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Food This Crispy Rice Frittata Is Where Leftover Rice Goes To Heaven

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Might I suggest the crispy rice frittata , a dish I put together when I was in one such scenario. I was inspired by just how much we love crispy rice around BA but constrained by the fact Pour 2 cups leftover white rice into the skillet and spread it out evenly, compacting a little with a spoon or spatula.

Leftover fried rice can be pretty tasty on its own, but if you want to turn it into a totally different kind of snack, try waffling it. The results are extra crispy and crunchy on the outside, but warm and chewy on the inside. If you don’t happen to have leftover rice on hand, you can of course cook up a fresh

a plate of food with a slice of pizza: rice frittata© Photo by Chelsie Craig, Food Styling by Yekaterina Boytsova rice frittata

The only thing better than a good recipe? When something's so easy to make that you don't even need one. Welcome to It's That Simple, a column where we talk you through the process of making the dishes and drinks that they can make with their eyes closed.

Everyone will tell you that the way to use up leftover rice is to make fried rice. The best version of the latter requires the former, as the cooked grains are drier and therefore more amenable to high heat, flavor absorption, and the ever-coveted crispiness.

But what happens when you’ve made fried rice three too many times in the past month? Or when you don’t have quite enough left over to constitute a full meal? Might I suggest the crispy rice frittata, a dish I put together when I was in one such scenario. I was inspired by just how much welovecrispyrice around BA but constrained by the fact that it was a pantry dinner kind of night. In the end, though, it turned out so well that it became a staple in my kitchen, even an excuse to make extra rice.

A One-Ingredient Trick for Even Better Chicken Fried Rice

A One-Ingredient Trick for Even Better Chicken Fried Rice In a recent New York Times newsletter, Julia Moskin called chicken and rice “one of the world’s great recipe genres,” and I couldn’t agree more. When these humble ingredients team up, they turn into some of the best dishes on our site, whether the recipe is Hainanese, Lebanese, or Persian. I could never pick a favorite, but these days, my at-home go-to is American-Chinese, sparked by many takeout orders of chicken fried rice—large, always a large. As cookbook author Pat Tanumihardja notes in our guide on how to make fried rice without a recipe, this dish is a dreamy way to use up leftovers. “Just about anything can go into fried rice,” she writes.

Both fried rice and frittatas are known as perfect dishes for cleaning out the refrigerator. Perhaps it’s because both cold rice and eggs act as a blank slate for whatever you wish From the salty bacon and rich shiitakes, to the spicy ginger and pungent kimchi, this frittata is truly a tangle of delicious flavors.

Rice and Peas Frittata . By Cherry Dumaual. Add leftover steamed rice and peas. Season with salt to taste and stir well over low-to-medium heat.

This crispy rice frittata is riffable, a perfect vehicle for using up not just your leftover rice, but whatever other odds and ends you have in your fridge. Greens like kale or spinach, a small block of lingering cheese, some roasted vegetables from a few nights ago, and that half a sausage you felt too guilty to throw out are all fair game. (Of course, certain ingredients will need to be cooked first. Don’t add in anything raw that you wouldn’t want to actually eat in its raw state: We’re thinking bacon, mushrooms, white onion). But when it comes down to it, the only nonnegotiables are olive oil, salt, eggs, and rice.

For the sake of a recipe(ish), here’s a streamlined version, to be followed exactly or used as a guide:

Start by preheating your oven to 300°.

How to Make Fried Rice That's Super-Crispy (Meaning Extra-Delicious)

How to Make Fried Rice That's Super-Crispy (Meaning Extra-Delicious) It's the factor that most homemade fried rice is missing.

Got a pot of rice that 's a couple days old? This method reintroduces moisture and brings sad, fridge-cold leftovers right back to life. The trick, says senior food editor Andy Baraghani, is seasoning the bottom of the pan, and making sure to snugly wrap the lid with a kitchen towel.

Fried rice is the undisputed ruler of all leftovers . It won't even work if the rice itself isn’t at least a day old. Fresh rice ’s moisture will steam out in the pan Frittata is quiche without a fussy crust. It’s also a genius way to decimate those small piles of leftovers your refrigerator is hoarding. Have just a few

Whisk together 6 eggs, along with a generous pinch of kosher salt. Beat until the whites and yolks are fully incorporated and the mixture looks a bit frothy. This ensures that your frittata will be nice and fluffy. Grate ¼ cupparmesan cheese using a microplane and mix that into your eggs. Set aside.

