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The Baking Step You Can (Pretty Much Always) Skip

  The Baking Step You Can (Pretty Much Always) Skip And even better, you won't have to wash your fine-mesh sieve.Traditionally, recipes ask you to sift ingredients as a way to aerate them and guarantee consistency between cup measurements, since cups of unsifted flour will vary widely in weight depending on how tightly the flour was packed in the bag. Back in the day, when wheat milling techniques weren’t as streamlined as they are now, flour was ground to inconsistent sizes, which lead to temperamental results. Sifting the flour helped promote consistency in recipe results by removing the larger particles that could potentially result in densely textured baked goods or even ones that would sink in the middle.

David ( Tamarkin ). ABOUT. The COOK90 Book. I’ve lived and worked in both New York and Chicago. Right now I’m based in the former, where I work as the Digital Director and Editor of Epicurious.

View David Tamarkin ’ s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. David has 7 jobs listed on their profile. Digital Director , Epicurious at Condé Nast. Greater New York City Area284 connections.

a man standing in a kitchen preparing food© Photo by Joseph De Leo
A behind-the-scenes look at the kitchen where he cooks 90 meals every January—and the tools he uses to do it.

What does the kitchen of a person who cooks 90 meals—that's every breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a month—every January look like? Is it covered, end to end, in flour and splattered tomato sauce? Is it decked out in all of the latest high tech gear? Is it huge and sprawling or compact and perfectly set up for maximum output? What does the kitchen of David Tamarkin, the digital director of Epicurious, author of the COOK90 cookbook, and also my boss, look like?

The reality is, it's kind of normal. Cool! But normal.

These are the watches worn by some of the most powerful businessmen and CEOs in the world

  These are the watches worn by some of the most powerful businessmen and CEOs in the world A luxury timepiece is an essential accessory for a CEO. Here is a list of watches worn by some of the world's most powerful executives.

But upon further prodding, Tamarkin was able to come up with a few things he'd like to receive in order to help him reduce waste—"stuff that "Nigel Slater always hits the sweet spot," Tamarkin says. "He is unpretentious and unfussy, yet lives in a fancy house with a meticulous garden (see his Instagram for

At David ' s Kitchen in Chiang Mai you will taste some of the best fine dining in Thailand. You arrive as a hungry stranger. You arrive at David ’ s Kitchen as a hungry stranger. You leave as a satisfied family friend.

David's kitchen is not huge, nor could you categorize it as one of those tiny kitchens we've come to adore on the worldwide Internet blogosphere. The hook here is not, like, Oh wow he makes his own sourdough in this adorable little shoebox in Harlem, how does he do it? Nor is it Wow I aspire to this sprawling suburban monstrosity that's conveniently located in the bustle of Manhattan. It doesn't have any fancy contraptions or particularly decked out elements. It's a kitchen.

Yes, okay, there's a lovely exposed brick wall that gives off some great New York City character. Yes, there's a pot rack that tows the perfect line between chic clutter and streamlined efficiency. Yes, his dining room table is handmade and has a stylish/rustic live edge. Yes, he's got the internet's favorite OXO coffee maker and, when I stop by, he makes me a delicious cup of coffee in it. Yes, I envy that he has a dishwasher (a rarity in this town).

David Tamarkin's 9 Favorite Epicurious Recipes of 2019

  David Tamarkin's 9 Favorite Epicurious Recipes of 2019 The Epicurious Test Kitchen created over a hundred recipes this year. Our site director probably shouldn't pick favorites. But what do you want from him? He's human!But parents have favorites. And when it came time to write this list, I found that picking those favorites was pretty easy: all I had to do was think of the recipes I've made (or dreamed about) the most. So are these the absolute best recipes Epi developed this year? No. They're just my favorites. You'll either be with me or against me, and either way is fine—but you'll never know where you stand until you read the list. (And get cooking.) So let's get started.

