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6 tips for a healthier barbecue

  6 tips for a healthier barbecue Barbecue season doesn't have to mean juicy meats with mayo-laden side dishes! There are healthy ways to celebrate outdoor dining. Barbecue season doesn't have to mean juicy meats dripping with sweet, gooey sauce. And outdoor dining doesn't have to equate to overly indulgent lazy Sundays complete with mayo-laden side dishes. There is a whole more to a barbecue —and gasp! — there is actually a healthy way to celebrate warm weather and outside dining.Up your BBQ game with some of this summer's healthy food trends:1. Turn up the heat.

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How to CookGrill/Barbecue. Grill Your Dessert , Never Look Back . Boost your grilling game just in time for summer with some help from our partner Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's new cookbook, How to Grill Everything by Mark Bittman.

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When I hear “grilling,” I can’t help but think of burgers, chicken wings, corn on the cob, and the smell of smoke hanging in the warm, thick evening air. My—and most people’s—idea of a typical grilled meal involves some combination of vegetables and meat. And when summer magazine issues hit the stands, it’s always grilled hot dogs or steaks featured on the cover.

We bought our first serious grill last summer. Before that, we’d cooked over a flimsy little Weber on our tiny apartment terrace, my husband bent uncomfortably down to flip ingredients. A big-time grill is a game changer, and it happily coincided with the summer we planted our first garden. We got adventurous (or so I thought), basing all of our dinners on a loose template of whatever meat looked good at the farm nearby (sweet pork sausages, spicy lamb kofta, or big marbled steaks) plus whatever vegetables we picked from the garden.

Here's The Secret To Grilling Perfect Burgers

  Here's The Secret To Grilling Perfect Burgers Game changer.

2 sweet recipes from Mark Bittman's How to Grill Everything.

Want to make dessert taste even better? Throw it on the grill . We've got grilling ideas for fruits, cakes, and more. Grilled -Banana Splits. Once you grill your bananas, you'll never go back .

Fish Grill Basket (Set of 2) © Provided by Food52 Fish Grill Basket (Set of 2) Fish Grill Basket (Set of 2) a bowl of food on a plate: 7 Things You Never Thought You Could Grill © Provided by Food52 7 Things You Never Thought You Could Grill 7 Things You Never Thought You Could Grill by Kenzi Wilbur a plate of food: 10 Grilling Myths That Must Go Away © Provided by Food52 10 Grilling Myths That Must Go Away 10 Grilling Myths That Must Go Away by meathead Extra Large Grill Spatula © Provided by Food52 Extra Large Grill Spatula Extra Large Grill Spatula

This meant experimenting with the grill. I threw on anything we had: whole heads of romaine and carrots with their tops on, and even whole tomatoes. As it turns out, a little char makes most foods better.

But what I deemed “adventurous grilling” was, in reality, just the tip of the iceberg. Flipping through Mark Bittman’s latest cookbook, How to Grill Everything, reminds us of exactly that: There are no boundaries when it comes to the grill. Treat it as you would your stove or oven, and don’t stick to the usual suspects of summertime picnic foods. Grill everything! Paella, avocados, bread, pizza, steak, and beyond.

The Perfect Way To Grill Chicken

  The Perfect Way To Grill Chicken Never underestimate the power of a marinade.If you're a planner, start marinating your chicken the night before you're gonna grill. If you're lazy (like us!), set aside 20 minutes before you grill for the flavors to start to meld. A good marinade has four components: acid (like lemon juice or balsamic vinegar), one key seasoning (dijon, fresh or dry herbs), fat (olive, sesame, or veg oil), sweetness (we always go for honey when grilling), and last but certainly not least, SALT. Don't skimp or you'll regret it. We love the marinade on this California Grilled Chicken.

Here are five ways we like to use smoked pineapple to turn up our favorite summer dishes: 1. Slice it right up and serve with grilled pork or fish 2. Cut the pineapple into chunks and toss it with salt and lime juice for a smoky fruit salad 3. Muddle it to create the base for a sweet-savory cocktail 4

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My two favorite recipes from the book aren’t standard grilling fare—in fact, they’re not savory in the slightest. Both recipes, one for grilled Strawberries Romanoff and another for grilled Bananas with Chocolate and Crushed Peanut Brittle, come from the very inspiring dessert section of the book. They sound simple, so you might be tempted to overlook them in favor of more exciting options like pound cake or berry cobbler. But you’d be missing out.

Here it is! How to Grill Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Flame-Cooked Food. You’ll see fun takes on classics (Green Chile Cheeseburgers!) but also unexpected grilled treats like watermelon, avocado, pound cake, and paella. Want to bake a whole loaf of bread on the grill? Great—this will show you how. Pre-order at the link in profile. #cookbitt

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I’ve grilled stone fruit before, but I’ve always assumed berries and bananas would be far too delicate and soft for the high, smoldering, aggressive heat of a grill. Not so. His recipe for grilled strawberries couldn’t be easier: Just sprinkle whole berries with sugar, grill them for a few minutes (rolling them around once), then toss the hot berries with a splash of Grand Marnier. The result is stupendously flavorful—the berries taste deeper and more intense, the same way their flavor is intensified when you roast them in the oven, but with a light touch of smoke and char.

