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FoodRhode Island has its own clam chowder – and it was the first

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When was clam chowder first created? According to Savoring Gotham: A Food Lovers Companion to New York City, it is believed that the New England style There is also Rhode Island clam chowder , known for its clear broth and its use of quahogs, a type of clam defined by its larger size (they may

Far less popular than creamy New England clam chowder , Rhode Island 's dairy-free version deserves a lot more attention. The rich broth is brightened with white wine and loaded with the flavor of My aunt had rented a house for the family and it had its own little private beach where we could go clamming .

Chowderheads have long debated the relative merits of Manhattan versus the New England variety of clam chowder, although, really, it’s not much of an argument. The creamy chowder from up North is almost universally acclaimed as superior to the tomato-based broth, which, in fact, did not originate in New York at all, rather with the Portuguese immigrants who settled in Rhode Island in the 19th century.

As it turns out, the smallest state has played an outsized role in the chowder world, stirring the pot with a third, often-overlooked variety of clam chowder. It's a clear broth traditionally prepared with the state’s indigenous bivalves, known as quahogs.

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The first is Rhode Island clam chowder , a third, distinct and much less common style alongside the creamy New England and tomato-based stuffed back into the shell and baked. It ’s a variant on baked stuffed clams and it can be excellent, but many restaurants fail at this dish, and most Rhode

“Clear-broth chowder has such a pure taste compared to other chowders ,” says Linda Beaulieu, author of The Providence and Rhode Island Cookbook According to 50 Chowders : One Pot Meals — Clam , Corn & Beyond by Jasper White, a broth chowder was the first -known published clam

The basic recipe for Rhode Island-style chowder – quahogs, clam juice, butter and diced potatoes – predates both the New England and Manhattan varieties, and was a staple food for mill workers as well as sailors and fishermen.

Rhode Island has its own clam chowder – and it was the first© iStock / Dale Fornoff Quahogs are bountiful in Rhode Island

"All chowders prior to the 1880s were clear chowders, so you’re eating the original," says chef Jack Chiaro, a College of Culinary Arts faculty member at Providence’s Johnson & Wales University.

Chowder originated on ships, thickened with hardtack biscuits and seasoned with the salt pork issued as rations to sailors. There were no hard-and-fast recipes in those days; "You used what you had," and odd ingredients like carrots and turnips might end up swimming in your bowl alongside the ground-up clams, says Chiaro.

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Fish chowder , corn chowder , and clam chowder are especially popular in the North American regions of New England and Atlantic Canada. Its simplicity made it attractive and it became a regional dish of the New Englanders, and their favorite recipe was " chowder master".[18] "Symbolically

Rhode Island Clamcakes—Yes, Crisp Clam Doughnuts— Are the Perfect Taste of Summer. The coastal property has since been turned into a scenic state park, but Cascioli now works as a Aunt Carrie’s officially claims that its founders, Carrie and Ulysses Cooper, were the inventors of the clam

In Rhode Island, quahogs were – and still are – both plentiful and cheap. "You can go out your door and just rake them up," says Jane Bitto, owner of Evelyn’s Drive-In, a classic New England roadside clam shack in Tiverton, Rhode Island, and winner of our Readers' Choice Awards for Best Clams in Rhode Island.

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Clamming remains a tradition in Rhode Island, where Narragansett Bay "is just about paved with quahogs," says Jeff Cruff, chef at the Matunuck Oyster Bar, a coastal seafood restaurant with its own aquaculture operation.

The clear Rhode Island recipe is "the purest way of eating chowder," says Matunuck Oyster Bar owner Perry Raso. "It lends a lot more to someone with a palate for layers of flavor. The creamy chowder is delicious but the flavor of the clams is somewhat masked."

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11 New England Chains the Entire Country Needs From summer scoop shops, pizzerias, to seafood mainstays, here are our favorite New England Chains. © Legal Sea FoodsClam chowder, lobster rolls, baked cod, crab cakes, quahogs, wax paper-wrapped salt water taffy, marshmallow Fluff, pints of Ben & Jerry’s, even your morning Dunkin’: the good states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine have been the place of origin for more than a few important culinary creations.

Chowder has its roots in the Latin word calderia, which originally meant a Fish chowders were the forerunners of clam chowder . The chowders originally made by the early Later editions have recipes for New England Clam Chowder , Manhattan Chowder , and Rhode Island Clam Chowder .

1 (46 fluid ounce) can clam juice, 1 (10 ounce) can whole baby clams , drained and juice reserved, 2 onions, chopped, 3 large carrots, chopped, 3 large potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch cubes, 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed tomato soup, 1 (6.5 ounce) can tomato sauce

The rich, "clammy" flavor of clear chowder is due in part to the use of the big-bodied quahogs, which Raso says have a greater umami flavor and less salinity than other clams. "Quahogs have a really hearty meat," he says. "Steamers are more delicate and don’t hold together as well."

The Matunuck Oyster Bar substitutes hickory smoked bacon for the traditional salt pork in its clam chowder. Celery, onions, and red bliss potatoes also go into the pot, along with a little fresh thyme and dill, salt and pepper. Any residual fat content comes from the bacon; no butter is added at the South Kingstown, R.I. restaurant, so compared to creamy chowder, "clear chowder is significantly healthier to eat," notes Cruff.

Rhode Island has its own clam chowder – and it was the first© Rhode Island clam chowder from Matunuck Oyster Bar

Clear chowder was once deeply interwoven into Rhode Island culture, a staple at weekend brunches and served alongside fried clam cakes in the Shore Dinner Hall at the former Rocky Point amusement park.

You can still find clear chowder at restaurants in Rhode Island and parts of Connecticut (where it’s sometimes called Noank chowder). But it’s hard to resist the power of cream, and these days you’re more likely to find New England clam chowder on the menu than the classic broth, even in the Ocean State.

For Clam Chowder That Actually Tastes Like Clams, Hold the Cream

For Clam Chowder That Actually Tastes Like Clams, Hold the Cream Rhode Island clam chowder's clear, umami-rich broth lets the flavor of fresh clams shine through. © Provided by Bonnier Corporation Rhode Island Clam Chowder Get the recipe for Rhode Island Clam Chowder » New Englanders, and most Americans, typically only recognize one clam chowder: the creamy kind.

Rhode Island has been lying to you, and I’ve had enough. This is the end of the road for a If you google “ Rhode Island Clam Chowder recipe” and look at the entire first page of results Which has “food” right in it ’s name, so it is pretty trustworthy. I don’t see any thickening agents in there, do you?

The two types of clam chowders that most people have heard of are New England and Manhattan.New England clam chowder is traditionally As far as I’m concerned, “the best” is the one that you like. I have my own preference, and it might not be the same as yours, but any soup or stew

"We’ve seen the traditions fading a bit," says Chiaro. "It’s not seen as comfort food anymore."

Evelyn’s Drive-In is one of the few remaining places where clear chowder still outsells the white stuff. "For more than 30 years, it was the only chowder we served," says Bitto. "We only put the New England chowder on the menu four years ago. When people eat at a local place like ours, it’s a real Rhode Island experience."

Matunuck Oyster Bar chef Cruff agrees, "The flavor of clear chowder is Rhode Island to me," he says. That connection gives Chiaro hope that Rhode Island chowder may have a future as well as a past.

"This generation is getting more and more interested in local, sustainable products," he says. "It could make a comeback."

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