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Food This Storebought Seasoning Is My Secret Flavor Weapon

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a plate of food © Photo by Emma Fishman, Food Styling by Pearl Jones

Dashi is the building block for some of the most delicious foods. The deeply flavored broth is made by steeping kombu, a type of dried kelp, and katsuobushi, a dried and aged tuna. When combined in water, the two transform into a savory, lip-smacking base for anything from miso soup to a barely set steamed custard. Although dashi comes together relatively quickly compared to other long-simmered broths and stocks, there’s an even faster shortcut to flavorful broth, and that’s instant dashi.

Instant dashi is to dashi what a bouillon cube is to chicken broth. While dashi is subtle and subdued, instant dashi is a cartoon drawing with all the features enhanced and hyper-expressive. But sometimes all that noise is just what you need to liven up a dull dish. It’s made from powdered bonito, which is amped up with MSG and other flavor enhancers. There is no steeping or straining required—one teaspoon easily dissolves into a cup of water—but to appreciate the true power of instant dashi, you should go beyond soup. I like to think of it as another spice in my arsenal, useful any time I need to add meaty depth to a recipe or just turn up the volume on flavor in any dish.

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Given that versatility in flavor , not to mention preparation, here are tips to help you get started using dried chile peppers. Get familiar with a few varieties These are most similar to the crushed red pepper flakes you are familiar with, although Jinich says the peppers also boast a somewhat nutty flavor .

My secret weapon is that I read. (Photo: Dmitrij Paskevic/Unsplash). There’s only one thing, one constant thing that I believe keeps me moving closer to my goals, and keeps me fixed on what I want to do. It’s got nothing to do with being close to the universe or attracting things to me with positive energy.

The instant dashi I always reach for is produced by the Japanese company Ajinomoto, whose founder, Kikunae Ikeda, developed it to recreate the savory flavor in his wife’s dashi. The company’s instant dashi powder, Hon Dashi, is available at Asian markets or online.

Because of its convenient powdered form, instant dashi can be sprinkled right into any number of things from scrambled eggs to popcorn. My all-time favorite way to use for instant dashi is to simply boil potatoes in it, simmering the water all the way down until I’m left with a finger-licking salty dashi crust all around them.

Instant dashi is also the key ingredient to these savory dinner oats, which I developed specifically to showcase this powerful powder. Someone a long time ago decided that oatmeal belonged in the breakfast category, but I think that chewy, hearty, steel-cut oats need more airtime in our lives.

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But that doesn’t mean that the sauces of this country should intimidate you. Yes, there are a lot of them, and while the flavors or complex, they are simple to make and luscious beyond reason. These six sauces will allow you to put together a whole bunch of insanely delicious meals quickly, without

These storebought marinades and dipping sauces from Food 52 make getting dinner ready a breeze. Swirl just a spoonful of these complex sauces into your marinade, your aromatics, or right into a finished dish at the end of cooking for an impactful flavor that your guests will be asking about.

For my dinner oats I start by sweating scallions, garlic, and ginger in butter until tender and aromatic, before stirring in steel cut oats, water, and instant dashi. It all simmers together until the oats grow creamy and tender, creating a cozy base for any number of toppings. Here I’ve kept it simple with some crispy vinegar-dressed veggies, but just like congee or polenta, savory oats are the perfect canvas for poached eggs, meaty sautéed mushrooms, or a full fridge clean-out. And if there was still doubt about oatmeal’s place at the dinner table, the instant dashi makes it clear that these oats belong there.

Dashi Oats With Crunchy Veg

a bowl of food on a plate © Photo by Emma Fishman, Food Styling by Pearl Jones

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