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FoodWhat’s the Difference Between Mozzarella, Burrata, and Straciatella?

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Did You Know There Are Actually 12 Types of Mozzarella?

Did You Know There Are Actually 12 Types of Mozzarella? Know your perlini from your fior di latte.

What ’ s the Difference Between Mozzarella , Burrata , and Straciatella ? What ’ s the Difference Between Shrimp and Prawns? No, shrimp are not just smaller prawns. Whole Foods, Whose Owner, Jeff Bezos, Is Worth 5 Billion, Is Cutting Health Care Coverage for Part-Time Workers Up to 1,900

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What’s the difference between...

Mozzarella, Burrata, and Straciatella?

But before you send your butler to the cheese shop, let’s parse the difference between mozzarella and its creamy cousins.

Mozzarella is an old friend: a fresh cheese made with cow milk (or, in the case of mozzarella di bufala, water-buffalo milk). The milk is separated into curds and whey; the curds then get strained, sliced, and submerged in a bath of 180–185°F water. They’re kneaded until they’re stretchy and elastic, then shaped into smooth, round balls.

(There’s a wide spectrum of quality and appearance within mozzarelladom: there are the packets of low-moisture, pre-shredded stuff found in any grocery store in America, and the snow-white balls of it in Naples that shudder when you look at them. But each of these comes out of the same mozzarella-making process.)

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This post originally appeared in an edition of What ’ s the Difference ?, a weekly newsletter for the curious and confused by New York City writer Brette Warshaw. But even being a New York Jew does not make you pre-programmed to know the differences between lox, Nova, and smoked salmon.

Yeah and you can tell they were manufactured at different times because the logo has blue on one and just white on the other.

You get straciatella when you take strands of fresh mozzarella and soak them in fresh cream; the result is a not-quite-solid, not-quite-liquid luxurious mess that makes a single piece of toast and cheese seem like it’s worth $9 at a fancy restaurant.

And burrata happens when you take a ball of mozzarella and fill it with that very straciatella, so that what looks like a solid mass of mozzarella ends up oozing a mozzarella-and-cream puddle as soon as you cut into it.

How’s that to cure your caprese ennui?

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