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FoodWait—How Do You Pronounce 'Pecan?'

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Pecan Pie Scones

Pecan Pie Scones The scone dough is studded with big chunks of pecans and pieces of sugary baked pie dough. But the real cincher is the gooey caramel in the center.

This video shows you how to pronounce pecan . Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the drupe of the hickory tree. Do you know these 15 advanced words?

Today we're playing the " how do you pronounce this" game. Americans say words like caramel, syrup, and pecan very differently and we wanted to see how

Worried about running out of things to argue about this Thanksgiving? Don't panic! Just ask your family one simple question: “How do you pronounce ‘pecan?’”

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How to Pronounce “Pecan”

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Contrary to popular belief, how you pronounce “pecan” depends on more than where you live in relation to the Mason-Dixon line.

Many people believe Southerners say “pee-can” while Northerners say “puh-kahn.” According to the National Pecan Shellers Association (which, we assume, is the foremost authority on all things pecan), only 45 percent of Southerners are Team Pee-can—unlike 70 percent of people in the Northeast.

Cracker Barrel’s Limited-Time Fall Menu Features Praline Pecan Bread Pudding

Cracker Barrel’s Limited-Time Fall Menu Features Praline Pecan Bread Pudding Plus, a fried chicken BLT.

How do you say pecan ? It’s an eternal question, much like “ Do you put sugar in your cornbread?” or “Where is over yonder?” Pecans aren’t just part of our favorite pies. They’re part of the Southern landscape and the fabric of Southern agriculture. You can scarcely have Thanksgiving in the South

Both ways tbh. I have no idea what makes me pronounce it one way or the other at any given moment.

I’m a native Alabamian and have always pronounced it “puh-kahn.” I polled about 20 coworkers and friends who grew up in various parts of the U.S.—all but one Georgian said “pee-can.” So what gives?

“Conventional wisdom holds that the difference is regional, one more thing separated by the Mason-Dixon line,” Kathleen Purvis, author of Pecans: A Savor the South Cookbook, wrote in a 2013 article for Our State Magazine, a North Carolina-based publication. “Sorry, but that’s just not so. I’ve listened to people from all over. And in my experience, this pronunciation isn’t North versus South. It’s urban versus rural.”

According to Purvis, “If you want to sound down-home or a little bit country, say ‘pee-can.’ If you want to sound a little more urbane, say ‘pah-cahn.’”

Hey Southerners, Pecan Pie M&M's Are Back for a Limited Time This Fall

Hey Southerners, Pecan Pie M&M's Are Back for a Limited Time This Fall Pick up a bag while you still can.

We’ve posted about how pecans are grown, their nutritional benefits and our favorite pecan recipes, but we’ve never really discussed a popular topic of debate Take a look at these maps, and learn if you pronounce mayonnaise like the masses, which syllable gets the emphasis in Thanksgiving, or if

Is it Pea-can or Peh-cahn pie? The Good Morning Tampa Bay crew is debating ahead of Thanksgiving.

Full disclosure: This answer doesn’t line up with my experience. (Then again, I didn’t write the literal book on pecans).

I come from a long line of “puh-kahn” sayers and, while most members of my deeply Southern family aren’t exactly hillbillies, we definitely fall closer to “a little bit country” than “urbane” on the spectrum in question.

Meanwhile, my Manhattan born-and-bred former coworker says he eats “pee-cans” and not “puh-kahns.”

It looks like, in this particular instance, there may not be a definitive answer—so just shut up and eat your pie.

Pecan 101

The pecan is a type of hickory nut native to northern Mexico and the southern U.S.

Though it’s primarily cultivated in Georgia, it’s a state symbol in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Pecans were widely consumed and traded by Native Americans pre-European settlement. Since they’re edible long after they’ve been separated from the tree, they were a practical choice for consumers in a preagricultural society.

Snickers made a special pecan bar for fall -- but it's already sold out

  Snickers made a special pecan bar for fall -- but it's already sold out Snickers debuted a Snickers Pecan Bar Wednesday, conjuring up all sorts of chocolate pecan pie vibes. You feel them, too? This version was available only online, but by Wednesday night it had already sold out.Chances of buying any more sounded slim. A message on the website said customers could enter their email address to be notified "if we restock."The bars were being sold as a 15-pack for $30. They're set to begin shipping September 30.

Question about English (US). How do you pronounce pecan ? Answers. What are "disagrees"? When you "disagree" with an answer The owner of it will not be notified. Pecan Thats how I say it. Ive heard it pronounced probably 3 different ways. Probably an accent thing.

How to pronounce - pecan . This is HowTo. Загрузка 10 English words that you pronounce INCORRECTLY | British English Pronunciation - Продолжительность: 4:48 English with Lucy 6 692 470 просмотров.

Europeans came into contact with pecans sometime in the 15-century via Spanish explorers who called them “nuez de la arruga,” which roughly translates to “wrinkle nuts.” Yum?

The nuts, which are typically harvested from October through December, have a rich and buttery flavor.

They can be eaten fresh, but they’re often associated with desserts like pecan pie and pralines.

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Pecan Recipes

Wait—How Do You Pronounce 'Pecan?'© Photo: Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Christine Keely; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer Photo: Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Christine Keely; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer
  • Buttermilk-Pecan Pralines
  • Pecan-Breaded Pork Chops with Beer Sauce
  • Spiced Pecan Pie Bars

Find more pecan desserts here.

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