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In March 2018, a photo went viral of Evoni Williams, 18, cutting up ham for a regular customer named Adrien Charpentier at a Waffle House in La Marque “The reason I do this is because I was alone one time . I remember the good times and bad times .” He also said that this policy is actually “all year

What a post-vaccine world looks like for seniors: It's time to learn telemed. Oh, and how you travel will change. Experts say folks 60 and up must From helping out customers in need to helping their own colleagues we rounded up some of the kindest things restaurant workers and chefs have done.

8 times restaurant workers and chefs went viral with their good deeds© Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

As anyone who loves cooking and making food can tell you, it's never just about the food - it's also about caring for people.

From small to large, life-changing acts of kindness are probably happening at a restaurant near you and you may never even know it. Still, here are just a few that went viral for all the right reasons.

A waitress in Texas was surprised by a gift from her co-workers: a trip home

Mary Keulana-Riotutar was working as a waitress at Cheddar's in Laredo, Texas, but since her family lived back in Hawaii, she hadn't seen them in six years. Her co-workers decided to surprise her by raising money for a plane ticket so that she could go back and see her family.

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Keulana-Riotutar posted a video of the emotional moment and noted in a Facebook post that she hadn't even been working there for a year when they presented her with the surprise.

"As I'm typing this I can't even find the words to describe how I feel or how to thank each & every person who pitched in for ME!" she wrote. "I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with, but for those who are closest to me know that I'm ALWAYS gonna be there to help you WHENEVER you need help, support, or just a friend to talk to. "

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A waitress at a New Jersey diner had been following local news about a terrible fire all night - so she bought two firefighters who had been fighting it their meal

Two firefighters who had been fighting a fire in New Brunswick walked into a Delran, New Jersey, diner and asked for the biggest cup of coffee they had one morning.

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It’s time that chefs and restaurant owners candidly acknowledge the larger culture that hatched all These chefs were tightly focused, competing against themselves, not each other. I recall a group of They know that women really don’t want to hear about their boners (and that they shouldn’t say boner

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Waitress Liz Woodward told TODAY.com, "I had been following the New Brunswick fire on the news. This was their first meal in over 24 hours; the least I could do was buy it for them for all they do every day."

Along with paying for their meal, she wrote the pair a nice note, thanking them for all they did. Both firefighters were touched and posted about what had happened on Facebook - urging everyone they knew to go eat at this diner.

Firefighters Tim Young and Paul Hullings soon found out that Woodward had been trying to raise money to get her dad a wheelchair-accessible van on GoFundMe and raised awareness of this effort on Facebook.

"Turns out, the young lady who gave us a free meal is really the one that could use the help." Young wrote. Through Young and Hulling's boosting of that campaign, nearly 2,000 people raised more than four times Woodward's initial goal to get her dad that van, according to TODAY.

A Critic for All Seasons

A Critic for All Seasons What would restaurant criticism look like if it represented diners like me? “If one were offered dinner for two at any price, to be eaten in any restaurant anywhere in the world, what would the choice be? And in these days of ever‐higher prices, what would the cost be?” the critic Craig Claiborne once asked in a restaurant review for the New York Times. His answer was a five-hour meal at Chez Denis in Paris, which Claiborne and his collaborator, chef and cookbook author Pierre Franey, won in a fundraising auction sponsored by American Express.

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In 2016, a Domino's Pizza location near Salem, Oregon, likely saved a regular customer's life 8 times restaurant workers and chefs went viral with their good deeds© AP

According to KOIN news, customer Kirk Alexander had regularly ordered pizza from that store for 10 years - at least every other day. Since he ordered online, the store always knew it was him.

When employees noticed that he hadn't ordered in 11 days, they knew something was wrong, general manager Sarah Fuller told KATU news.

Delivery driver Tracey Hamblen had worked at that Domino's location for some time and was familiar with regular customers including Alexander. Fuller dispatched Hamblen to go check on Alexander, according to KATU.

When Hamblen arrived, he saw lights and the TV on but got no answer at the door. He also tried calling Hamblen a few times, but the phone just went to voicemail. He called 911 and the Marion County Sheriff's Office came quickly.

When officers arrived, they heard Alexander calling out for help - and found him in need of medical attention inside. He was taken to a nearby hospital, and was soon listed in fair condition thanks to the quick thinking of his local Domino's.

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Fuller and Jenny Seiber, who was the assistant manager on duty at the time, were then surprised with tickets to see "Captain America," according to ABC News. Domino's also announced plans to take Fuller, Seiber, and Hamblen to Las Vegas for a corporate rally.

In 2015, a McDonald's employee in downtown Chicago stopped to help a man with his meal during rush hour

A man in a wheelchair approached a McDonald's cashier and asked for help cutting up in his food, according to WGN.

Though it was during rush hour, cashier Kenny Soriano-Garcia shut down his register and put gloves on before he came out to the customer's table and started to help him cut up his food.

Customer Destiny Carreno captured the moment in a photo that she posted with the story on Facebook. She wrote: "My heart was so appreciative for what he did. I couldn't contain my emotions in the crowded restaurant."

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WGN reported that McD's location owner, Rod Lubeznik, released a statement honoring Kenny and his kindness:

"We are very proud of Kenny, and overwhelmed by the positive response he has received for his compassion and kindness. It's a true testament to who Kenny is, and a reminder to us all that one seemingly small act of kindness can touch the hearts of so many. We recognized Kenny during an award presentation yesterday."

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In 2018, a similar story warmed the hearts of the internet: Evoni Williams who was working as a Waffle House waitress, was captured cutting up food for a regular customer

In March 2018, a photo went viral of Evoni Williams, 18, cutting up ham for a regular customer named Adrien Charpentier at a Waffle House in La Marque, Texas. Williams later told CNN that Charpentier had asked her to cut up his food as he had just gotten out of the hospital and needed a bit of assistance.

Williams said she happily helped and that's when the photo was snapped by a diner named Lara Wolf and posted in a Facebook post that now appears to have been deleted.

The post quickly went viral and warmed the hearts of the internet, but that's not where the sweet story ends. Williams was then honored with a $16,000 scholarship to Texas Southern University. The Mayor of La Marque also declared March 8 Evoni "Nini" Williams Day.

"It is awesome. [...] I feel excited and happy," Williams told CNN of the reaction.
Since 2005, a Michigan restaurant has offered diners who are alone on Thanksgiving a free meal

The holidays can be a rough time for many people and sometimes even tougher if you're by yourself. That's why restaurateur George Dimopoulos wanted to make things easier on anyone who's alone on Thanksgiving at his restaurant, George's Senate Coney Island, he told ABC News.

A sign on George's Senate Coney Island's door advertising the service went viral on Reddit in 2015, leading to media attention and the praise of many.

A native of Greece who moved to the US at age 23 and grew to own a string of restaurants, Dimopoulos has worked in the food industry his entire life.

Sign at my local Coney Island. from r/pics
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