Tamarkin Camera is an authorized Leica Camera and Sport Optics dealer with a showroom in the River North Gallery district in downtown Chicago. We find that direct contact between us and our customers is paramount, especially when a item is used or collectible.

EPISODE 376 Cook90 with David Tamarkin . Aired: Tuesday, January 15th 2019. On today’ s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, David Tamarkin , an editor and digital director at Epicurious, takes us through the Cook90 Challenge, which originally was a self-imposed proposition to cook 3 meals a day

But, mostly, this food editor and cookbook author's kitchen is probably pretty similar to the one you're working with at home. Which is exactly the point of David's annual COOK90 challenge: anyone can do it, anywhere. You don't need any special equipment. You don't need a particularly well-equipped kitchen. Because cooking at home is for everyone.

But, okay, you want to do it well. And for that you still might need some insider tips. Since I was finally getting a glimpse behind the scenes of where the inventor of COOK90 does all of that everyday cooking, I took the opportunity to interview him about the tools—those essential, not over-the-top ones that he uses everyday, three meals a day—to get food on the table. Here they are, for your mid-month COOK90 inspiration boost, and your everyday cooking year round.

a bowl of food on a table© Photo by Joseph De Leo

Small Mortar & Pestle

Before I visited David's kitchen, I never considered owning more than one size of mortar and pestle. He pulls a larger model down, rarely, for making sauces on special occasions. But the real all-star of his kitchen arsenal is his small mortar and pestle, which he uses on a near daily basis for grinding spices. He knows it seems fussy—but he contends that it's actually easier than using a spice grinder. "I don't grind all of my spices, but I especially like to do cumin and coriander," he says. "And if I'm only doing a little bit of cumin, it's more effective in one of these small mortar and pestles. I find it easier to do this than to pull out the spice grinder. It's easier to clean, and I can better control the size of the grind. Sometimes I want a little texture to the spices—like if I'm doing a tarka or something—and I can achieve that better by hand grinding them."

15 New Year’s Day Dinner Ideas That Look Fancy, But Are Secretly So Easy

  15 New Year’s Day Dinner Ideas That Look Fancy, But Are Secretly So Easy Start 2020 off right with one of these festive dinner recipes that are fancy enough to belong in a nice restaurant, but easy enough to whip up at home (even if you went to bed way past midnight).

View David Tamarkin ’ s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. David has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover David ’s connections and jobs at similar companies.

Jacob David Tamarkin (Russian: Я́ков Дави́дович Тама́ркин, Yakov Davidovich Tamarkin ; 11 July 1888 – 18 November 1945) was a Russian-American mathematician best known for his work in mathematical analysis.

a red bowl© Provided by Epicurious

Le Creuset Stoneware Mortar and Pestle

$42.00, Amazon

a dirty pan on a stove top oven sitting inside of a building© Photo by Joseph De Leo

A Pot Rack

"My philosophy is that as much of my equipment should be on the wall as possible," says David. "My knives are on the wall, my pots and pans are on the wall, I have built-in cubbies for tools and ingredients to be on the wall. I try to keep as much as possible within reach and out of drawers. These pots are super heavy but the rack holds them perfectly, no problem at all. I think if it looks cluttered, it actually looks nice."

  Inside Digital Director David Tamarkin's Kitchen © Provided by Epicurious

Cuisinart Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Bar Pot Rack

$26.00, Bed, Bath, & Beyond

  Inside Digital Director David Tamarkin's Kitchen © Photo by Joseph De Leo

Toaster Oven

David loves his well-used (read: battered) toaster oven. He uses it during summer when he doesn't want to turn on the oven. But, he also finds it more effective in many ways than his full-size oven: "It gets hotter than my actual oven—and it comes to temperature faster. And you can control the heat better," he says. "I just find it very effective for roasting and baking. I often have cookie dough in the freezer and I'll bake one or two at a time in here. I also love doing fish for two in the toaster oven."

