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From Dubai, to London, Hong Kong, and Berlin, we take you around the world in under three minutes as the world rings in the new year . ~. File photo.

There's a new name for the world's worst travelers: ego tourists. They're inconsiderate, wasteful – and rude. Are you one of them?

Man selling to european tourists tradtional arab sweets at the historic old city market of Akko. This market has a wonderful selection of authentic Middle Eastern goods, from fresh fish to spices and delicious Arab desserts.© Catalyst Man selling to european tourists tradtional arab sweets at the historic old city market of Akko. This market has a wonderful selection of authentic Middle Eastern goods, from fresh fish to spices and delicious Arab desserts.

This may be the right time to ask because nothing brings out the ego tourists like the holidays. The busy travel period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is so stressful that it comes with its own survival guide. But let's face it: it's the people that make it unbearable – specifically, the ego tourists.

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The horrible things ego tourists do

"I have seen some horrors," says Jeanne Craig, a retired flight attendant. They include a first-class passenger who started clipping his toenails during meal service, a mom who left a dirty diaper in her seat pocket, and one passenger who couldn't wait for the bathroom.

"He peed in the closet," she recalls.

Wow. Someone should make a movie about those ego tourists.

Hold up: What, exactly, is an ego tourist?

The term "ego tourist" isn't new. People have used it to describe everything from fake ecotourists to travelers who seek out "authentic" but risk-free experiences. Lately, though, ego tourism has become synonymous with the "me first" movement in travel. It's a synonym for the worst tourists in the world.

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Pinpointing a single dish, at a single restaurant, as the absolute most delicious bite of food in a state Each of these dishes is a true American classic, and they’re nothing short of the most delicious things to eat in their entire home state. Pantone revealed its color of the year 2020—and it's not political.

Every state has some absolutely delicious dishes, and each of these favorites isn't just tasty, they're also iconic. Each state has its own unique specialties as well as restaurants that serve definitive versions of some of the most delicious foods on earth, and we ’ve tracked down the very best thing to

How do you know if you're the worst traveler ever?

"If you have to ask if you're an ego tourist, you might be part of the problem," says Diane Gottsman, an etiquette expert and the owner of The Protocol School of Texas. She says you might feel some nervousness about the trip (many ego tourists are inexperienced). Maybe you don't have a printout of your itinerary or you're unsure of who's going to pick you up at the airport.

"Even seasoned travelers can easily find themselves getting frustrated," she says.

Asking the question, "Am I the worst traveler in the world?" also means you're looking for answers. And that's a good thing, says Gottsman. It means you're more likely to plan ahead. Her favorite item: A bottle of ibuprofen, to deal with the inevitable headaches.

If you don't travel often

Frequent travelers expect traffic jams and long lines. But holiday travel brings out the novices, says Jacqueline Whitmore, a former flight attendant and director of the Protocol School of Palm Beach. "They don't know what to expect. They get very frustrated, very quickly," she says.

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This year , he was named winner of "The People's Best Pastry Chef" by Food & Wine, and we have a feeling this now-famous dessert played a part. For those without four wheels, it may require a train ride or a Zipcar. But the North Shore hides a number of absolute gems, like this gastropub in Ipswich.

I ate a lot of really excellent things all year —basically everything that came out of the test kitchen, especially this fish sauce steak where I kept pretending there were problems with the recipe, triggering a retest, so I could eat it again—but the absolute best thing I ate was my first bite this year of an

Whitmore has seen it herself. She worked on flights where inconsiderate newbies brought strollers the size of a Mercedes and then ordered a flight attendant to stow them. The worst: A soiled diaper plopped on the tray table. Whitmore doesn't blame them for being rude. "They just don't know any better," she says.

If other people complain about your behavior

If other travelers and passengers complain about your actions, chances are you're an ego tourist. This can include motorists who honk at you or airline passengers who complain about you invading their personal space or stealing their armrest.

"The first sign that someone is unhappy with your behavior is their body language," says "A Traveler's Passport To Etiquette" author Lisa Grotts. "The eyes have it even when the mouth doesn't say a word. Crossed arms and a scowl go a long way in projecting negative feelings, even if the person hasn't said a word yet."

Also, look for the evil eye or the eye roll. Those are telltale signs you may be the worst traveler on the plane.

Always pack your manners

Sure, stories about angry motorists brandishing firearms in holiday traffic make for exciting reading. But talk to the etiquette experts, and it's clear that these behaviors are outliers. The worst travelers in the world are the everyday people who don't plan and forget their manners.

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Best thing I ate this year would have to be the mapo eggplant at Old Thousand. Old Thousand is Austin's newest " eat -in" and "take-out" Chinese The best thing I ever ate this year was a carrot cake by Kona Grill from The Domain shopping center in Austin, Texas. Sushi is always a good idea

The best thing I ate this month was a grilled portobello sandwich from City Kitchen in Chapel Hill, NC. The Hippie Bowl from the cookbook Bowl and Spoon is definitely on my short list of Best Things I Have Eaten Ever. Basically, tofu is soaked in a spicy sweet marinade and then roasted until crispy

But there's a little more to the story. While the novices in the back of the plane throw dirty diapers at the flight attendants, there's another kind of ego tourism happening in the front of the aircraft. It's a culture of entitlement bred by loyalty programs, which send constant messages to its premium passengers that they are better than the rest of the passengers on the plane. It's that mix of diaper-throwing newbies and entitled elites that makes air travel so toxic. And it spills over to the roads, into hotel lobbies and car rental counters.

The solution is simple: Don't forget to pack your manners. That advice will serve you well at any time.

How to deal with an ego tourist

Ego tourists travel all the time, not just during the holidays. So how do you handle fellow travelers who are the center of their own universes?

Tell them they're ego tourists – politely. Just because your seatmate is the worst traveler in the world doesn't mean you have to be. If someone is misbehaving, mention the breach of etiquette nicely. Ask the person to please stop. (Otherwise, you're both ego tourists.)

Get out of the way. Change seats, move rooms, but whatever you do, give the ego tourists room. That's especially true of aggressive drivers. If you see someone tailgating you, pull over and let the car pass you.

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Return anger with kindness. Ego tourists feed off anger. Instead of getting into a shouting match – or worse – try returning the toxic sentiment with compassion. "Kindness is contagious and goes a long way when it comes to traveling," says Grotts.

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It has been decades since my husband and I decamped from Metropolis and moved to the country, which means one thing: We’ve had our fair share of power outages. In 1996, just three months into owning our first home, the power went out in a freak snowstorm that kept us in the dark for 11 days. We were younger then is about all I can say about how we got through it. Fortunately, that one snowstorm is still the record holder; most of our power outages since then have been no more than a few days (which is still plenty).

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