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FoodThe Foolproof Way You Can Tell When Noodles Are Cooked

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Imperfect Pasta is the Secret to Perfect Pasta Salad

Imperfect Pasta is the Secret to Perfect Pasta Salad Like other entries in the “carbs coated in mayo” category of side dishes, pasta salad is incredibly polarizing. When it’s good, I can’t stop eating it; when it’s bad, it’s inedible. I’ve found that the secret to really good pasta salad isn’t homemade mayo or a good jar of pickles—it’s really bad pasta. Specifically, overcooked pasta. How to Make Your Own Duke's-Style Mayonnaise To me, the single defining feature of a bad batch of pasta salad is crunchy noodles, which happens because starches solidify in cold temperatures. (If you’ve ever eaten leftover spaghetti straight from the fridge, you know what I’m talking about.

A sure-fire way to tell if your cheesecake has finished baking is to use a thermometer (this is our Test Kitchen’s favorite brand) to test for doneness. And a thermometer is not always practical, especially if you ’re baking the cheesecake in a shallow dish. Here is a foolproof technique to judge exactly when

1. Thermometer The most foolproof way to know when a chicken is done is to insert a well-calibrated instant-read thermometer into the meat near the inner thigh (between the leg and the breast, but 3. The meat is firm When the chicken is cooked , the meat should feel firm rather than jiggly or rubbery.

Pasta is one of the first things many Americans learn how to cook. Yes, of course, there are nuances to the art of making and cooking pasta that you might not grasp in your early days. But when I was a teenager who just needed a quick, easy dinner while I was studying, I reached for the macaroni and cheese box—or the spaghetti with jar sauce—every time.

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But even if you've been cooking pasta for a long time, you might have trouble figuring out when it's done to your liking without the help of the timing on the box. Many pasta recipes call for pasta to be mostly cooked through in boiling water and then transferred to finish cooking in the sauce, a move that melds the flavors of pasta and sauce together as well as bringing along some of that sweet, sweet starchy pasta water.

You’ve Never Noticed This Hidden Secret in Your Pasta Spoon

You’ve Never Noticed This Hidden Secret in Your Pasta Spoon Turns out, you *might* be able to measure spaghetti with your spoon. The post You’ve Never Noticed This Hidden Secret in Your Pasta Spoon appeared first on Reader's Digest. Read More

Vanna Tran is a home cook who started cooking with her mother at a very young age. She has catered events and hosted pop-up dinners in the San Checking the color and texture of the fish can help give you an idea whether it's done, but using a thermometer is the most foolproof way to tell if

I've tried a number of different ways to tell when spaghetti, capellini and other pasta types are done, but I'm curious if there are more specific rules of thumb.

So how can you tell how far along your noodles are in the cooking process? Don't throw them at the wall—that sounds messy. There's a simple trick that you can use that doesn't involve biting into a slightly raw, very hot piece of rigatoni. All you need to do is carefully fish out one of your noodles from the pasta pot and cut it in half.

When you do, you'll likely see a ring inside the pasta that's a lighter color than the rest of the noodle. That part is the uncooked pasta. The thicker a ring there is, the less cooked it is. For pasta that's al dente, there should be a thin ring of that lighter color inside. If you want your pasta a little bit less cooked than al dente, look for a thicker ring. For pasta that's cooked all the way through, there should be no ring at all.

What Makes Eating Instant Noodles So Bad?

What Makes Eating Instant Noodles So Bad? People often consume instant noodles because they're inexpensive and quick to prepare. But those ramen noodles have their risks.

When they are completely limp, give them a taste to see if they’re cooked through. The thread-like vermicelli noodles used in spring rolls will cook through in They will absorb more moisture and cook the rest of the way through once in the stir fry. If your noodles are perfectly cooked to start, they will

That’s when I realized Miracle Noodles can satisfy the appetites of many people trying to manage their weight or improve a health condition. The way to do that is make sure you cook Miracle Noodles properly. The best way to cook them is by dry roasting them. I created the video below so you can

Watch: How to Cook Pasta

This move works particularly well with tube pasta, like ziti or rigatoni, but you can use it reasonably well with whatever you've got. The other day I was using some pasta I had splurged on during a trip to a fancy Italian grocery store, and realized that there were no time indicators on the box. The old cutting-in-half trick meant that I was still able to pretty easily tell when the pasta hit that sweet spot between too firm and too mushy, even without having a timer going. And no wall-sticking is involved, which is an all-around win in my book.

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National Noodle Day: Top Facts and How to Get Free Noodles .
A round-up of top facts about noodles and where to get them free.How better to celebrate than with free noodles? Check out the best deals below to help you make the most of the occasion.

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