Eating Breakfast at Your Desk Doesn't Have to Be Sad

  Eating Breakfast at Your Desk Doesn't Have to Be Sad Move over, desk lunch. Starting the work day with a well-intentioned breakfast sets the morning off right. Every morning, my colleague Alex settles into her desk, pulls open her laptop, and brings out her little container of breakfast.I'm pretty resolutely not a breakfast eater (I've joined the hoard of annoyingly enthusiastic intermittent fasters) but, still, throughout the fall I kept wondering what Alex was pairing with her 10 a.m. coffee-and-data date.

a close up of an oven© Provided by Epicurious

Cuisinart 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

$94.00, Bed, Bath, & Beyond

a table topped with plates of food on a plate© Photo by Joseph De Leo

A Honey Collection

You may have thought all honeys tasted the same. If so, you've been thinking about honey wrong.

"I had this frenemy once and she was so dubious of my honeys. She was like, 'honey is honey and it just tastes like honey,' which is ridiculous because the way honey tastes is totally dependent on the flowers and plants the bees who made it pollinated. Even the cheap honeys you get in the bear are going to taste different from one another. Anyway, I sat my friend down and made her taste every single honey I had. She was a believer after that."

I was a believer, too, after I tasted an odd molasses-y, malty one from David's collection It was bitter, with a really dark flavor profile—it didn't even taste like what I know to be honey, and it was delicious. David uses these varieties of honeys in different ways—the milder ones could be used in cooking, but the complex ones like the one I tasted are really for topping only.

"I collect honeys precisely because they're all so different from each other," David says. "Some are fruity, some are bitter, some are really herbal. And I'm just into bees, okay? I think bees are cool, and I want to support their work."

The 2 Best Nonstick Pans for Everyday Cooking

  The 2 Best Nonstick Pans for Everyday Cooking Every home cook needs a nonstick pan, but which one is the slickest? We tested 12 pans to find out.For this 2020 update of our annual nonstick pan review, we took last year's winners and tested them against a new crop of competitors; in total, we tested twelve nonstick skillets (five of which were ceramic) to find the best. We tested the pans straight out of the box, but also relied on anecdotal evidence from Epicurious editors and online reviewers who've owned the pans for at least a few years and can attest to how the nonstick coating ages over time. Keep reading for the best nonstick pans of 2020; for the specifics of how we tested, scroll to the bottom of the page.

  Inside Digital Director David Tamarkin's Kitchen © Provided by Epicurious

Arieira Brazilian Pink Pepper Honey

$6.00, Snuk Foods

  Inside Digital Director David Tamarkin's Kitchen © Photo by Joseph De Leo

A Dough Scraper

"Like everyone, I love using a dough scraper for a bunch of different reasons—and I loved using it even before I got into making bread. But now I use it for actual dough. I use it to clean flour off of the surface of my counter, for scooping up dough off of the countertop and to guide me in shaping it. Of course, I also use it for scooping up onions or garlic that I've chopped. And, along with my rotating cake stand, I use it as a way to frost a cake and get a smooth surface."

a close up of a piece of paper© Provided by Epicurious

Dough Scraper

$10.00, Amazon

  Inside Digital Director David Tamarkin's Kitchen © Photo by Joseph De Leo

A Banneton

David points out that there's absolutely no reason you need a banneton to make bread. He was just at the stage of his breadmaking hobby where he felt he could justify a few fun extra tools. Plus, it gives you those beautiful swirling patterns in your bread dough. "I wanted to see how long my sourdough baking could last and I thought, well, if it lasts three months, then I can buy some toys. This is the first toy I bought. I essentially just have these for fun and as a reward for keeping my hobby going—and because I like using my bannetons, it will keep my hobby going even longer."

  Inside Digital Director David Tamarkin's Kitchen © Provided by Epicurious

Banneton Basket

$11.00, Amazon


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