Food Any Recipe Can Be an Air Fryer Recipe—Here's How to Create One

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Meet Your Go-To Salad Dressing

  Meet Your Go-To Salad Dressing Although my fridge is stocked with all sorts of sauces and condiments, the one thing you won't find is bottled salad dressing. Why? It's really easy to make a simple and delicious vinaigrette. It takes only a couple of minutes to make and is far healthier than anything processed. © POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry Meet Your Go-To Salad Dressing While there are tons of recipes out there, this one - which comes from my girlfriend Sonia - is my everyday vinaigrette. It's a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and Dijon mustard.

You can also click here to download the PDF version of this Airfryer Recipe Converter. Airfryer For Beginners PDF Cookbook. If you would like to get all the recipes mentioned above, along with all the extra tutorials, then click on the image Also,which fryer were you using at the time of creating them?

Which air fryer to buy and how about some good starter recipes ? “ An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around the food. A mechanical fan circulates the hot air around the food at high speed, cooking the food and producing a crispy layer via the Maillard effect.”

You don't have to be a classically trained chef to convert recipes from a favorite cookbook or Grandma's recipe box so they'll work in your air fryer. In fact, all you need are a few helpful tips.

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Amanda Mason—recipe creator, food blogger and owner of Recipes Worth Repeating—reworks two to three conventional recipes a week for the air fryer. She shared her tricks with us.

Here's our Test Kitchen's complete guide to air fryers.

Conventional Oven to Air Fryer Conversion

To convert an oven-cooked recipe to an air-fryer one, Mason's general rule of thumb is to reduce the suggested temperature by 25°F and then cut the cook time by about 20%. Just use the pause button on your machine to occasionally check the doneness and flip for balanced crispness on all sides.

Here's the Secret to Conquering Your Midnight Sweets Craving

  Here's the Secret to Conquering Your Midnight Sweets Craving No need to preheat your oven for these chocolate chip delights! Whip up a fresh batch of air fryer cookies for a treat that's ready in minutes. The post How to Make Air Fryer Cookies That Will Satisfy Your Midnight Sweets Craving appeared first on Taste of Home.

Here ' s how to make the most of your air fryer . Our Favorite Healthy Air Fryer Recipes . Who ever said that chicken wings, doughnuts, and pizza couldn't be healthy? The cinnamon-sugar mixture creates a thin crust on the outside, delivering that classic churro crunch.

Air fryers work by circulating super-hot air mixed with tiny droplets of oil. The hot air plus oil combo helps quickly To really show that off, we’ve rounded up 14 recipes to show just how versatile the air fryer can be . If you’ve never used an air fryer before, chicken strips are the perfect place to start.

Deep Fryer to Air Fryer Conversion

You can get the tastiness of deep frying—hello, chicken wings—without using nearly as much oil. That's why so many people love it.

Mason uses a special method for her fried chicken. She sets the temperature to 390°F and the timer to 25 minutes. At 14 minutes, she flips the chicken and sprays it with just a bit of vegetable oil, then air fries it for 11 minutes more. She says a light spritz of oil at the beginning and midway, when you flip the pieces, can help form an extra-crispy exterior while maintaining interior juiciness. (Here's how to air-fry all types of chicken.)

If you're air frying prepackaged frozen foods like french fries, hit pause and shake the basket once or twice throughout the cooking process so all surfaces are exposed to the hot air coming from the top of the air fryer.

36 Healing Soup Recipes to Kick Your Cold ASAP

  36 Healing Soup Recipes to Kick Your Cold ASAP What's more comforting than warm soup when you're feeling sick? Whether it be nutrients from veggies, spices for your sinuses or the healing properties of protein and broth, here you'll find the best soups for a cold so you can feel better fast. The post The Best Soups for Fighting a Cold (So You Can Feel Better Fast!) appeared first on Taste of Home.

The recipes for air fryer here will change your cooking. We bet you weren’t aware that your air fryer can deliver this kind of dish, as well. Here ’ s how . Air Fryer Recipe Directions: Create 3 x ½ inch sticks out of the cheese blocks by cutting it carefully.

Here ' s how they work. But air fryers are for more than just cooking your favorite fried foods in a slightly healthier fashion. In fact, anything that you would roast in a conventional oven can also be cooked in an air fryer , from Thanksgiving turkey (providing it fits) to a full weeknight fish dinner.

Pan Fry to Air Fryer Conversion

If you can whip it up on your stovetop, chances are you can air-fry it. Think stir-fries, meatballs and veggie side dishes.

When your traditional pan-fry recipe calls for a sauce or batter, make those elements first. If the recipe calls for a dipping batter like air fryer pickles, coat according to directions and place the pickles in a single layer in the air fryer basket to crisp up. After the veggies are a nice golden brown, turn and finish off the other side with additional cooking spray.

If you're making something with lots of ingredients like a stir-fry or grain dish, Mason says you'll want to use an oven-safe cake insert, foil pan or bowl to keep small pieces from falling through the air fryer basket. It's easier when you cook the grain ahead of time. Add the cooked grains, along with veggies and herbs, to the pan and place directly in the basket for cooking. Remember to stir it up every five minutes.

How to Make Homemade Potato Chips in a Snap

  How to Make Homemade Potato Chips in a Snap Make crispy potato chips with your air fryer. This classic lunch side just got a whole lot better (and crunchier). The post How to Make Potato Chips in Your Air Fryer appeared first on Taste of Home.

Here are some foods that are very popular for cooking in an air fryer Grilling vegetables in the air fryer is one of my favorite things to make. I love grilling cauliflower, mushrooms, zucchini, red pepper and eggplant in my You can however boil rice first and use it to create a stir fry in the T-Fal Actifry.

Here ’ s how to do it. The air fryer uses convection to circulate hot air around whatever you put inside. As our editor Meghan discovered in her thorough review, the air fryer has its strengths and weaknesses — but donuts are a definite strength (as are crispy chickpeas, shishito peppers, and

Here are more air-frying accessories you'll love.

Grill to Air Fryer Conversion

Instead of searing your steak on the grill or in a cast-iron skillet, Mason suggests you use your air fryer. Flip the steak once halfway, then make it amazing by topping it with a slab of garlic butter while it rests. You can use the same method for fish, and check the temperature once it stops cooking.

All that said, there are some foods that just don't work in an air fryer. Save yourself some time and stick to the ones that do.

The post How to Convert Pretty Much Any Recipe for Your Air Fryer appeared first on Taste of Home.

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