Food Check out these unique eateries formerly known as other things

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Check out these unique eateries formerly known as other things . In the cult foodie documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Americans were introduced to Sukiyabashi Jiro, a three-Michelin starred gastronomic seafood eatery hidden in a Tokyo subway station.

Check out these unique eateries formerly known as other things . Check out these unique eateries formerly known as other thingsIt's a jail! It's a plane! Everything you need to know about a Wisconsin fish boilThe story behind the Door County cookout.

So many restaurants are taking over spaces that were once used for different purposes and incorporating those origins into their décor. By paying tribute to their history, they create a richer dining experience, and something to talk about over your meal.

a person sitting at a table in a restaurant: Housed in a Boeing KC-97 tanker, The Airplane Restaurant serves more than peanuts and pretzels© The Airplane Restaurant Housed in a Boeing KC-97 tanker, The Airplane Restaurant serves more than peanuts and pretzels

Here are 10 places that have been transformed into restaurants where the food stands on its own but, like a diamond ring, is enhanced by a truly original setting.

Oh, if the walls could talk.

Cosima | Baltimore, Maryland

a group of people sitting at a table in front of a building: Cosima used to be a cotton mill© TPoz Photography Cosima used to be a cotton mill

In 1847, Mill No. 1 was home to The Mount Vernon Company, the world’s largest producer of cotton duck fabric. Today, its old boiler room is home to Cosima, one of Baltimore’s best new restaurants, where you’ll be treated like family and will feel like your mama was lovingly cooking for you – well, if your mama was beloved Executive Chef Donna Crivello (of Donna’s Coffee Bar and Restaurant fame).

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What truly makes this eatery unique is the variety of grilled cheese options, from the fresco sandwich (mozzarella, provolone, and peppers) to the buffalo chicken (chicken, cheddar, and Almost everyone has heard of California Donuts, also known as the most talked about donut shop on the West Coast.

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Totally modern with a nod to both its culinary heritage and location, Cosima offers exquisite Sicilian and Southern Italian cuisine in a warm and inviting setting. Dine on the outdoor patio, which offers incredible views of the historic Jones Falls waterway and introduces a part of the city many Baltimoreans have never seen, adding a new chapter to its history.

Circa 1886 | Charleston, South Carolina

a clock on top of a green plant in a garden: Circa 1886 at Wentworth Mansion used to be a carriage house© Circa 1886 Circa 1886 at Wentworth Mansion used to be a carriage house

A Charleston favorite, this popular restaurant is located in the original carriage house of the historic Wentworth Mansion, one of the city’s most award-winning and hospitable five-star hotels. Designed in the Second Empire style by architect Daniel D. Waynes, the grand mansion was built from 1865 to 1887, and was the family home of a wealthy businessman, his wife and 13 children.

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Any other operator should be fine as long as you make sure the fare runs on the ‘argo’ (meter). c. Becak – Becaks are bicycle rickshaws that fit up to Far from the effects of fast-moving capitalism, a laid-back island life is preserved in Karimunjawa, with eateries serving home-cooked seafood dishes

The second you walk out of our doors, you’ll find you’re self standing in the middle of the bustling Souk Khan el Zeit which starts at Damascus Gate, joins with the Via Dolorosa, and continues towards the Souk El Attarine. From there, you’re only a few minutes away from Jaffa Gate. Walking distance to Mt

Circa 1886, long considered one of Charleston’s finest restaurants, retains the spirit of the carriage house with stable doors and original heart-of-pine floors. Designed to mimic the carriage openings – which makes sense because the food is so good, you’ll eat like a horse – cozy booths with candlelit tables are tucked into arched openings.

Breakfast at Circa 1886 is exclusively for hotel guests, but everyone is welcome for dinner, when Executive Chef Marc Collins elevates Lowcountry cuisine to new heights.

The Airplane Restaurant | Colorado Springs, Colorado

a plane sitting on top of a grass covered field: The Airplane Restaurant is located in a real plane© Steve Kanatzar The Airplane Restaurant is located in a real plane

This Boeing KC-97 tanker-turned-restaurant totally redefines the idea of airplane food, with an extensive menu offering everything from salads and sandwiches to steak and pasta. Built in 1953, the magnificent airplane refueled aircraft throughout the world. In 2002, it began refueling hungry diners.

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Check out these cheap flights to Dallas so you can start your Lone Star adventure! Blue Sushi Sake Grill. For something a little different deep in the Do you know any delicious, affordable eateries that we’ve missed? Let us know , and we’ll be sure to check it out the next time we catch flights to Dallas!

The Caste Formerly Known As 'Untouchables' Demands A New Role In India. One of them, Vashram Sarvaiya, curls up in his hospital bed and describes how he and the other three were brutalized while they performed a job no non-Dalit would do: Disposing of dead cows.

Spread out – only 42 guests can actually eat aboard the 275-seat restaurant – and let your imagination take flight as you explore aviation history through hundreds of photos, memorabilia and rare artifacts. Warning: Your experience on this plane may set a new standard that your next flight probably won’t be able to meet.

Katalina’s | Columbus, Ohio

a group of people in front of a house: Katalina's used to be a gas station© Katalina’s, The Little Cafe with Lots of Local Goodness Katalina's used to be a gas station

Katalina’s, The Little Cafe with Lots of Local Goodness™, is housed in a 100-year-old gas station – the oldest one in Columbus – and people are happily continuing the tradition of waiting in line to get filled up.

The neon around the building and on the "parking" sign are original but, instead of gas, Katalina’s is now pumping out some of the city’s best breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes, including their signature pancake balls. More than a million of them have been consumed to date, along with many gallons of locally-made Milligan’s bourbon barrel aged maple syrup.