How To Grill Salmon

  How To Grill Salmon Meet your go-to summertime dinner.It’s best to start with thicker cuts such as salmon steaks or filets. Do yourself a favor and keep the skin on your fish - it’ll help keep it together once the fish starts cooking.

Prepare your taste buds

What if you had a kebab party? Appetizer kebab, main course kebab, and dessert kebab. Wouldn't that be amazing? Just look . Recipe here. 17. Grilled S'mores Pie.

Bittman offers some other stand-ins for strawberries in this method, like mango, as well as variations, such as adding additional fresh berries to the grilled fruit or using a lemon syrup instead of the Grand Marnier. I liked the original version best. We ate them warm, spooned over vanilla ice cream, and I set aside the leftovers to stir into yogurt for a snack the next day.

I imagine they'd also be great on top of a piece of grilled sourdough bread with a swipe of fresh ricotta and a few grinds of cracked black pepper, or over pancakes.

a bowl filled with different types of food on a table: Yes, you can grill delicate fruits like strawberries. © Provided by Food52 Yes, you can grill delicate fruits like strawberries.

Next up, I tackled the grilled bananas and nearly fainted with excitement at the first bite (not an overstatement). Bittman tells you to slice whole bananas three-quarters of the way through, leaving the bottom peel intact. You stuff the bananas with dark chocolate and butter (see, this can only be good), and grill them briefly. The bananas get soft and take on a deep, almost caramelized sweetness. You can eat them straight from the peel with a spoon, or scoop them out and serve them as a topping over ice cream or pound cake, or just plain.

How To Grill Every Cut Of Steak

  How To Grill Every Cut Of Steak From skirt steak to filet mignon, we gotchu.First, you need to know about direct and indirect heat. Direct heat means you're cooking something directly over the flame (whether it be gas or charcoal). It's what gives grilled meat its beautiful char. Indirect heat means you're cooking the food to the side of the heat source. For steak, you're mainly dealing with direct heat. (Indirect heat is better for slow-cooking foods like ribs.

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Here again, he offered a few variations, including two alternate toppings—a "rocky road" style version with chopped walnuts and marshmallows added instead of the peanut brittle, and a praline take with brown sugar and toasted pecans—and a suggestion for using a very ripe plantain paired with honey, toasted coconut, and cashews. I liked the chocolate version, but I also loved playing around with the technique. We stuffed some with butter, toasted nuts, and cinnamon sugar, and others with espresso powder and brown sugar.

a plate of food on a table: Go ahead—go bananas! © Provided by Food52 Go ahead—go bananas!

Both are easy and fast desserts, but impressive and pretty versatile in terms of flavor. If you’ve already got the grill on to make dinner, just throw the fruit on at the end of your meal, and you’ll have dessert ready to go in minutes without any extra effort.

This summer, I will be making room on the grill for fruit every time we cook. And with these recipes, I suspect grilled meats will no longer be the star of the summertime show.

Get the recipes

food on a table: 3f8208c5 3b20 4b4c b3c9 3c1c3b36a7c2 2018 0418 sponsored houghton mifflin grilled banana dessert variations 3x2 rocky luten 19 © Provided by Food52 3f8208c5 3b20 4b4c b3c9 3c1c3b36a7c2 2018 0418 sponsored houghton mifflin grilled banana dessert variations 3x2 rocky luten 19

Grilled Banana with Chocolate and Crushed Peanut Brittle

Mark Bittman

Makes 1 grilled banana
  • 1 tablespoon butter, softened
  • 2 tablespoons crushed or chopped peanut brittle
  • 2 tablespoons chopped dark chocolate
  • 1 ripe banana (you want a yellow or darker banana)
  • Ice cream of your choice (optional)
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a bowl filled with different types of food on a table: 0aa5455f 9f2c 4ab3 959e eff2bf595b58 2018 0418 sponsored houghton mifflin strawberries and mango romanoff variation 3x2 rocky luten 39 © Provided by Food52 0aa5455f 9f2c 4ab3 959e eff2bf595b58 2018 0418 sponsored houghton mifflin strawberries and mango romanoff variation 3x2 rocky luten 39

Grilled Strawberries Romanoff

Mark Bittman

Serves 4
  • 1 pound strawberries, hulled
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier
  • 1 pint vanilla ice cream
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How to Clean Your BBQ Grill

  How to Clean Your BBQ Grill A clean grill prevents bacteria build up and just works better.Here in Southern California we can grill year-round, so we don't have any seasonal reminders to clean our grill. It's best to really do a deep clean-more than just brushing the grill, twice a year, and clean the grates thoroughly every couple of months depending on frequency of usage.

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5 Methods For Grilling Fish That Will Earn You the Title "Grill Master of Summer" .
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