Next, heat 2 Tbsp.olive oil in a medium nonstick skillet over medium heat. While you’re waiting for the oil to get hot, slice 1 bunchscallions into bite-size pieces, discarding the hairy ends and the tippy-tops. Drop the pieces in the skillet, spread them out evenly, and then let them sit undisturbed for about 5 minutes. You’re not going to get a char on these like you would if they were in a piping-hot cast iron, but that’s okay. You just want them to get tender and take on a bit of color. Once they’re at that point, it’s time to add in the rice.

a white and yellow rice: What dreams are made of!© Photo by Chelsie Craig, Food Styling by Pearl Jones What dreams are made of!

Keep the heat at medium. You’ll still have some olive oil in your pan, but you want to add a bit more, so that it lightly but completely coats the bottom. This is the key to crisping up your rice. As the great Carla Lalli Musicputs it, fat is not just flavor—it’s also the cooking medium, a.k.a. the stuff that carries the heat to the rice and gets it crackling and golden-brown.

This Crispy Chickpea Rice Pilaf Is My Saving-Grace Dinner

  This Crispy Chickpea Rice Pilaf Is My Saving-Grace Dinner I love rice. It’s not as trendy a grain as farro or bulgur or buckwheat, I know. Rice is cheap, too, of course. Though I often look longingly at the 20-pound bags at H Mart (they’re only $19.99! Who wants to split one?), I can’t quite get that much rice into my tiny pantry. Instead, I visit the bulk bins at my local health food store, where I’ve found that rice tends to be a few dollars cheaper per pound than its packaged counterparts.

This Crispy Rice salad is easy to put together, has that ever so addicting sweet and sour dressing and goes really well with a few ice cold beers. -Mix some ground pork in the rice -Try traditional style where shredded coconut is put in the rice -The thai way is to mix the rice with red curry paste -Add

If you usually have leftover rice you can make a chewy and crispy snack by spreading a half-inch layer on a nonstick skillet brought to medium heat. This results in a hot snack that is delicious when dipped into your favorite hot sauce or paired with fried eggs. You'll want to stick with short and long

Pour 2 cups leftover white rice into the skillet and spread it out evenly, compacting a little with a spoon or spatula. The layer should be about ½-inch thick, covering the bottom of the pan. It can be thinner than this if that’s what you’ve got, but don’t go much thicker, as the rice won’t get truly crisp. Give that a nice sprinkling of kosher salt and let it cook undisturbed for about 10 minutes.

Once you see that the rice is getting color underneath (if you’re unsure, peek by lifting up an edge with a spatula), pour your egg mixture over the top.

Turn the heat off and transfer your skillet to the oven. Yes, we’re putting a nonstick skillet in the oven, and yes, it will be fine. We’re at low heat and it only takes about 15 minutes to set the eggs. The oven is important here because the rice creates a barrier that insulates the eggs from the heat of the stovetop and of the pan. You need the gentle, surrounding heat of the oven to allow the eggs to cook evenly, while also ensuring that the layer of rice stays crispy and doesn’t burn.

While the frittata is baking, pick the leaves from some tender herbs. You can use whatever you like, which for me is a combination of cilantro, parsley, and basil. (Also, a few stems never hurt anyone!) All in all, you want somewhere in the ¼–½ cup ballpark for big bites of freshness.

This Is How to Reheat Rice so It's Light and Fluffy

  This Is How to Reheat Rice so It's Light and Fluffy Have leftover rice from your favorite take-out restaurant? Made too much Spanish rice last night? We'll show you how to reheat rice in the microwave, by steaming it on the stovetop or stir-frying it in a wok. The post How to Reheat Rice—Three Easy Ways appeared first on Taste of Home. Related Video: Egg Fried Rice (Provided by Bon Appetit) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", "#video_player_0cecf488-d285-4f0b-85e1-ca85152f9629").

Plenty of iconic Aussie snacks didn't deserve to die but Australia has had a slightly sordid history when it comes to keeping our snacks free of racist and homophobic undertones. Here are five Aussie snacks that you won't find in 2019 because they were rightly discontinued.

Cooked rice is very moist, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria growth if it is left at room temperature for more than two hours. 2. Store in an airtight container. Those little cardboard take-out containers may be cute, but they will also let in air, making leftover rice chewy and hard.

When the frittata is done—check after 15 minutes or so—pull it out and let it sit for a few minutes before transferring it to a cutting board. It should slide right out. Top it with the herbs and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt, then cut it into wedges.

The bottom of the frittata will be a perfect layer of crispy rice, and the top will be light and fluffy, each bite studded with caramelized scallions and parm, with bright, fresh herbs to finish. If you ask me, it’s the ideal one-skillet, use-it-up dinner—and you don’t even need toast.

You do, however, need hot sauce:

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