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Food We Tried 8 Tortilla Chips. Find Out Which Was a Slam Dunk

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The ONLY Place You Can Get Taco Bell's New Tortilla Chips

  The ONLY Place You Can Get Taco Bell's New Tortilla Chips Hey, Taco Bell fans! It's going to be even easier to 'Live Más' when Taco Bell rolls out its tortilla chips at stores near you.As if that's not exciting enough, there's this: the chip flavors will be inspired by all your favorite Taco Bell sauces. To start, you'll see "Fire" and "Mild" flavors, as well as an unflavored "Classic" tortilla chip.

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When it comes to parties—be it a backyard barbecue or a weeknight book club—there's one app that's always on the menu at my house: chips and dip. My favorite dip is a creamy, fresh guacamole, but there are so many good ones to choose from—just check out these great dips perfect for entertaining. Let's not forget though, that these dips, salsas and guacamoles aren't much use to us without the perfect chip to scoop them up. The perfect tortilla chip has to strike the right balance. It should be crisp but not too flimsy (don't want the dreaded broken chip in the dip situation), flavorful but not overpowering (or too salty!).

We Blind Taste-Tested 5 Brands of Tortilla Chips–And Here's The Winner

  We Blind Taste-Tested 5 Brands of Tortilla Chips–And Here's The Winner This taste-test proved to be more challenging than most. Disclaimer: this taste-test proved to be more challenging than most. Tortilla chips only slightly differ in flavor, making it difficult to articulate why one was better than the other. Was it the level of saltiness or how the chip crunched? Was it the way it would pair with your favorite salsa or guacamole? Nevertheless, there was a surprising favorite among Southern Living editors after trying five of the most popular tortilla chip brands.

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To find out more or to opt- out , please read our Cookie Policy. In addition, please read our Privacy Policy, which has Too many contestants missed dunk attempts, and it dragged the night out . The scoring in the dunk contest was also a little iffy, so I took the liberty of live-scoring the dunks myself.

While I appreciate that ideal chip, I admit that I typically reach for whatever is on sale when I'm shopping. That means I might be missing out on the best chips for my next party! So to find out which chip reigns supreme (and is perfectly dippable), I grabbed eight popular brands from a handful of supermarkets. Along a crew of dedicated testers, I put these eight options to the test: Chi-Chi's Original Strips, Clancy's Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, Donkey Authentic Tortilla Chips (Salted), Frontera Thin + Crispy Tortilla Chips, Garden of Eatin' Yellow Chips, Mission Tortilla Triangles, Simple Truth Organic White Corn Tortilla Chips and Tostitos Original Restuarant Style Tortilla Chips. Let's see how these chips faired!

Honorable Mention: Garden of Eatin' Yellow Chips

a sandwich sitting on top of a wooden table © Provided by Taste of Home Score: 6/10

In our test, it immediately became clear that flimsy chips weren't cutting it. Testers showed an obvious preference for sturdier chips built to scoop up every last bit of our favorite homemade salsa recipes. That's precisely why these tortilla chips from Garden of Eatin' were so popular. Made from yellow corn, these chips were a bit thicker than most and exceptionally crunchy. Flavor-wise, testers noticed that these chips weren't your standard restaurant-style chip; rather, these chips tasted a bit like Fritos (but without all the grease) with a bit of a nutty flavor. In the end, we agreed that sturdier chips like this one would be the perfect accompaniment to for hot dips like this slow cooker spinach and artichoke dip, but might not be the right choice for people looking for traditional tortilla chips.

You Need to Add Potato Chips to Your Eggs

  You Need to Add Potato Chips to Your Eggs Potato chips are usually thought of as a lunchtime companion—a crunchy side to your sandwich or wrap—but their time has come to shine as a breakfast star. Think of them as a low-effort breakfast potato, which is the best kind of breakfast potato, especially on those morning where frying something seems impossible.Make a Spanish Tortilla in Just Ten Minutes With Potato ChipsThey also play well with almost any kind of egg.

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Runner-Up: Donkey Salted Tortilla Chips

a sandwich sitting on top of a wooden table © Provided by Taste of Home Score: 7/10

Inching up in the ratings was Donkey tortilla chips. Right away, testers were declaring that these chips had just the right thickness and right amount of crunch. In fact, many folks were comparing these chips to what you'd get at your favorite Mexican restaurant. As we dunked these chips into salsa, we agreed that we'd love these served up alongside our favorite authentic Mexican dishes. However, what cost these chips the crown was their lack of salt. We could use just a bit more to make them perfectly craveable.

Best in Show: Chi-Chi's Strips

a plate of food and a cup of coffee © Provided by Taste of Home Score: 8/10

Let's get this out of the way: We miss Chi-Chi's! While this restaurant chain is now defunct, we're pretty happy to see that the company is still producing chips, salsa and other Mexican-style accompaniments—and with great success as this test demonstrates!

You Can Get A $2 Burrito And Drink Combo From Taco Bell This Summer

  You Can Get A $2 Burrito And Drink Combo From Taco Bell This Summer The Bell is making it real hard to avoid the drive-thru this summer.© Taco Bell Taco Bell Just Dropped A $2 Meal Deal The $2 Duo comes with a Triple Melt Burrito - a tortilla stuffed with beef, a three-cheese blend, and nacho cheese sauce - and a Baja Blast. If you're not a fan of the Mountain Dew slushie, you can swap it out for any other drink, like the new Watermelon Freeze. The cheesy burrito might not be the healthiest item on the menu, but two bucks is a really hard deal to resist.

Here’s what we found out On April 2, that soared to 6.4%, beating out 14 of the top 20 brands. The campaign drew new customers. Free lunch is a pretty great motivator for people to try a new place or return somewhere they haven’t been in a while.

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These Chi-Chi's chips got high marks from every tester. These chips were a bit thinner than our other top-ranking options, but they still had enough body to hold up to some salsa (we might grab a backup chip for big scoops of this five-star taco dip recipe, though). The chips themselves were exceptionally crisp and perfectly salted. We got that great pure corn taste and we found the chips to taste super fresh—an absolute must! What took these chips from good to great, though: the strip shape. The narrower shape meant that we could dunk further into that jar of salsa and that snacking was just a bit easier than with the bigger wedge shapes. When you're looking for the best tortilla chips, even these little things count!

The Takeaways

a person holding a plate of food on a table © Provided by Taste of Home

In this test, we had three strong top contenders, all of which I'd be happy to serve up at my next get-together. It turns out, though, that the other five options we tested just didn't live up to our expectations (I'm talking scores of two and three—yikes!). We found them to be too greasy, too salty or just too darn thin. So when you're looking for the best tortilla chips to serve our favorite store-bought salsas for a quick snack, I don't recommend straying too far from this list.

YUM, Chipotle Is Testing An Avocado Tostada

  YUM, Chipotle Is Testing An Avocado Tostada Avocado toast, but make it Chipotle.Avo-enthusiasts, you might want to sit down for this one. Behold, the avocado tostado - basically avocado toast with a Chipotle twist, so aka a dream come true.

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The Best and Worst Packaged Chips for Your Health .
Is there such thing as a healthy chip? We scoured the grocery aisles to find out.Just look at the labels in the grocery store, or pick up our dietitian-recommended brands for a healthier crunch.

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