Hose 22 Firehouse Grill | Rochester, New York

a dining room table: Hose 22 Firehouse Grill used to be a firehouse© Hose 22 Firehouse Grill Hose 22 Firehouse Grill used to be a firehouse

The Hose 22 firehouse has been a Stutson Street fixture since 1916. It moved to a more modern facility in 1962 and stood empty for 47 years due to, ironically, a fire. In 2009, Rochester’s 175th anniversary, Hose 22 Firehouse Grill opened, restoring and honoring an important piece of the city’s history.

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Define eateries . eateries synonyms, eateries pronunciation, eateries translation, English dictionary definition of eateries . n. pl. eat·er·ies Informal A restaurant. or n , pl -eries informal a restaurant or eating house n., pl. -er•ies. a restaurant or other commercial establishment serving food.

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Using old photos, the restaurant was able to meticulously replicate the firehouse down to its fire poles and recognizable wrought iron balcony. The community generously donated historical photos and memorabilia in tribute to the brave firefighters who protected and served them.

Today, Hose 22 is serving them everything from pizza and burgers to steak and seafood. There’s no cause for alarm if the ribs – smoked fresh daily – run out because there are so many excellent back-up options to the rescue.

The Beauty Shop | Memphis, Tennessee

a person sitting at a table with wine glasses and smiling at the camera: The Beauty Shop used to be, well, a beauty shop© The Beauty Shop The Beauty Shop used to be, well, a beauty shop

This kitschy Memphis restaurant was once – you guessed it – a beauty shop. And not just any beauty shop but the one where Priscilla Presley used to get her beehive ‘do done. Although Elvis may have left the building, many of the old-school salon details still take center stage here: sinks for washing hair adorn the bar, daily specials are written on the mirror and you can eat under a Belvedere dryer.

In case you think this is merely a fun themed restaurant, one bite of the watermelon and wings or heirloom tomato and challah toast will set you straight. This is sophisticated food with a Southern accent, bursting with flavor and originality, made by people who care deeply about their craft. Your taste buds will understand they've had a brush with greatness.

Priyanka Chopra Used to Wake Up in the Middle of the Night to Check Nick Jonas’s Blood Sugar

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Check this out : The People formerly known as The Congregation (March 28, 2007.) Revises and extends my remarks into the situation with organized religion today… I have been using the phrase, the people formerly known as the audience, for a while. But I had never tried to define it.

We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter On the other hand, unknown unknowns are phenomena which cannot be expected because there has been

Dirty Habit | Washington, D.C.

a clock on the side of a building: Dirty Habit used to be the General Post Office© Dirty Habit Dirty Habit used to be the General Post Office

Dirty Habit, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco’s buzzing – and buzzworthy – restaurant, is located in the former mail-sorting pavilion of Washington, D.C.’s original General Post Office, which is where the Pony Express came to collect their packages. Constructed in 1839, it was the city’s first all-marble building patterned after the Roman Temple of Jupiter.

Guests enter the restaurant through the archway where the mail delivery team members would ride their horses to pick up and drop off mail. More than a century later, Executive Chef Kyoo Eom’s innovative seasonal menu and Beverage Manager Drew Hairston’s exciting bar program deliver an exceptional dining experience.

Tavern on the Green | New York City, New York

a group of sheep that are standing in front of a building: This 19th century sheephold is now Tavern on the Green© NYC Municipal Archives This 19th century sheephold is now Tavern on the Green

New York’s iconic restaurant started out in 1870 as a Gothic Revival sheephold housing 200 Southdown sheep. In 1934, the animals were banished to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and the space became a much-heralded restaurant as part of a Robert Moses park renovation.

This landmark continues to make history as a New York staple, sitting in its place of honor in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow. Tavern on the Green has been featured in classic movies like "Wall Street" and "Beaches," and is such an important part of so many people’s memories that they’re actually compiling all of these tales in what will ultimately become a treasured book. Get in and create a chapter of your own.

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Eatery definition is - luncheonette, restaurant. How to use eatery in a sentence. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ' eatery .' Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.

The Jane formerly known as Jane says Check out the many misspelled words on their flimsy cardboard placards. Children suffering from extreme poverty and malnutrition in other countries, are smart enough to beg for an education.

Sign of the Whale | San Diego, California

the inside of a building: Sign of the Whale used to be a jail© Kerry Helton Sign of the Whale used to be a jail

During its storied history, "San Diego’s Grand Old Lady" has been a city hall, a bank, a public library and a jailhouse. It’s now a welcome addition to the downtown restaurant scene, with its Victorian façade restored to closely resemble its original appearance. The first building in San Diego to be constructed entirely from local materials, the restaurant has kept many of the late 19th century elements intact.

In fact, downstairs, in Sign of the Whale’s basement, The Brig pays homage to the space’s former use as a jail, with beams and high ceilings all restored from the original building. What used to be cells and bars have been transformed into a much more welcoming bar and underground den that’s only open after dark. You’ll never have to worry about solitary confinement at this popular nightlife destination.

5Church | Charleston, South Carolina

a group of people in a room: 5Church used to be a church© Explore Charleston 5Church used to be a church

Somehow, it just seems right that 5Church would open in the Holy City. Located, of course, in a historic church – the old Church of the Redeemer and Harriet Pickney Home for Seamen – the restaurant features stunning stained glass windows, high ceilings and food that may be the answer to your prayers.

Its eclectic menu – sushi tots, Japanese fried chicken, peanut butter and jelly cinnamon rolls – will have you giving thanks and praising the chefs.

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