Food 20 Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes That Will Fuel You Through The Game

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Mayocoba Beans Are the Pantry Staple You Need for Winter—Here's Why

  Mayocoba Beans Are the Pantry Staple You Need for Winter—Here's Why Mayocoba beans are the legume that your meals have been missing. The post What Are Mayocoba Beans? appeared first on Taste of Home.

20 Vegan Super Bowl Recipes That Pair Perfectly With Football. A Part of Hearst Digital Media Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

20 . Citrus Coconut Energy Drink. Full of citrus goodness with the added benefits of coconut water. This drink will cool you off after burning through some calories or in getting you through the day. And, this will be a game changer. You ’ll be able to easily communicate what you are spending time on, and

Airlines deal with a lot of angry, exhausted travelers due to flight delays and cancellations. While snow, sleet, and icy conditions are definitely culprits in winter, frigid temperatures aren't. If you want to avoid as many delays as possible, this is the best time to fly.

a large passenger jet sitting on top of a runway© Thomas Bethge/Shutterstock

Almost 70 percent of all delays are caused by inclement weather in a given year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, and delays also have significant monetary consequences, including costing both travelers and airlines billions of dollars every year.

But, is there an exact temperature that makes it too cold for a commercial airplane to fly? "There is not a specific temperature," says Tom Haines, Senior Vice President of Media, Communications & Outreach at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). "However, extreme cold on the ground can mean that around minus 20 F or so, the oil in the turbine engine may become so thick that it would be difficult to start the engine. Therefore, at around that temperature the operator would use hot forced air into the engine to warm the oil before starting. Once running, the engine can operate in much colder conditions." Make sure you know the potentially scary reason why airplanes dim the lights before takeoff.

15 Slow-Cooker Apple Recipes for When You Come Home From the Orchard

  15 Slow-Cooker Apple Recipes for When You Come Home From the Orchard Don't know what to do with a ten-pound bag of apples? Your slow-cooker can help.The great thing is apples are so versatile, so these slow-cooker recipes range from breakfast to dinner to dessert to condiments. There’s apple crisp for sweets fans, apple oatmeal for early risers, apple pulled pork for meat fanatics, and a perfect apple butter recipe for anyone who wants to spread apple flavor on pretty much everything. (And hey, if you’re not feeling apple recipes this fall, we’ve got you covered with pumpkin dinner recipes, instead.

Yes, you can throw a Super Bowl party without a plate of wings. From loaded baked sweet potatoes From loaded baked sweet potatoes to broiled eggplant dip, these vegetarian recipes will shine in any game day spread. It’s not game day without a bowl of guacamole, and if you ’re the one hosting

The Super Bowl is one of those semi-awkward sporting events where, if your eyes aren't glued to the football game , you 're literally just there for the food These Super Bowl snacks are not only easy to make, but everyone will sing your praises as party snack queen — and really, is there anything better?

When flying, it's important to check the safety of the aircraft, including knowing when jet fuel begins to freeze. "Jet fuel begins to gel in extreme conditions and does eventually freeze, typically at minus 40 or so, although additives can be included that reduce that further," says Haines. "Aircraft at cruising altitude will often experience temperatures of minus 50 to minus 70 F for hours on end."

Generally, engines like cold weather. Since cold air is denser than warm air, engines provide more power because there are more oxygen molecules. Similarly, "dense air makes the wings more efficient as there are more air molecules flowing over the wings, which improves takeoff and climb performance in cold weather," says Haines. Now, don't miss these 50 other airplane trivia facts you've always been curious about.

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Here's How to Score 40 Boneless Wings From Applebee's on Super Bowl Sunday .
Applebee's is giving away 40 (yes, four-zero) boneless wings to individual patrons on Super Bowl Sunday. Here's how to score yours.If you answered "forty," we've got some good news for you. Next month, as a Super Bowl promotion, Applebee's is all but handing out 40 boneless buffalo chicken wings to those who want 'em. (So, everyone.) However, like a forward pass that actually goes as planned, there's a catch.

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