Food Starbucks Will Start Selling Keurig Coffee Pods With Double the Caffeine

19:00  18 january  2020
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Sometimes, a regular cup of coffee doesn't quite cut it. You stayed up too late, woke up too early, or you're just wiped because it's still January and 2020 feels like it's already lasted 20 years. We're all exhausted, all the time, and could certainly use a potent new pick-me-up. So it's a good thing, then, that Starbucks will start selling extra-caffeinated coffee.

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It's true: Come February, you'll be able to pick up some seriously supercharged Starbucks. Available in K-Cup format—that's Starbucks lingo for the little coffee pods that Keurig machines use—the brew will allegedly have double the caffeine as a standard Starbucks black coffee K-Cup.

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And that's not the only supercharged Starbucks offering on the horizon. In other news, the company is also releasing cold brew concentrate. Now, you won't want to drink this stuff straight; that's all the bite of a cup of cold brew condensed into one bitter beverage. Rather, mix it with ice water, and you'll find yourself with a ready-made cup of cold brew. The concentrate will be available in two flavors: Signature Black and Caramel Dolce.

Finally, Starbucks is releasing two nontraditional iterations of its most traditional product: coffee grounds. One version is dubbed "Essential Vitamins" and is, for all intents and purposes, just regular old medium roast coffee infused with five variations of Vitamin B. The other is called "Golden Turmeric" and is also a medium roast, except it's infused with turmeric, ginger, and a dash of cinnamon. (Expect this blend to be a bit naturally sweeter than most coffees.) Both brews will also be available as K-Cups.

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All of these new launches are just the latest in what's already shaping up to be an innovative year for the Seattle multinational. Just the other week, Starbucks kicked off the new year by releasing three brand-new nondairy beverages: the coconut milk latte, the almond milk honey flat white, and the oat milk honey latte. And those come on the heels of a product-loaded 2019, which saw the release of Irish cream cold brew and toffeenut latte creamer.

And for more great order options from the coffee giant, You Can Now Order a "Chewbacca Frappuccino" Off of Starbucks' Secret Menu.

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This popular Starbucks drink is now available at the grocery store .
Starbucks first launched nitro cold brew in 2016. The drink, which was originally only available in major cities, infuses regular cold brew with nitrogen, which gives it a creamy, cascading texture similar to Guinness. By the end of 2019, it was rolled out nationwide. Now, it’s coming to a grocery store near you. The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Creamers for Your Coffee Ready-to-drink nitro cold brew currently comes in three flavors — black, dark caramel and vanilla sweet cream — for a suggested retail price of $3.99 at convenience stores and gas stations, and $3.49 at grocery stores.

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