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FoodAre you making tea wrong? Steamy debate divides the internet

01:30  14 august  2019
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Is Internet Addiction a Real Thing?

Is Internet Addiction a Real Thing? Short answer: Yes. Here's everything you should know about the symptoms, warning signs, and treatment of internet addiction disorder.

As with many deceptively complex debates before it, the internet is riven. “It's 7,” another tweeted. “Everyone else is wrong .” Another: “People who do this other than #7, I don't know you .” And so according to the internet , the correct answers are : blue/black, on the hind legs, Yanny and No. 7.

Steep your tea the right way! David Wong, director of tea culture and education at Tillerman Tea , has seen all of the wrong ways that people brew tea .

To steep or not to steep?

Are you making tea wrong? Steamy debate divides the internet© Getty Images TODAY, product courtesy of merchant site

That's the hot topic du jour for tea lovers across the Twittersphere right now.

This latest food debate has seen thousands across social media sharing strong opinions on the best way to prepare a simple cup of tea — and the main Twitter thread is pretty comedic.

It all started over the weekend when London-based writer Joel Golby shared the following musing on Twitter: "simply [sic] can’t trust people who don’t leave the tea bag to steep in the cup for a bit. you think you can get enough depth of flavour just by squashing it a lot with the back of a teaspoon? the arrogance. the ego. leave the room and walk away from it."

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All rights reserved. 'Laurel' or 'yanny'?: Debate divides the internet . In a four-second audio clip, a robotic voice says a single word that has divided the online community, as some people say We'll make it through this as a country as well, guys but this one simple clip with one word has divided the country. So something wrong with me? Well, that's another issue. So what's the science behind this?

An online debate on this matter, however, suggests people have strong reactions. Mashable reports it all started with a Twitter user asking, “Do y’all wet the Responses to the question were decidedly divided . Some opted for wetting their toothbrush first, while others explained they wet their toothbrush

For those who aren't familiar with the art of tea assembly, "steeping" basically means soaking your tea bag or tea leaves in hot water before removing them and drinking the infused liquid. The idea is to let your plain, boring water soak in the aromatic flavor of the tea leaves and spices.

After Golby shared his post, fired up tea lovers in the U.K. (and eventually worldwide) took to Twitter to weigh in. As it turns out, many people agreed with him and were equally as loyal to a thorough steeping process.

Many tweeters even shared their own personal recipe for a perfectly steeped cup of tea.

Lots of people couldn't believe that others actually try to crush their tea bags to speed things up.

But some, however, bravely admitted they might squish a bag to get more flavor out faster.

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If we make the main debate stage, our message will reach millions of Americans. We can wake the entire country up to the possibility of a new economy that We have been running the campaign assuming that the DNC would rely upon public polling to determine who to include on the debate stage.

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Others offered up clever solutions for those who are too impatient to let their tea fully seep.

The debate really came to a boil when people started asking whether one should leave the tea bag in while you drink your tea.

Many pointed out that leaving the tea bag in is a typically American habit. How naughty.

Yet some insisted it adds great flavor.

Many users did note that if you like tea served a certain way, it's OK to prepare it to your own unique specifications ... in the privacy of your own home.

For a lesson in proper tea etiquette, TODAY Food turned to one British brand and one American tea brand to see what they recommend.

First up? Yorkshire Tea, a popular brand found in most U.K. grocery stores. The folks at Yorkshire recommend popping a tea bag into an empty mug first, then pouring hot water over it and briefly stirring. "Tea needs time to unlock all its flavour [sic], so give it 4-5 minutes to do its thing. This is a perfect time to munch a sneaky biscuit or daydream about holidays," reads Yorkshire's website.

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Much like the debate over the color of the dress, the debate quickly went viral on social media, with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Chrissie Teigen giving their opinions on what they heard. New age artist Yanni even weighed in and, of course, he only hears Yanni

How could the internet make us dumber? The internet is the largest library in the history of man. It is virtual, and on our cell phones, so that it is always right at our fingertips. We can literally look up information on any subject in history in seconds. The internet has made us much smarter than we

Before taking your tea bag out, the brand does recommend gently squishing it "against the side of the mug. Just the once, mind — if you really mash it, it'll taste bitter." Carry on, old chap.

But things might be a little different across the pond, where people tend to drink a wider variety of teas.

Harney & Sons, an American tea brand, acknowledges that a one-size-fits-all method does not work when it comes to tea. White and green teas may become bitter if oversteeped, so three minutes will usually suffice. Most herbal teas and black teas, however, can be steeped for up to five minutes, or even longer depending on the type.

So, what's the best way to steep a tea bag? It depends on the type but no tea maker we found suggested the smashing and dashing method all by itself. To make the most out of one's tea, it's advisable to steep it for at least a minute or two — just don't forget about it altogether.

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