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FoodCayenne Pepper vs. Chili Powder: What's the Difference?

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So what ’ s the difference ? Isn’t cayenne powder the same as chili powder ? What makes them tick? Can you substitute one for the other without any worries? It’s time to compare the two with our PepperScale showdown – cayenne pepper vs . chili powder .

Cayenne Pepper vs Chili Powder . Countries and cultures where foods are typically hot and spicy make use of chilies , chili powder , and different varieties of fruits of capsicum to add to their Chili powder is obtained by drying and grinding of chilies , a fruit belonging to plants of the capsicum family.

If you’re a fan of spicy foods, you’re likely able to discern the flavor nuances between ground cayenne pepper and chili powder. People who prefer milder flavors, however, might not know the difference.

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They’re both red, they’re both (kind of) hot, and they both are used to season spicy dishes—how different can they really be? Here’s what you need to know before you substitute cayenne pepper for chili powder or vice versa:

What Is Ground Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne is a moderately hot chili pepper. Native to South America, cayenne peppers are generally skinny, red, and have somewhat rippled skin. Cayenne peppers, which are used whole or in the form of a finely milled powder, are found in a wide variety of cuisines, including Creole, Asian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Korean.

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Because different chili powders have different compositions, the heat level varies a lot; the Scoville Scale rating for a typical chili powder is lower than 30 What are the differences between cayenne pepper , chili powder , and paprika? While they may look the same to the untrained eye, they have

Powdered cayenne pepper and chili powder may look similar, but they taste very different . While both of these spices contain capsaicin, the substance in hot peppers that makes your mouth burn, cayenne pepper usually packs a bigger punch.

What Is Ground Red Pepper?

Ground red pepper is usually made from cayenne peppers, but it can be made from a variety of ground chilis in the Capsicum family. While you should always try to stick as closely to the recipe as possible if you’re unfamiliar with what you’re cooking, cayenne pepper powder and ground red pepper can usually be used interchangeably.

What Is Chili Powder?

Ground cayenne pepper is technically a chili powder, but jars and bottles labeled “chili powder” are usually made from a blend of a variety of peppers. Most chili powders you find in stores also include spices like cumin, onion and garlic powder, and salt.

Can You Use Ground Cayenne Pepper and Chili Powder Interchangeably?

In a pinch, you can possibly get away with substituting cayenne pepper with chili powder and vice versa. However, there are a few things to take into consideration:

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Chili powder , however, is rather different -- it' s a mix that includes dried ground chile peppers (often both cayenne and paprika), cumin, garlic, and If you wanted to sub chili powder for cayenne (say) you would have to consider what it was going into and whether it would go well together or clash.

What is the difference between chili pepper and chili powder ? Let’ s find out in this article. In some cuisines such as Tex-Mex, India, Chinese, Thai and Korean, cayenne pepper is used to make chili powder . However, other types of chili peppers can still be used to make chili pepper such as

  • Ground pepper is usually spicier than chili powder. The cayenne is about 10 times hotter than the jalapeno, while chili powder is typically made with peppers further down the Scoville scale. If you use ground cayenne instead of chili powder, you may end up with a much hotter meal than you bargained for.
  • They taste different. All chili peppers don’t taste the same. While the cayenne is hot, pungent, and earthy, poblanos and other members of the Capsicum family are much milder. Since chili powder is usually made with a variety of peppers, it’s bound to have a different flavor than pure ground cayenne pepper. Also, it’s important to remember that chili powder is often made with other ingredients with easily detectable flavors like garlic and cumin.
  • You may need to adjust your recipe. Again, chili powder isn’t made with just chili peppers. Ground cayenne is made with pure cayenne chili peppers. Since chili powder can include onion and garlic powder, cumin, and salt, it’s important to taste your dish as you cook—you’ll likely need to add other spices to achieve the desired taste if you’ve substituted cayenne for chili powder.

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Seasonings Cayenne Pepper Chili Powder Spices What ' s the Difference ? Bottle Contents. All cayenne powders are technically chili powders , but not all chili powders are cayennes . A quick look at the back of both bottles should clear some things up.

So what ’ s the difference ? Chile powder is made of pure ground dried chile peppers . Whip up our recipe for Sweet Potato Soup or BBQ Brisket to taste the peppery warmth of cayenne pepper . Now that you know the difference between chili powder and chile powder , you can start cooking with

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