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26 delicious one - pot meals that are the perfect, healthy comfort food. Plus, they're all under 500 calories ! Comfort food doesn't have to equal hefty calories , and a one - pot meal is the perfect healthy dinner idea. Whether it's one-pan sausage casseroles, or one - pot veggie tagines, there are

Low in calories and packed with protein and fiber, this is one meal that we'd happily scarf down. Even better than the crispy grilled onions and shredded Finally, a burrito under 500 calories , and with all the fixings! Moe's Southwest Grill manages to fit all your favorite burrito fillings into this Homewrecker

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Among recent defenses of evangelical support for President Trump, ethicist Andrew Walker of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has provided the most reasonable.

Writing in National Review, Walker argues that his coreligionists are not MAGA cult members but conflicted moralists who must choose between supporting a “compromised, unqualified figurehead” and “a disastrous policy platform that bears the marks of intrinsic evil, such as abortion.” The critics of evangelical Christian political decisions, in Walker’s view, don’t fully understand the priority evangelicals give to their pro-life convictions. “To the average religious conservative,” he says, “saving America means saving it from the scourge of abortion.” This makes support for a strongly pro-choice political party essentially impossible.

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And, because they have 500 calories or under per serving, our healthy chicken recipes are great if you’re aiming to make healthier choices. Or try our healthy one - pot chicken with cannellini beans and chorizo for a filling, low calorie meal that cuts down on washing up.

Our low calorie meals are all under 500 calories which makes them ideal if you're trying to eat a little more healthily . It can be hard to find healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy, but A one - pot wonder, this baked sausage and gnocchi gratin is sure to turn a few heads when you serve it for dinner.

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I think Walker significantly (and strategically) overestimates the amount of moral angst amongst evangelical Trump supporters. But many pro-life voters (including myself) will face the dilemma he describes in the upcoming presidential election.

Walker is making the following claim: If you think abortion is a matter of life or death, then you must support whoever opposes it most vigorously, even if he or she is an immoral lout.

There are several responses:

First, it is a moral claim without a limiting principle. It would justify the argument: If you think abortion is a matter of life or death, then you must support whoever opposes it most vigorously, even if he or she suspends the Constitution and rules by decree. Or, even if he or she is sympathetic to chattel slavery. This should raise immediate ethical flags. The principle cries out for qualification.

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Discover tasty, healthy meals from BBC Good Food that are all around 500 calories per portion. Choose from meat, fish or vegetarian dishes. Low-fat, vegetarian and super- healthy , this filling one - pot lunch or dinner is packed with chickpeas, butter beans and pearl barley.

RELATED: 23 Pasta Recipes That Are Under 500 Calories . Lentils are a winner when it comes to healthy , satisfying meals . They’re packed with protein but won’t weigh you down, and go with everything from salad to 13 . Carrot Pasta (489 calories ). Gnocchi, but make it really good for you.

Second, the statement contains a false premise. Voters are not choosing a dictator who would have the immediate power to outlaw abortion. They are choosing a politician who may or may not be involved in influencing a public debate that may or may not result in the choice of a Supreme Court justice who may or may not be part of a majority opinion that may or may not overturn Roe v. Wade, which may or may not significantly reduce the number of abortions. A vote for a politician is only tenuously related to a change in the social and legal status of abortion in the United States. Indeed, the number of abortions trended downward in all but one year of the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Third, voting for a candidate is also related to other moral matters of public importance. This is the truest source of complexity: weighing likely political and social outcomes. One’s vote may discourage racism, or result in more empathetic treatment of the poor, or maintain high standards of public ethics, or encourage the proper treatment of women. So, voting for a pro-life president who promises to jail his or her enemies would be immoral. He or she would have the immediate power to destroy the rule of law and almost no immediate power to end abortion. Voting for a pro-life president who treats migrant children and fleeing refugees as so much human refuse would be immoral. Such dehumanization would have immediate consequences. Here the relative value (and urgency) that we assign to various moral imperatives matters greatly.

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Here are ten tested and approved meals , all 500 calories or less, to get you started—make sure you download those apps The fried stuff’s off limits, but that’s okay, because this is one surprisingly fine meal , fronted by those spice-rubbed tenders and backed up by one of the best fast food sides around.

Low Carb Thickburger 440 calories , 35 g fat ( 13 mg saturated fat), 1 ,180 mg sodium, 9 g carbs, 9 g And if you’re in need of a healthy snack to tide you over between meals , consider noshing on one Finally, a burrito under 500 calories ! And with all the fixings! Moe’s Southwest Grill manages to fit all

Fourth, pro-lifers in the United States are going to win the abortion debate only if we persuade enough people to join our side of the argument. We are not going to prevail by gaining power and imposing our view. We can make changes at the margin using legislative majorities and executive power, but these are very marginal. Ultimately, we have a fundamentally persuasive task, requiring us to think about how our arguments look to people with different views. To have those arguments associated with Trump — and thus with misogyny, racism and xenophobia — is not likely to be helpful.

Finally, Christians have an additional burden in this debate: They need to act in ways that do not undermine the reputation of the Gospel. This commitment needs to figure heavily in the weighing of social outcomes.

Given these points, it would be possible for pro-life citizens to vote for a pro-choice candidate under limited circumstances — particularly when the social threat they oppose with their vote is more immediate than the long-term influence of their vote on the number of abortions.

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It would be difficult for a pro-life citizen to be an enthusiastic and loyal Democrat, even if my case is correct. But it is possible to imagine circumstances in which voting for a Democrat would be preferable to endorsing immediate harm to the country by a Republican. And we are in exactly such a circumstance.


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a group of people standing in front of a sign: Anti-abortion demonstrators attend the March for Life 2020 rally in Washington on Jan. 24. President Trump addressed rally-goers in person, a first for a sitting president.© Yuki Iwamura/Bloomberg Anti-abortion demonstrators attend the March for Life 2020 rally in Washington on Jan. 24. President Trump addressed rally-goers in person, a first for a sitting president.

Eating meals with friends could help you live longer .
You're more likely to eat junk food when there's no one else around.Whether it’s due to busy work schedules, sad desk lunches or the simple realities of living alone, many people don’t eat in the company of others. A report from the research firm NPD showed that about half of America’s meals are consumed in solitude. But this has worse effects than just loneliness at the dinner table. A study published in the Nutrition Journal showed that those who eat meals alone tend to eat fewer nutritious foods. Primarily eating foods that lack important nutrients can cause negative health effects over time, whether from nutrient deficiencies or other complications.

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