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Food 10 Funny Christmas Gifts to Make Your Friends Giggle

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'Wedding crasher' on the loose, allegedly stealing couples’ gifts, authorities say

'Wedding crasher' on the loose, allegedly stealing couples’ gifts, authorities say The "wedding crasher" has been targeting weddings around Comal County in Texas, authorities say.

Use these 10 christmas gift pranks to prank your friends and family in the funniest ways! Funny Pranks For Back to School Using School Supplies! http 30 SECRET HACKS TO MAKE YOU AN INSTAGRAM STAR - Продолжительность: 12:23 5-Minute Crafts Recommended for you.

The 25 funniest gifts to make everyone laugh out loud this holiday, from comical friends to hilarious family members and jokesters. Everyone loves a good laugh, and this holiday season, make sure to add some funny gag gifts in the mix to your friends They will all get a good smile and giggle out of it, and it will make for a much more jovial Christmas . Funny Christmas Holiday Gift Tags. $ 10 .98.

People who have trouble sleeping may be at higher risk of heart disease and stroke, according to a new study published Friday in the medical journal Neurology.

a person in a blue shirt sitting on a bed: In this undated file photo, a man is unable to sleep.© Frederic Cirou/PhotoAlto via Getty Images, FILE In this undated file photo, a man is unable to sleep.

Researchers from Peking University in Beijing China followed 487,200 Chinese adults for a decade to examine the relationship between insomnia and cardiovascular health.

Participants were surveyed on their difficulty falling or maintaining sleep as well as on their early morning awakening and "daytime dysfunction" (difficulty concentrating because of poor sleep).

You can stay in a real life Hagrid's hut for just $1 and have the most magical Christmas ever

You can stay in a real life Hagrid's hut for just $1 and have the most magical Christmas ever The prize includes a trip on the Hogwarts Express, an enchanted afternoon tea, a hamper and presents from Santa, and the chance to meet Harry Potter.

This year, for a change, go for funny Christmas gifts . Your family and friends will surely not be able to resist having a giggle and a laugh once they open Combine the gift of laughter with a real gift and you have just given one of the best Christmas gifts ever. This holiday season, make your friends

10 funny Christmas t-shirts to gift : 1. Something for the Christmas Vacation enthusiast. Want to buy funny Christmas shirts for your beer-loving male friends ? Then this particular t-shirt will And what’s Christmas without some good old drinking? Get this t-shirt for your friends and make their

Researchers then tracked cardiovascular disease in the participants over the next 10 years using a national health registry.

Their findings indicated that the risk of overall cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease or ischemic stroke was significantly higher in participants who had reported insomnia-like symptoms at the beginning of the study period.

Overall risk was 9% greater in those who had difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, 7% greater in those with early morning awakening and 13% greater in those with daytime dysfunction. Furthermore, they found that these risks increased for those with a greater number of sleep symptoms.

"These results suggest that if we can target people who are having trouble sleeping with behavioral therapies, it’s possible that we could reduce the number of cases of stroke, heart attack and other diseases later down the line," said the study's lead author Dr. Liming Li in a press release.

Cadbury Is Selling A ‘Christmas Cottage Kit’ Made Out Of Chocolate And It’s So Much Better Than Gingerbread

  Cadbury Is Selling A ‘Christmas Cottage Kit’ Made Out Of Chocolate And It’s So Much Better Than Gingerbread Their new gingerbread-infused chocolate bar is included tho.Will I eat so many supplies that my candy foundation crumbles? Prolly. But that's why you buy two kits. According to the site, each is packed with Dairy Milk Bars, a Dairy Milk Winter Bar, the new Dairy Milk with Gingerbread bar (more on that in a sec), snowflakes, and white buttons. Icing for decorating—and downing by the spoonful—is sold separately so don't forget to stock up.

Christmas is all about gifts . Your friends expect gifts on christmas . Tea tin candles. If you want to make more personalized Christmas gifts for friends there is no better way than making it yourself. I am sure your friends will love that personal touch and appreciate the effort you have put it.

Christmas shopping for family and friends can be fun but sometimes it can also be daunting depending on whether or not you know what to get someone and what they But the great thing about Christmas gift shopping is that as long as the gift is unique and funny it will suit just about anyone.

"The link between insomnia symptoms and these diseases was even stronger in younger adults, and people who did not have high blood pressure at the start of the study, so future research should look especially at early detection and interventions aimed at these groups," he added.

The researchers also noted that participants with insomnia symptoms were more likely to be older, female, diabetic, less educated, poorer and more likely to live in rural areas. They were also more likely to report symptoms of depression and anxiety.

"Because these factors couldn’t be controlled for, it’s difficult to say that there’s a causal link between insomnia and cardiovascular disease," said Dr. Ravi Kesari, an internist at NYU Langone Medical Center in an interview with ABC News. "A larger study like a meta-analysis could further define the relationship."

While the study agrees with similar research performed in the United States and Europe, it represents the largest research into this issue to date.

When to Book Flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas

  When to Book Flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas Everyone has an opinion—so we cross-referenced them all to find the absolute best time to book Thanksgiving and Christmas flights.Good news if you haven't yet bought your tickets for Thanksgiving travel yet: procrastinators will actually benefit with the ability to score cheap holiday flights with late bookings (to a certain extent).

Christmas is a time that brings out the happiness in most people. The meaning, the lights, the gifts , the reason of the celebration is beautiful. So why not slice loose a bit, play few games and spend time making each other giggle . If that sounds like an exciting idea just check out some of these top 10

With these Christmas gifts under $ 10 , you won’t be the friend who forgot a gift , but you won’t be the friend who spent too much money, either. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn

Gallery: 50 Foods That Sabotage Your Sleep (Provided by Eat This, Not That)

a close up of a pile of fries: French fries are arguably one of the most popular hits that bring people up to the drive-thru window. They’re cheap, and no one can resist a salty, crispy, deep-fried potato. Which begs the question: which fast-food joint holds the title for the best fries?Well, our Eat This, Not That! team took it upon ourselves to find out for you. It’s a daunting task, really—but we NEED answers in the name of journalism.Out of the plethora of fast food spots available across the country, we narrowed our testing down to seven fast-food places we thought were the most popular and that would reach a national audience. Sorry west coasters, but the In-N-Out fries were just too far out of reach to include in our taste test.

This Giant Cookie Cutter Makes Holiday Baking So Much Easier .
It cuts 24 Christmas shapes at once.The Giant Christmas Cookie Cutter, which is from Chip and Joanna Gaines' line, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, cuts an impressive 24 cookies at once. The cutter is made of metal with a sharp cutter side and features festive shapes including Christmas trees, stars, and snowflakes that will be ready for cookie decorating once your freshly baked cookies cool off. According to the product description, the tool brings "efficiency and fun" to your baking experience, and it's available at Target.

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