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This is how you can legally bring — and drink — your own booze on a flight

  This is how you can legally bring — and drink — your own booze on a flight There are ways of legally bringing — and drinking — your own booze on a flight, according to frequent flier Gilbert Ott. On his blog God Save the Points, Ott provides the do's and don'ts of making it happen.Unless you're flying first class, chances are you're used to only getting one or two complimentary drinks on a flight — or at least having to pay for alcohol, even if it is just those mini bottles of wine available.

Here's what you should know about New Orleans ' iconic cocktail. However, you may also come across a famous drink called a hurricane . When I first heard of this mysterious cocktail, I just had to know what was in it and how I could get a taste of New Orleans at home.

New Orleans & Beyond. What to Know Before Your Client Goes. International Groups. Indulging in a drink is serious fun in the city that invented the cocktail and was the inspiration for iconic drinks including the Vieux Carre, Sazerac, Ramos gin fizz and the Grasshopper.

I've never personally been to New Orleans, but I've always wanted to go. It's landed itself on my list of must-visit cities due to the city's rich traditions and delicious food. When you think of famous NOLA foods, you may be reminded of gumbo, shrimp creole, or king cake. However, you may also come across a famous drink called a hurricane. When I first heard of this mysterious cocktail, I just had to know what was in it and how I could get a taste of New Orleans at home. If you've also been wondering 'what is a Hurricane drink,' I'm here to help you out.

What is a Hurricane?

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Hurricanes are a signature drink of the New Orleans area (the name came about since the city is particularly prone to these types of tropical storms). These fruity and delicious drinks are typically served in a glass that's a shape of a hurricane lamp. Hurricane cocktails are particularly popular around Mardi Gras.

Southwest Airlines raises drink prices March 1

  Southwest Airlines raises drink prices March 1 Passengers are about to pay $1-$2 more for beer, wine and spirits when flying Southwest Airlines.Starting Thursday, March 1, the nation's largest domestic carrier, whose in-flight drink menu has long bragged about "$5 happy hour, every hour," will charge $1 or $2 more per drink.

No Mardi Gras celebration would be complete without enjoying a classic Hurricane Cocktail in New Orleans .The drink know to most tourists in New Orleans is the Hurricane Cocktail. During celebrations (and celebrations seem to be every night in the New Orleans French quarter)

The iconic hurricane cocktail at Pat O’Briens is missable and I reckon it tastes like medicine, but if you’re forced to go you can order fried gator bites and at Drink a Sazerac from a reputable cocktail bar – it was invented in New Orleans ! Here's everything you need to know about dry aging beef.

The classic recipe for this beverage involves both light and dark rum, orange juice, lime juice, simple syrup, and grenadine. It's usually garnished with a cherry and an orange or lime wedge. However, many bars have developed their own specific blend of juices to make their own unique recipe. You can even buy some of them online!

If you don't have time to jet down to New Orleans and are looking to make some of your own, try this DIY Hurricane cocktail recipe. It's sure to please a crowd and would be easy to put in a punch bowl for your guests to serve themselves. This drink would be especially fitting if you plan on hosting a Mardi Gras party.

The History Behind the Drink

You may be thinking that this fruity, rum-based drink is a recipe borrowed from a Caribbean country. However, this recipe was actually created by Pat O'Briens Bar located in the French Quarter in New Orleans. During World War II, other popular liquors, such as Scotch and whiskey, were difficult to get, but rum was readily available. In order to get just one case of the prized liquors, salesmen forced buyers to also purchase up to 50 cases of rum.

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From the Sazerac to the Hurricane , New Orleans is home to a wildly eclectic selection of iconic drinks . Set on fire table-side or served over hand-cracked ice, the best of these drinks are an art form, crafted by skilled bartenders, served alongside southern lore, politics, and poetics.

into the iconic glasses with the help of multi-pronged guns (the glasses are one of the most coveted souvenirs from New Orleans ; for an extra , you But at Pat O’Brien’s, they raised some eyebrows about selecting the hurricane for “reimagining.” “They pick a drink that’s well known , that, in their

As a result of this surplus, the head bartender decided to whip up a boozy concoction to satisfy customers and simultaneously use up all that rum. They decided to serve it in a hurricane lamp-shaped glass and name it after the storm that typically runs through that region. The recipe was featured in Cabaret magazine in 1956 and took off from there.

This beverage gained so much attention by customers, that it's been widely copied in the New Orleans area. I recommend trying to get the original beverage at Pat O'Briens if you're ever in the region. If you're lucky enough to visit, you can pay a few dollars extra and leave with their specialty glass to keep. Their mixes are also available for sale on their website if you want an authentic experience at home. However, there are many other places in New Orleans that offer their own interpretation of the cocktail such as Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar.

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  No, Coffee and Tea Aren't Actually Dehydrating. Here's Why When you want to quench your thirst, you probably don’t reach for a steaming cup of coffee or tea. But despite what you’ve heard, coffee and caffeinated tea are not dehydrating, experts say. It’s true that caffeine is a mild diuretic, which means that it causes your kidneys to flush extra sodium and water from the body through urine. If you’re peeing frequently, and thus losing lots of liquid, it’s logical to think you could become dehydrated — but it actually doesn’t work that way, explains Dr. Daniel Vigil, an associate clinical professor of family medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles.

New Orleans became an iconic American city in much the same way that both New York and San It is also worth noting that “ hurricane culture” is as much a part of New Orleans as the jazz bars that Music is in the décor, in the names of signature drinks , music is what is missing and strongly felt in

To get with the spirit of the Big Easy there are a few of the best signature cocktails you need to know about to drink like a local. ” The drink he was referencing was the famous Hurricane invited at Pat O’Brien’s Piano Bar in New Orleans .

Whether you buy a mix, make some at home, or are fortunate enough to try the original, we'd love to hear what your first hurricane experience is like. Please reach out to @spoon_bulldogs on Instagram to tell us what you think and send us pictures!

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