

Visit the Publix website, and you’re regaled with photo after photo of delicious submarine sandwiches. Visit your local Publix, and the smell of baking bread will lure you to the deli counter at which you can build your own Pub Sub. Hot or cold with breads, meats, cheeses, sauces, and toppings galore—it’s a veritable choose-your-own-lunchtime-adventure story.

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And that’s the secret. Most everyone can appreciate a sandwich, but when that sandwich is always fresh, fast, and made just to your tastes? It’s irresistible. While there are several suggested combinations on the website and posted in the store, Southerners know that the key to the ideal Pub Sub is to let their imaginations—and their taste buds—run wild.

Standing there at the counter, you can really check in with yourself. What do I want today? Wheat, white, grainy, or cheesy bread? Chicken tenders, turkey, or ham? (#teamchickentenders) Am I feeling jalapeños for lunch? What about banana peppers? Buffalo sauce? What is my heat quotient? Should I get a foot long and halve it for dinner later? (The answer to that last question is yes, you definitely should.)

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The moments you spend building a Pub Sub are moments in which you can cater to your tastes and yours alone. Sure, ordering one means that you’re nourishing yourself, but you’re treating yourself too. And who doesn’t want that?

We Southerners appreciate Pub Subs for their customizability, their freshness, and their tendency to save the day when hunger is high and the clock is ticking. Whether it’s grabbing lunch while grocery shopping on a Saturday or running in for a quick sub during the workday, there are few situations a Pub Sub can’t improve, and that’s just one of many reasons we love it. (You can even order them online. Ok, there’s another.)

What’s your ideal Pub Sub combination? Let us know your order and also how the Pub Sub has brightened your day lately.

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