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FoodWhat is a ‘salad lasagna’? You probably don’t want to know

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Dick Chmeller, a UK-based engineer, just wanted to present a traditional salad in an impressive new way. If you ’ve ever wondered how to trick a pasta-loving kid (or perhaps even a carb-obsessed adult) into eating more vegetables, then a “ lasagna salad ” may just be the very green answer to your prayers.

This we know . But what goes with lasagna is usually open to discussion. At least until you and your family find one to cherish, and then that It’s usually not too hard to find a good pairing, so it comes down to a few things like: taste preference, how healthy you want to be, how good you might be in

What is a ‘salad lasagna’? You probably don’t want to know© Courtesy of Dick Chmellar TODAY, product courtesy of merchant site

If you’ve ever wondered how to trick a pasta-loving kid (or perhaps even a carb-obsessed adult) into eating more vegetables, then a “lasagna salad” may just be the very green answer to your prayers.

This virtually carb-free creation consists of seven layers of vitamin-rich veggies including a base of iceberg lettuce, layers of sliced onion and slivers of red tomatoes. There is no cheese and zero meat products are involved. And, it should go without saying, no noodles.

Behold this beautifully layered, un-tossed salad.

The carefully crafted dish, however, isn't some maniacal, pro-keto joke. Dick Chmeller, a watercraft engineer from Cardiff, U.K., told TODAY Food that he created the dish to impress his wife, Melanie Chmeller-Smith, and her new friend, Omar Pasha, whom he was meeting for the first time. As he was planning the meal, Chmeller “panicked” when he learned that Pasha follows a strictly vegan diet.

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A variety of salad dressings on the buffet table would also let them decide how they want their salad and veggies. Some people serve browned Italian sausage links along side if they don ' t have much meat in the lasagna . Hope the mommy-to-be is feeling good!

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What is a ‘salad lasagna’? You probably don’t want to know© Courtesy Dick Chmellar TODAY, product courtesy of merchant site

“I’d never prepared a meal for a vegan before,” Chmeller told TODAY. “Using my engineers' thinking, I came up with the idea of a salad served in an appealing geometric fashion.”

On Saturday night, dinner was served and, according to Chmeller, “Omar was very pleased with the thought behind the gesture.”

Chmeller and his wife enjoyed the veggie dish with a dollop of light Hellmann’s mayonnaise on top, while Pasha opted for an egg-free vinaigrette to add some flavor.

Proud of his creation, Chmeller posted a picture of his colorful invention to Reddit. In the days since, the photo has ignited an uproar among Reddit users, with multiple reposts and thousands of comments.

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Tossed salad is so easy with spaghetti or lasagna or any type of pasta with tomato sauce. But sometimes you just want something different. Or something extra. But you ’re left wondering what to serve with lasagna , spaghetti or any other pasta dish.

You want something that is very simple not too rich in order to balance the richness of the lasagna . A garden leafy salad would be nice as well avoid Use a nice balsamic viniagrette (good seasons italian in the packet is awesome, you just use balsamic vinegar instead of red wine). If you want to

One user called the dish an "insult" to all things Italian, while another simply stated: "This should be illegal."

But many other voices were excited by the veggie-forward dish and complimented the creator's efforts to reinvent the old salad wheel.

“This genius just discovered the proper method of serving salad. No more 'digging' for an extra slice of tomato. 10/10,” one commenter wrote.

“I'd actually eat this with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette drizzled on top. It's like a more convenient salad,” another user added. “But it's definitely no substitute for lasagna.”

Many people lamented the lack of a protein, suggesting that a layer of bacon would turn this into a BLT casserole.

A camp of Scandinavian commenters said the dish was reminiscent of a “Smörgåstårta,” or sandwich cake. “In Scandinavia this would be considered the most popular fancy event dish, called Smörgåstårta,” one user explained. “Just needs more bread.”

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Well, don ’ t you know that having the right crispy and chewy bread that goes well with lasagna is so important whether it is a flour-dusted artisanal whole grain loaf or a tangy sourdough? I hope you got something helpful from this post. Please don ’ t forget to hit like, share and leave your comments below!

Lice the mere mention of them is enough to make most people all itchy. Well, get ready to get scratching, because we've compiled seven squirm-inducing

The traditional Swedish dish is proportioned like a sandwich but arranged in layers like an ice cream cake. It usually consists of a protein — like ham or smoked salmon — tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and mayonnaise.

Although Chmeller left out the meat and cheese for his dinner guest on Saturday, he told TODAY that he has enough leftovers to make a week’s worth of savory cake and plans to add in more savory extras.

“As you can see in the photo, it was quite a large portion for three people … I was quite overzealous,” Chmeller said. “But the square portions are perfect for sandwiches. They make for excellent BLTs!”

The British engineer said he plans to make the dish again, just so he can easily pack it into his work lunches. While he referred to it as both a "salad lasagna" and a "lasagna salad," since his image has gone viral most internet users have opted to go with the term "salad lasagna" due to the dishes composed layers.

Chmeller’s creative combination isn’t the first unusual salad to irk the internet.

Earlier this month, Kourtney Kardashian’s “Signature Salad” caused a stir for its void of tasty salad ingredients — namely leafy lettuce and a flavorful dressing. And last year, Bon Appétit decided to invent something called a “Hand Salad,” much to the annoyance of people who have peacefully been eating crudité for centuries.

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Am to bring salad course for New Year's Eve dinner with family. Main is Lasagna with meatballs and sausage. We often have lasagna on Christmas Eve and this salad is a frequent accompaniment. If you ’re taking a picnic along, you should know a few food safety rules so you can pack, transport

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Despite both the critical and comical Reddit reviews, Chmeller is very proud of his new invention.

“I never knew that my photo would cause such a stir on the internet,” the engineer-turned-viral home cook said. “Some people hate it, some people love it and have said that they have been inspired to make the dish themselves!

"It’s nice to see people having a debate on a fun little topic like this.”

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