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FoodThis could be Chipotle's year (really)

22:20  11 february  2019
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Guinness Stout Goes Vegan After 256 Years

Guinness Stout Goes Vegan After 256 Years The Irish stout currently uses fish bladders as part of the brewing process. Iconic Irish beer Guinness is going vegan. The company has announced it will stop utilizing fish bladders during the brewing process, reports The Independent, making it fully animal product-free. Guinness currently uses isinglass, "a by-product of the fishing industry," to clarify the beer by helping the yeast settle faster, but plans to switch to a a new, vegan-friendly filtering system in 2016. The Independent writes that " while large quantities of the agent are filtered out during the brewing process, there are still traces of fish bladders in the finished product" — something that didn't sit too well with vegan beer lovers, who petitioned the brand to discontinue its use of isinglass. The brewer’s use of fish bladders may seem gross, but it’s not at all uncommon: According to Stephen Beaumont, author of The Beer & Food Companion , "Isinglass has been used to clarify beer and wine for decades and perhaps centuries, but its use has declined precipitously in recent years with the advent of new filtration and centrifugal techniques." Adam Callaghan, beer writer and editor of Eater Maine, says consumers shouldn't notice any difference on their end. "Plenty of breweries already use a vegan-friendly alternative [for clarifying] like BioFine," he says, noting that more natural ingredients like Irish moss can also be used.

This could be Chipotle's year (really)© Photo: Scott Olson (Getty Images)

Almost exactly one year ago, storm clouds had gathered over Chipotle HQ. Its stock price tumbled following survey findings that showed its reputation was in worse shape than it was during the 2015 E.coli outbreak that sickened hundreds of customers. Months later, a gastrointestinal illness broke out among more than 600 customers who’d eaten at an Ohio location in summer 2018. Its confidence shaken, America just could not forgive Chipotle.

But it’s always darkest before the dawn, right? Analysts think that with 2018 in the rearview, this year could really mark the comeback for Chipotle. With a new CEO in place since March of last year, the company hopes a change is on the horizon. Chipotle’s fourth-quarter 2018 numbers show increased sales, increased consumer spending per order, and that news lifted the company’s stock 10 percent, per QSR Magazine. Same-store sales growth at the end of 2018 was the best the chain had seen in six quarters. The numbers “suggest one of the best runs in recent memory is coming,” QSR boldly predicts. Now, it’s up to Chipotle to take that momentum and run with it.

Chipotle Gift Wrap Will Have You Guac-ing Around the Christmas Tree

Chipotle Gift Wrap Will Have You Guac-ing Around the Christmas Tree It doesn’t matter if you’re giving the gift of Chipotle or not. Now you can wrap your presents like you are! 

First up is a series of commercials directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Errol Morris (first: The Fog Of War, now: Behind The Foil… no, really). The “Behind The Foil” ads will focus on taking customers into Chipotle’s kitchens and to its ingredients’ farmers, aiming to create transparency in the supply chain and cooking process. According to MarketWatch, Chipotle will also stream video of food-prep at one California location on Facebook today. The ads are designed to regain consumers’ confidence in Chipotle’s kitchens and safe food handling efforts.

The second step in Chipotle’s bold 2019 plan is a pilot test of drive-thru lanes in 10 cities, adding a handful of new locations to the drive-thru “Chipotlanes” already in place. As we previously reported, customers can’t actually order from the drive-thrus; they can only use the lanes to pick up orders they’ve already placed via the app or online. (Downloads of Chipotle’s app increased 72 percent year-over-year in 2018, QSR notes.)

These Are The Merriest Christmas Day Food & Drink Deals

These Are The Merriest Christmas Day Food & Drink Deals Ahead, find several spots where you can get free coffee and discounted treats this Christmas. The freebies and deals will help you power through your holiday fatigue and get you back to actually enjoying this jolliest of days. Applebee's: All December long, Applebee's is offering Jolly Rancher Vodka Drinks for $1. Many locations of the chain will be open on December 25, so depending on where you are, you could take advantage of this $1 deal on Christmas.

Whether all Chipotle’s efforts—the slick commercials, drive-thru lanes, app ordering—can restore customer confidence in 2019 is still an open question. But many restaurant-industry watchers are bullish on Chipotle’s comeback. As BTIG analyst Peter Saleh wrote in a memo upping Chipotle stock’s price target last week, “We believe Chipotle is starting to fire on all cylinders.”

Chipotle drive-thrus? Yes, that's a thing – and they're called Chipotlanes.
Chipotle Mexican Grill is planning to open a few dozen drive-thrus, called Chipotlanes, the company announced on Wednesday.

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